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TF2: Genderbender

Oh the hilarity of Tumblr.
You can thank :iconimaginary-sama: for this one.

Montressor/Mona belongs to :icondrakatha:

And for the record, Male-Mylene's name is Miles. :B
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Eemmmhh shis.....
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I can agree and surmise that anytime a couple is genderbent the first thing they do is do it.
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YES Ilove THIS Genderbender Srrsly i dont likea lot of the genderbenders i come across on but this is AWESOME!!!!
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WOOO! I loved this!!!
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mylene is a dude
me: oh shit
montressor is a girl
me: ok, we're good =)
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For some reason they are naked.
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...And they still like each other.
D'awwwww!~OmgOmgOmg - Emote
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...they don't seem to mind~
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i believe i like me some miles....*licks lips*
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pfft hahahahahahaha!!!!!
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well it could have been done one way or another even with the same gender hehe
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Lol, I often wonder how one of my characters feels since he was spontaneously turned into a chick and now can't be turned back. the funny part is I think he/she enjoys it XD
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xDDD This was just, perfect. x3 Too awesome and funny for words xD
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Haha!! That just made my day in so many ways XD
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hahahaha, well, that was convenient XD
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*snicker* *snicker*
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was mylene doing what i think she was doing?

She was obviously tying his shoes......while naked......
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Montressor was lying on top of her and threw himself upright when he saw that she changed.
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