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Son Bulla Briefs by Krispina-The-Derp Son Bulla Briefs :iconkrispina-the-derp:Krispina-The-Derp 6 8 Party and PC popple redesign 2019 by Krispina-The-Derp Party and PC popple redesign 2019 :iconkrispina-the-derp:Krispina-The-Derp 2 5
Older Brother Topaz part 1
It was a nice late summer day Topaz the hedgebat, son of Shadow the hedgehog and Rouge the bat now 7 years old was at the park with his little brother Justin the wolf.
Justin,a young wolf orphaned at the age of 2 became part of Shadow and Rouge's family. The little wold was born Deaf so the family all learn sign language. At the age of 3 Justin was able to understand many signs and has learn to read lips making communication a little easy.
The two boys arrived seeing children Topaz's age playing games in the open field and some talking among themselves, while other that were Justin's age were entertained by the playground equipment and sand box. Before Justin could wander off to the playground he was stopped by his brother who quickly put his hands together to communicate
" Don't go anywhere with out telling me first" Topaz reminded him " and stay where I can see you".
The little wolf nodded understanding as the brother went their separate ways. Topaz recognized a
:iconkrispina-the-derp:Krispina-The-Derp 1 0
Shadow ,Rouge and the Orphan Boy Chapter 7
Christmas Morning 7:00Am
Topaz carefully walked down the stairs while Rouge was behind with little Justin in her arms. In the living room was Shadow along with Ruby and Shiro, under the christmas tree was a pile of presents.
" Merry Christmas" Shiro and Ruby both told the boys. Rouge put Justin down as he along with Topaz walked over to the tree to inspect the presents.
While Topaz was able to pick out his gifts Justin on the other hand watched but Ruby helped him by handing him presents that belong to him. Since Justin couldn't read his presents were labeled with a drawing of his face.
After what felt like 30 minutes all presents were opened, Topaz was playing with an indoor remote control helicopter while Justin was happily playing with the monster truck that he saw in that toy store shop, he also got an remote control helicopter  as well but he was to fixaded on the toy monster truck.
Shiro as a joke gave Shadow a book called " socializing for the not so intellig
:iconkrispina-the-derp:Krispina-The-Derp 1 0
Shadow ,Rouge and the Orphan Boy Chapter 6
days past and  soon Christmas will be here, Rouge's parents were introduced to Justin and  they immediately started to treat the wolf pup as if he was their own grandchild.
It was December 15th when the two bat decided to take Topaz and Justin to the mall to see Santa. Justin being a normal toddler had a special harness attached with a leash so he would run off and  get lost, but  Ruby and Shior didn't have to worry  for Justin had grown fond of Topaz and was  by his side like glue.
Topaz himself has improved on his sign language and could now communicate well, but since Justin is still a toddler he was careful to stay basics.
Justin took in the sights, the bright lights the colors and the red and green outfits some of the story employees would wear,and then he saw a window  with toys on display, tugging on Topaz's hand he dragged the hedgebat( and Ruby along with Shiro) over to the window to take a better look.
Justin put his hands on the window
:iconkrispina-the-derp:Krispina-The-Derp 0 0
Shadow, Rouge and the Orphan Boy Chapter 5
Topaz was in his class  listening as his teacher went about the plans for the christmas event that his school was going to host.
As the young hedgebat listen he just could get the words that his parents told him that morning out of his head.

" This is Justin" his mother introduced as Shadow placed the young Wolf down , Topaz approached the young wolf.
" Hello" he said, Justin didn't respond, the toddler insted hid behind Shadow unsure what to make of the older boy .
" D..Did I say somethign wrong?" Topaz asked his dad.
" No Son" Shadow told him " Justin...Well he's deaf" He explained.
" Oh" Topaz looked at the little wolf again, He introduced himself by waving hello , Topaz unlike his father wasn't taught basic Sign Language and going to find it be bit of a challenge to communicate.
" Don't worry " Rouge said " I'm sure your father will be teaching us how to sign" she looked over to Shadow" right?" She asked.
" Yes.. Since Justin is going to be staying with us for the holidays
:iconkrispina-the-derp:Krispina-The-Derp 0 0
Shadow ,Rouge and the Orphan Boy Chapter 4
Morning came for young Topaz. while yawning he made his way down the stairs and entered the kitchen, insted of his parent who were getting ready for work he was surprised to only see his mother, Rouge looked over to see her young.
" sorry for coming home so late" Rouge told he as he got his breakfast all made. Topaz  walked over to the table and sat down as his mother gave him the plate.
" Where's dad?" he ask looking over at the empty chair his father would occupy during breakfast.
" He had to leave very early this morning" Rouge reply sighing as she sat down with her coffee, looking over to her son she playfully ruffled his quills making the hedgebat giggle.
" Must be very important" Topaz said as he took a bite of the scramble eggs his mother made for him.
" Yes must be indeed" Rouge agreed with her son, the bat looked into her cup of coffee wondering if she should discussed what she and Shadow talked about late last night.

