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I've gotten a few inquiries from people about whether or not I'm at A-Kon right now because they couldn't find my table, and the unfortunate answer is no, I am not there. I had to withdraw. For the first time in 13 years. And it is killing me softly.

As I've said in my last two journal entries here, I'm far more active on tumblr now. If you follow me over there then you probably know about this stuff, but for those who don't, my personal life has been a hellscape since October 2017. At the beginning of October I blew out one of the discs in my lower back and had to suffer through six solid weeks of level 11+ pain before I was finally able to have surgery two days before Thanksgiving. The herniation was so severe and compressed one of my sacral nerves so badly that my surgeon said the nerve was actually black when he got in there to remove the herniation and relieve the pressure. I'm still dealing with slight numbness and muscle tightness in my right leg due to the nerve healing, and I had to wear a stabilizer on my right ankle for several months after the surgery because the numbness was causing me to roll my ankle slightly with every step I took, which made it balloon up like a baseball every night without a brace. 

I was recovering all through the Holidays and didn't really have any Holidays as a result.

In January I went on my family's annual WDW trip and we all caught the flu and were stuck in the room for five days, and we then spent the rest of the trip feeling crappy because we were getting over being sick. I felt cheated because I really needed that vacation.

At the end of February my oldest sister, Michelle, passed away from liver failure at only 51. Anybody who has been following me for a long time will remember that I lost my middle sister, Angeline, to breast cancer in January of 2010 at only 41. I am now the only child my parents have left. 

On the DAY that we buried Michelle's urn in the family plot at the cemetery, we found out my sweet little dog, Sushi, had late stage lymphoma with only a couple months left to live. She's only 9. Our last dog of the same breed lived to be 16. This isn't fair. 

So with all of this coupled with the fact that Sushi is at the end of her life now, I just didn't have it in me emotionally, mentally, or physically to do a huge convention and I had to withdraw from A-Kon. 

I fully intend to be back for A-Kon 2019, and hopefully in a better place mentally and emotionally if life will just leave me the fuck alone for five minutes.

:bulletblue: Follow me on tumblr to see life updates, picspam of Sushi, WIPs and other art stuffs. :bulletblue:

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But there's been art! Lots of figure skating art! Yeah!

If you're not into Yuri on Ice, though... sorry. Can't help ya.

And I'm not really sorry.

The main point of this post is to remind anybody who still watches me here on dA that I have a tumblr account where I am far more active. It's right here, also as KrisCynical.

I'm going to be uploading the old InuKag artwork that dA axed all those years ago due to their asinine "epilogues don't count" witch hunt policy very soon. So if you're not into Yuri on Ice -- which is what my blog is primarily about along with some politics -- there will be some Inuyasha thrown in there as well. All of my artwork is tagged with "art post" and all Inuyasha posts are tagged with, of course, "Inuyasha". If you only want to see the Inu stuff you can blacklist "yoi" because that's what I tag every Yuri on Ice post with without fail.

Updates-wise, after seven long years I finally managed to beat my depression this past fall. I no longer consider myself depressed, and the two major factors behind that are 1) finally getting my own studio space and 2) Yuri on Ice. My studio did most of the job, Yuri on Ice just finished pulling me the rest of the way out of that hole. 

My grandmother's old bedroom across the hallway from mine is now my studio, and I love it to bits. It's my sanctuary. The walls are teal with a dual toned purple accent wall, and those walls are covered in the Aladdin fine art that I've accumulated for years but had nowhere to safely display. I also have a display cabinet with all of my favorite Aladdin sculptures, glass, and jewelry. The finishing touch is a 40" TV with every gaming system I own hooked into it at once via an 8 port switch box so I can relive my retro gaming childhood any time I please (although lately all of my free time has been consumed by Breath of the Wild dear God that game is absolute perfection that I have been waiting for since I was 14 and first popped Ocarina of Time into my 64 in 1998). 

Having a place to escape to where I can work without anybody else bothering me has been wonderful for my mental and emotional well-being, and my productivity has skyrocketed back to near what it was right after I graduated from Ringling ten years ago (yes, it has actually been THAT long... I am getting old). I spend the majority of my day in here and I love it. 

Also as one last note: I will be at A-Kon this year as always. This year we're moving to the Ft. Worth Convention Center and as far as I know we're actually going to be in the same room as the dealers, which I think is awesome. Now that I'm no longer depressed I'm planning on having several new prints this year so if you're going to be there, please drop by and say hello! 

So... yeah. I think that's about it. 

