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The problem with breeding sugar gliders is simple in a sense, but in reality is somewhat complicated....

Sugar Gliders breed quickly and easily in most cases.
Here are some(LIES) examples of what backyard breeders(uneducated people just selling joeys for money) and mill breeders will tell you to make a quick sale:
"Sugar gliders are EASY to take care of, great for children! Just feed them these pellets and an apple slice and you're good to go! Look, you can put a leash on it and walk around with you glider on your shoulder and not have to worry about them running away. No, they won't bite. You can even potty train them! They'll even play with your other pets. But don't buy an adult, they won't bond with you and then they'll never like you...." The lies go on and on... *Shake head*

Here are some TRUTHS about these "cute" creatures:
Sugar gliders are HIGH Maintenance, EXOTIC pets that are NOT for children or people with very busy or unstable lives and do NOT(normally or naturally) get along with other pets. They have complex dietary needs that cannot be satisfied with pellets alone. You should NEVER use a leash or harness on a sugar glider as it could easily tear their delicate patagium(gliding membrane). You can NOT potty train sugar gliders, they go when and where they need to and will use you as their personal toilet. Sugar gliders can and will bite; hard if they feel threatened. You also cannot discipline a glider. They are NOT like pet mice, rats or hamsters they are a LONG-TERM COMMITMENT living 10-15 YEARS or longer! And you absolutely CAN bond with an adult or a glider of any age for that matter. Gliders are wonderful pets, but they're not for everyone.

I choose not to breed at this time because I am not ready to take on the responsibility. 
To grasp the rate at which they breed consider this:
2 gliders(1 male, 1 female) can turn into 50 in a very short period of time. Female sugar gliders can easily have 3 litters a year usually consisting of 2 joeys at a time(they have 4 nipples). So at a rate of 6 babies a year(if the babies did not start breeding) You could end up with 20 gliders in just over 4 years.... Gliders live about 12 years... So in 12 years that's 60 gliders IFFFFFF none of the babies breed(they reach full sexual maturity at 1 year but will breed as early as 4-6 months old). 
If the babies begin breeding at 1 year; the start of the year you have 2 gliders, in 4 months you have 4, in 8 months you have 6, in 12 months you have 8, in 16 months you have 12, in 20 months you have 18 gliders... in 24 months(2 short years) you would have 26 gliders... 4 months later(28 months from the start) you will have around 36. At 32 months, 48 gliders. At 36 months you would have 62 gliders. At 40 months, 80 gliders... At 44 months, 98 gliders. And at 48 months(4 years) if they all survived... you would have 118 gliders inbred and needing homes. And they most likely won't stop breeding until they die or can no longer have babies.(Around the age of 8-10 years old) So... Just what would you do with 118 gliders??? That's a lot of mouths to feed! Not to mention how many cages, wheels, toys, pouches and other necessities you would have to provide for all these gliders to be healthy and happy(aside from being severely inbred at this point). Gliders are EXPENSIVE!!! So if you do not wish to breed, please Neuter your male gliders!!!

Gliders could give rabbits a run for their money in the breeding department. Over population is an epidemic in the glider community because of backyard breeders and sugar glider mills(you didn't think mill breeding only happened to dogs, did you?) 
So next time somebody thinks about buying "adorable joeys" remember; There are THOUSANDS of sweet, perfectly adoptable gliders in shelters. And the old "Adults won't bond with you" is a fucking mill breeding LIE. You can bond with gliders of ANY age.

If you're thinking about having sugar gliders as pets, please do your research!!! I cannot stress this enough! is an outstanding source of information for everything Glider related!!! Please feel free to check out the site for more knowledge from REAL glider owners like myself! 
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Hi, I love art even though I don't have much drawing talent(at all), but I love to admire art by others!!! This one's my huckleberry: :iconittermat: *Hug-hug*



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