Shadow sighed as he and his wife looked down at yo
:iconkrispina-the-derp:Krispina-The-Derp 0 0
Shadow, Rouge and the Orphan Boy Chapter 3
Shadow and Rouge return to G.U.N to report on the scene, Shadow not able to detect any use of chaos energy  confirmed that the little suburban area fell into an unlucky attack leaving most of the population dead.
Rouge was about to bring up how they came across the young wolf child when they got interrupted with their superior being panged over the intercom.
" Yes" The two mobian superior responded.
" Uh Sorry to interrupt but can Shadow and Rouge please report to the medical wing" the voice over  the intercom spoke " it's about the child they found".
Rouge ear perked while Shadow remain silent.
Young Justin was fighting off the nurse and doctor that were in the room, He yell scream anything to keep them from touching him.
" Please sweety" the nurse called out, the doctor and nurse were humans so seeing these tall fur less creatures was indeed frighting.
"Were not going to hurt you" the doctor tried to speak but again the little pup tried to get away even tho th
:iconkrispina-the-derp:Krispina-The-Derp 0 4
Shadow ,Rouge and the Orphan Boy Chapter 2
on the other side of where Shadow and Rouge are  inside of a house, a small little hedgebat child with decorating with two elderly Bats.
" Topaz Voulez-vous un cookie?" a elderly white at entered the living room with a plate full of freshly baked Sugar cookies, each decorated with white frosting and red, green sprinkles.
" Yay!" the child name Topaz cried out as he hovered off the carpet. Topaz was Shadow and Rouge's only son, he looked identical to his father except his stripes were white and his eyes were turquoise like his mother.
The child also sported bat wings which he broke the house rule by flying indoors. Before the young boy could get a cookie he grandmother lifted the plate out of his reach.
" Weren't you told not to fly in the house?" she lightly scolded him.
" Sorry Grandma" Topaz apologised " but Grandpa said it was ok with him".As he said that an male bat who looked to be in his mid 30's came up from the basement with a box that read Christmas
" She told me i
:iconkrispina-the-derp:Krispina-The-Derp 1 4
Shadow, Rouge and the Orphan Boy Chapter 1
The weather was very cold this day, Shadow the hedgehog and his wife Rouge the Bat were assigned by G.U.N to c=scout an area that was recently demolished by a bomb attack.
When the two mobian aroved  the area looked like a suburban neighborhood, Many houses were blown  out and the smell of dead was high in the air along with smoke.
"Any ideas?" Rouge asked her husband as she took a step forward into the mess.
"Hmm..." The dark fur hedgehog closed his eye to see if any chaos energy was involved " Ino trace of chaos energy" he confirmed as he open his eyes  " just gunpowder" he hissed the last part.
Rouge knew about Shadow's past, how lose he was toa human girl name Maria. Before she could say anything her ears twitched.
" Shh." she took her left hand to her ear " We're not alone" he pointed in the direction where the sound came from.
The two carefully made their way over to a house, from the front of the house the door was blown off, the house faced some minor damage unli
:iconkrispina-the-derp:Krispina-The-Derp 3 4
Sally Chenille returns by Krispina-The-Derp Sally Chenille returns :iconkrispina-the-derp:Krispina-The-Derp 4 0 Going for the first kiss by Krispina-The-Derp Going for the first kiss :iconkrispina-the-derp:Krispina-The-Derp 8 0 Cat and Leah by Krispina-The-Derp Cat and Leah :iconkrispina-the-derp:Krispina-The-Derp 7 0 Ranch, Daikon and Muli by Krispina-The-Derp Ranch, Daikon and Muli :iconkrispina-the-derp:Krispina-The-Derp 25 5 Adult Zuri by Krispina-The-Derp Adult Zuri :iconkrispina-the-derp:Krispina-The-Derp 8 7 Taka and Shetani's son by Krispina-The-Derp Taka and Shetani's son :iconkrispina-the-derp:Krispina-The-Derp 5 0

Random Favourites

The Bad Tooth Gallows
An MLPFIM Fan-script written by Julian Yeo
Twitter: @judacris
SCENE: Golden Oaks Library/Twilight's Treehouse
Twilight Sparkle analyses muffins on her desk. Measuring each out for weight and height. She records her findings, only to find one muffin missing.

Twilight: "Spike, did you see the muffin I had on the desk?"
Cut to Spike, visibly having something in his mouth.