Come follow me on tumblr!

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So... um... yeeeeah.

I haven't uploaded anything since December of 2014 and its downright pathetic of me, I know. I have a stack of stuff to post, too... I just need to sit down and DO IT. I'm sorry, guys, really I am. So no, I haven't stopped illustrating and creating. My hands are still attached, fully functioning, and create-able. My brain is still functioning in the same create-able capacity reasonably well, too.

I guess I dropped off of dA for awhile out of being just... completely disgusted with it? Policy changes, the general atmosphere of disrespect from the admins toward all of us deviants, the ridiculous lengths and contortions they've gone through to justify NOT doing their basic JOBS (i.e. theft reports), the price gouging for the stupid CORE membership, etc. I will not fork over that much money for so little benefit, so I won't be a premium member again unless it's gifted to me for some reason or they have a good sale on memberships that's equivalent of what the price used to be.

Policy changes and the admin disrespect are directly connected with the third party theft reporting policy specifically. As usual dA tried to make this whole legitimate legal reasoning for their pisspoor response to theft reports (read: none), and most all of it just comes across as dA thinking we're a bunch of oblivious yes men idiots. For one thing, according to them there IS no such thing as art theft online because — get this — there is no physical thing being stolen. For real. Seriously. They've also basically said they won't really do anything about jacked fanart even if it's the original artist who is reporting it. Why? Because we don't own the copyright for the source material. Again, for real. Seriously.

And their reasoning for not allowing third party copyright reports? It circumvents the original artist's right to do nothing about it. I shit thee negative. An admin told me and several other people that in the comments for the "legal reasoning" admin journal post (which was all basically "these are the ridiculous reasons we've come up with to avoid doing our jobs that we're paid for as admins").

So any of you wonderful people out there who have reported stolen posts of my work over the years? You can't do that any longer here on dA because it robs me of my right to do absolutely nothing about it and let the thief continue to claim it as their own. In 12 years of being here that takes the cake for the most absolutely asinine thing the admins have ever tried to pedal to us. Because apparently they think we're all blithering idiots who couldn't find our way out of a wet paper bag. That one is STILL boggling me. Who the hell would want to do NOTHING about their own work being stolen?! I just can't with that level of stoopid. :x


I am still around, and I am going to TRY to actually keep this place current as far as actually posting the stuff I'm doing! I may post another journal in the next few days to tell y'all about some personal and professional stuffs that've been going on for me lately (and hopefully there are still some of you around who actually care about it lol) because some of it is pretty damn cool if I do say so myself.

Which I do. :meow:

Holy cow, dA, are you KIDDING ME?

Wed Sep 2, 2015, 9:31 AM
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So my subscription is going to expire in a little over two weeks, so I went to see about extending it.


Are you KIDDING me? The last time I renewed my subscription it was $50 for TWO YEARS; one year was $35. They've jacked up the price THAT much, and from what I see on the sub page, you don't even get much of anything other than no ads. How greedy can you be, dA? How on earth are younger people supposed to afford that? I'm even seriously thinking about whether I'm going to shell out that much for just one single year, and I get professional work and commissions off of my deviantART page!

Holy freaking cow.

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EDIT 12/25: The ordering deadline has been extended to Sunday, December 28th!

Holy crap, I haven't said anything on here since July? Yeesh.


I am offering a 2015 Inuyasha art calendar this year!


The calendar will be entirely made up of my Inuyasha artwork from dA, TWO pieces of which I have NEVER posted ANYWHERE online! That's right: brand-spanking-new-InuKag stuff. Later today I will be posting a compilation image of the cover and all 12 Inu arts, so keep an eye out for it! I will also edit this journal entry to include a thumbnail link to the image.

I will be having them printed at a local print shop here in Arlington that I use for my business cards as well as any time one of my clients needs something other than prints of their piece. I have used them for years and they do great work. The calendars will be 8.5x11, spiral bound, full color (of course!).

The calendars will be $25 each. 

Paypal Accepted by Nonabolcat

That's including shipping/handling within the US. Applicable sales tax will need to be added for Texas residents, and for international orders I will get a price quote for you.

If you are interested, please e-mail me at:

with the following information:

:star: Your name :star:
:star: Your shipping address :star:
:star: How many calendars you want to order :star:
:star: If you want me to sign it :star:

From there I'll send you a PayPal invoice unless you're international, in which case I will give you a shipping quote before invoicing you.

The current ordering deadline is DECEMBER 28th. I need time to get them printed before New Year's, after all! Domestically you'll probably only lose a few days of 2015, perhaps a week or so internationally.

