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I'll write a critique since you asked for one. Ignore the star ratings... I personally think they're stupid and unnecessary and I'm nev...

I hate having to fill out the little stars on DA's crit feature... they seem kind of pointless. Anyways... I have a few detail quibbles...


  • Listening to: "Leave a Light On" -- Tom Walker
  • Playing: Breath of the Wild (escapism is wonderful)
  • Drinking: Diet Coke
I've gotten a few inquiries from people about whether or not I'm at A-Kon right now because they couldn't find my table, and the unfortunate answer is no, I am not there. I had to withdraw. For the first time in 13 years. And it is killing me softly.

As I've said in my last two journal entries here, I'm far more active on tumblr now. If you follow me over there then you probably know about this stuff, but for those who don't, my personal life has been a hellscape since October 2017. At the beginning of October I blew out one of the discs in my lower back and had to suffer through six solid weeks of level 11+ pain before I was finally able to have surgery two days before Thanksgiving. The herniation was so severe and compressed one of my sacral nerves so badly that my surgeon said the nerve was actually black when he got in there to remove the herniation and relieve the pressure. I'm still dealing with slight numbness and muscle tightness in my right leg due to the nerve healing, and I had to wear a stabilizer on my right ankle for several months after the surgery because the numbness was causing me to roll my ankle slightly with every step I took, which made it balloon up like a baseball every night without a brace. 

I was recovering all through the Holidays and didn't really have any Holidays as a result.

In January I went on my family's annual WDW trip and we all caught the flu and were stuck in the room for five days, and we then spent the rest of the trip feeling crappy because we were getting over being sick. I felt cheated because I really needed that vacation.

At the end of February my oldest sister, Michelle, passed away from liver failure at only 51. Anybody who has been following me for a long time will remember that I lost my middle sister, Angeline, to breast cancer in January of 2010 at only 41. I am now the only child my parents have left. 

On the DAY that we buried Michelle's urn in the family plot at the cemetery, we found out my sweet little dog, Sushi, had late stage lymphoma with only a couple months left to live. She's only 9. Our last dog of the same breed lived to be 16. This isn't fair. 

So with all of this coupled with the fact that Sushi is at the end of her life now, I just didn't have it in me emotionally, mentally, or physically to do a huge convention and I had to withdraw from A-Kon. 

I fully intend to be back for A-Kon 2019, and hopefully in a better place mentally and emotionally if life will just leave me the fuck alone for five minutes.

:bulletblue: Follow me on tumblr to see life updates, picspam of Sushi, WIPs and other art stuffs. :bulletblue:


Kristin Bergh
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
BFA in Illustration
Ringling School of Art and Design

Freelance Illustrator, Designer, and Colorist

Hello there. I'm Kris. I've been drawing since I was three years old and grew up with every bit of art supplies I could ever want thanks to my incredibly supportive parents (who didn't say "Oh, God, where did we go wrong?!" when I told them I wanted to go to art school for college). I earned my BFA in Illustration from Ringling where I met some amazing artists in my classmates and learned some amazing things. I now work as a freelance illustrator, designer, and colorist for individual clients as well as Brown Cow Productions and ARC Interactive. I specialize in children's illustration but can do just about anything a client could ask of me including graphic design. I enjoy illustrating stories and conveying emotion in my work through facial expression, body language, and movement. I also love playing with light and shadow.

When I was growing up I didn't really have any other artists around me to learn from despite how hard my parents searched for an art tutor for me. Because of that, I'm always happy to help younger artists through answering questions about art school or giving constructive critique when asked. While I don't sugar coat my crits, I'm not mean, either -- I do my best to offer solutions and suggestions for art books and artist resources in order to encourage improvement. If you would like for me to critique something for you, don't hesitate to note me!

On the fandom side, I draw fanart in my free time for my own enjoyment and dA is where I showcase it all. I am also crazy about Inuyasha. It was my first true anime love and over 10 years after first discovering it, it's still by far my favorite series. Kagome and Inuyasha are my OTP which is why 99% of my Inu fanart is of the two of them. I'm best known in the fandom for drawing them in my own style rather than the anime canon style, or at least that's what I've been told.

Oh, and contrary to what most people on dA assume, I am not a boy!
I have the boobs to prove it.

"The greater the artist, the greater the doubt; perfect confidence is granted to the less talented as a consolation prize."
-- Robert Hughes



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All this because I wanted you to know that you have a new fan of your art skills! :heart:

And I wish you all the best for this coming year! 
I hope my english is all right ^^'
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