Twilight: "Spike. Did you eat that muffin?"
Spike: "Maybe."
Twilight: "Oh, Spike. I needed that for my very delicate research!"
Spike: "And I needed that as my very delicate dessert! Why are you doing research on muffins anyway?"
Twilight: "These aren't just ordinary muffins, Spike. These are muffins from Sugarcube Corner. I'm trying to find out what makes them so very delicious among ponies in Ponyville."
Spike: "Why don't you just ask the Cakes, or Pinkie Pie?"
Twilight: "I'm sure the Cakes have some secret famil
:icondm29:dm29 78 34
Always a Bridesmaid by MLP-Silver-Quill Always a Bridesmaid :iconmlp-silver-quill:MLP-Silver-Quill 632 162 STH page 63 by ricaHama STH page 63 :iconricahama:ricaHama 92 102 naked lunch by CSImadmax
Mature content
naked lunch :iconcsimadmax:CSImadmax 4,060 1,477
You're So Conceited Template by tumbleweed-ghosttown You're So Conceited Template :icontumbleweed-ghosttown:tumbleweed-ghosttown 30 58 Sonadow Moment: DAT ASS by ItzalTheHedgehog Sonadow Moment: DAT ASS :iconitzalthehedgehog:ItzalTheHedgehog 3 19 The Untold Journey p93 by Juffs The Untold Journey p93 :iconjuffs:Juffs 270 339 A Visual Summary of NiGHTS:JOD by MPsai A Visual Summary of NiGHTS:JOD :iconmpsai:MPsai 1,770 523
Sonamy: A little swim
Sonic was on the tree, drawing a picture. Then he heard someone coming this way and he quickly hid the picture, but was too late.
"Ha, I got it!" Amy already got the picture out of Sonic hands and looked at it. "Aww, that is so cute! Should I share it with everyone?"
"No! Amy, please give it back," The blue hedgehog, already on his knees, begged. "I-I'll do anything!"
"Anything?" Amy repeated.
"Yes, anything!"
With a smirk on her face, the pink rose said, "Hmm... how about coming with me to the beach?"
"Beach? Um... er... ok." Sonic said nervously.
"Let's go!" Amy literally dragged Sonic all the way to the beach.
At the beach
"Wow, the beach looks so beautiful today, don't you think?"
"Yeah, I guess…"
"Okay, I'm going to change, you better stay where you are. Or else…!"
"Wait, what are we doing on the beach anyway?"
"I'm going to teach you how to swim, silly," Amy giggled.
Sonic froze. He looked a little pale. "S-s-s-s-swim? Count me out!" He tried to run aw
:iconmzswift:MzSwift 72 63
silly comic.... by missyuna silly comic.... :iconmissyuna:missyuna 2,024 483 Shadow The Werehog: Page 14 by SilverWolfGal1 Shadow The Werehog: Page 14 :iconsilverwolfgal1:SilverWolfGal1 18 35 Sympathetic by BlueLink Sympathetic :iconbluelink:BlueLink 79 9 Sonamy: My Hero by ProSonic Sonamy: My Hero :iconprosonic:ProSonic 563 44 like it's 1999 by General-RADIX like it's 1999 :icongeneral-radix:General-RADIX 71 7 Sonic doodling by raseinn Sonic doodling :iconraseinn:raseinn 763 80
Cause i like them



 Don't be alarm :iconsweets-cat88: Sweets-Cat88 is me!

I wanna separate my Fursona from my main account so if you see my fursona on a difrent acount don't worry it's just me. 


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Christina Evans....
United States
I'm a nice laid back person, I don't let the little things offend me, I'm opened up to making new friends. I do have my limits tho.

I also respect other and their opinions. Do that and we can all just get along.

My Chat room -->… All is welcome to come and chat with me!


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Current Residence: I'm every were.... I could even be your dog!
Favourite genre of music: any things goes
Favourite style of art: amime
Favourite cartoon character: none

couples I like the most

:iconprevyshadowplz: X :iconpervyrougeplz: = Shadouge

:iconpervysonicplz2: X :iconpervyamyplz2: = Sonamy

:iconsilverhedgehogplz: x :iconblazeplz: = Silvaze

:icontailsplz: X :iconcreamplz: = Tailsream ( I have no art but I find the parring cute)
:iconpervyscourgeplz: X :iconfionafoxplz: =....What ever the shipping is called :shrug:

I Also Suport Mephilver...sort of

To Me Mephilver is more of a one sided romance
lets say Mephiles who can be bisexual, he can choose what his sexuality can be depending who's shade he takes.
any way
Mephilles would have a crush of Silver and want him but Blaze would get in his way, plus Silver would be crushing on Blaze.

so Mephilver would be more of a comedic romance then a serious relationship ^^;

As for Sonadow.......Not big fan but I find it cute. And Shadic
Couples I don't like

:iconshadowhedgehogplz: X :iconamyroseplz: = Shadamy

:iconrougeplz: x :iconknucklesplz: = Knuouge

:iconsonicwthplz: X :iconsallyacornplz: = Sonally (or Sonsal) I despise this shipping!!!!

:icontailsplz: X :iconcosmoplz: = Tailsmo



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Lion King Artist

people I know
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my fans :icontandymastaofchu: :iconwainwright-chan: :iconavatarmirai: :iconfiregal6:



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