:heart::heart: Happy Holidays, guys! I love you all! :heart::heart:

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[UPDATE 7/10] Biopsies Suck.

Mon Jul 7, 2014, 5:54 AM
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They just do. Biopsies on your hands suck, too. Biopsies on the first knuckle on your hands suck even more.

My genetic heritage in my family is Norwegian Swede on my dad's side and what I call a "potluck of pasty" on my mom's side since her family is a genetic mutt of every lily white nationality in Europe. Because of our glowing pastiness, we are VERY prone to skin cancer. Both my parents have had skin cancer removed before, and my mom has a squamous cell carcinoma on her nose right now that she's having removed in the coming weeks. My oldest sister had skin cancer removed from her lip. My uncle has had TONS of skin cancers removed from his face and arms, one of which on his nose was as big as a quarter and required plastic surgery after removal. 

Coppertone loves my family.

Because of this family history I have kept a very close eye on my skin since I was a teenager, making note of every mole and mark on me to make sure they didn't change. So when a spot popped up on the back of my left hand — right on top of the first knuckle of the middle finger — at the end of February, I was on high alert to keep an eye on it. 

By the beginning of May the spot had grown to a little larger than a pencil eraser, and it was raised. I already had a routine doctor appointment set for June, so I waited to see what he had to say about it. After examining it closely, he said he thought it was a keyloid scar and NOT cancer. He previously diagnosed a spot on my mom's shoulder as a keyloid scar that ended up being basal cell carcinoma, though, so I didn't take that as the final word. He prescribed me some steroid cream to try for a couple weeks, saying if it was a keyloid I'd see marked improvement. If not, go see a dermatologist.

The cream did absolutely NOTHING, so last week I went to see a dermatologist I found after doing thorough research. She didn't think it was a keyloid, but she didn't think it was cancer, either. I forgot what she said she thought it was, but it's a fibrous growth that is common to women and benign. Given my family history, though, she still wanted to biopsy it to be safe. 

Numbing injections SUCK. Numbing injections on top of bone suck even more. Good GOD, ow. Owowowowow, expletive expletive how many more times do you need to stick me, expletive, OW.

While I was there I had her give me a onceover and at least that brought VERY good news. Not only is there nothing else suspicious, she said she rarely sees anyone with "practically NO sun damage at all" and that my skin is so healthy it glows.

Thank you for slathering me with sunblock all through my childhood, Mom! Thank you for hating being outside, self!

Back to the biopsy, though. I had to have stitches (which was the first time I have EVER had stitches, actually!), and they will come out on Monday the 14th. I'm hoping to get them out sooner, though, like Friday or Saturday. I'm going out of town on Tuesday the 15th so I'd rather it not be the day before I leave. I have stuff to do (and a work deadline to meet which might take a small miracle at this point for reasons outside of my own fault or control). But I digress.

If this thing had been on ANY other part of the back of my hand, or even the second or third knuckle, it wouldn't have been a big deal. I could have at least worn a finger splint to keep the knuckle from moving, but nooo. It has to be on the knuckle that is basically impossible to completely immobilize. And I was terrified I was going to subconsciously go to grab something and rip open the stitches because they're seriously smack dab on the top of the knuckle.

Do you realize how hard it is to not move your first knuckles?! You move your first knuckles to do EVERYTHING. You can't take off or put on clothes. You can't dry yourself off after showering. You can't drive because you can't grip the steering wheel. It's like when you twist your ankle or hurt your wrist. You have no CLUE how much you pivot on your ankle or move your wrist until it hurts to do so! I had to wrap my hand in ace bandages for the first two days to keep that knuckle immobilized. It rubbed me raw in other places, but I'd rather be raw in a couple places than have those stitches pulled open.

Then on the 3rd-4th days I accidentally grabbed at my sheets in bed — which made me make a fist — TWICE. Holy crap in a pita that woke me up really damn quick. 

Thankfully I'm healed enough now that I can grip things and make a fist, albeit not tightly for either. It still pulls on the stitches, but at least it doesn't zap me the way it did when the incision was fresh. My middle finger is also bruised to a lovely shade of baby poop green all the way up to my second knuckle for some odd reason.

Did I mention I have a work deadline among all this? Not like a commission that I can explain a delay to a client for, but a work deadline for one of the production companies I work for as a colorist that CANNOT. BUDGE. And my art director has been delayed by several days in getting the art to me for me to color, which has made an already tight deadline for me all the more stressful since I can only work for so long at a time before my back/neck and nerve hypersensitivity tells me to stop by making it unbearable to even sit down in my desk chair. Good juju would be appreciated to help me get this stuff done, please. :x

But I digress AGAIN.

I still don't have the pathology back on the biopsy. I really HOPE it isn't cancer, but I won't know for sure until they call me with the results. I'll either update this journal entry or make a new one once I DO get the results back. So good juju would be appreciated for THAT, too.

I really do hate my frickin' body sometimes. :stare:


UPDATE 7/10:


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Tue Dec 17, 2013, 7:05 AM
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So, X's journal is gone now and has been for a few days. I have a couple last comments about the whole thing, but first I need to cover something that is much more important:

Name of Image


I just. WTF. She can't be old enough for this yet. But she is. She's going to be 18 in February. 

That's right. For those of you who have been following me for a while, you'll know that "The Bean" is what I used to call my niece, Bree. I am so proud of her, y'all, I can't even. She's had a hard time of it and God knows the other side of the family has done absolutely NOTHING to help her over the years, but it doesn't matter. She did it anyway, and she did it without them. 

Her "home campus" high school sucks, not only for the student body but for the teachers as well. In some cases there was no discernible maturity difference between the students and the teachers. This made high school even more miserable for her than the usual amount of "miserable" that comes with being in high school. 

Because of that, she transferred to a charter... type... school... place... called "Venture School". It's a place where students can work at their own pace and not have to deal with the normal atmosphere of high school. They have guidance counselors, social worker-type counselors for any of the students who need them, and it's just a really great place. Bree skyrocketed through the ceiling once she started there this year, and that is why she is graduating early! She's busted her ass all semester, and she took her last exam yesterday. She does her "hall walk" today.

When individual students finish their work at Venture, they "graduate" in their home campus's cap and gown, receive a plaque diploma, and walk up and down the main hallway of the school with the rest of the students there to cheer them on. That is what we're going to this morning, and I know I'm gonna cry. She'll still walk with her "home campus" in June and receive a diploma from them and be able to go to their prom if she wants to. She plans to take the spring semester "off", get a job, save up as much as she can, apply for all the grants and scholarships she can get, and start college in the fall to major in photography. But in the meantime? 

She's DONE. 



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The following is something I wasn't going to say anything about publicly because it originally took place in a restricted area on dA, but now that the other person has decided to make it public via her journal, my hand has been forced in order to defend my own name. I'm not going to name any names (unlike the person in question -- way to be classy, chick), so I will only refer to this person as "X" from this point forward. 

I don't appreciate being libeled because somebody is butthurt at me for being blunt with her rather than handling her like blown glass after she was verbally abusive to others. Said person has decided to stuff words in my mouth to garner sympathy from her watchers in a way that has basically smeared me, and some of her watchers -- people I've never spoken to before -- are now saying I'm an "asshole", every imaginable form of "bitch", "arrogant", "wretched bitch", etc., and they're doing this because they're believing every little syllable she says even though some of it isn't true at all. 

Since I'm pretty sure the strangers from X's journal are coming over here to look at my page since she specifically named me (again, CLASSY.), I want to tell them the obvious:

Every story has two sides, and you are only being told ONE side that has been ridiculously embellished at best, partially fabricated at worst.

All of this nonsense stems from X having a complete and utter inability to handle even the most gentle critique imaginable, VERY much contrary to her claim of "welcoming constructive criticism". She may say that publicly, but privately? Pft. Yeah, right. :unimpressed:

Some of you in Inu-land know that I'm one of the judges over at IY-Excellence. As the name implies, it is a group for "excellent fanart", meaning not everything is accepted. Every time a piece is submitted to us, we vote YES or NO, and the page where that voting is done has one area for conversation that is for the judges only and another area for conversation that is only viewable to the judges and the person who submitted the piece that is being voted on. 

All of this originally took place in the conversation area visible only to the judges and X. 

Now, since X has been repeatedly saying how "arrogant" I am and has thus repeatedly implied that I think I and my artwork are perfect and all that rot: I have never submitted my own work to IY-E just BECAUSE I would feel presumptuous and arrogant while doing so. Any of my work that is in IY-E's gallery was submitted by someone OTHER than me, and I have NEVER voted on one of my own pieces because to me it would be stacking the deck and thus unfair. (That isn't to badmouth anyone who DOES submit their own work, either. It's just how I personally feel about ME doing it.)

Additionally, I have NEVER stated that my work is perfect! One of my main beefs is people who can't accept criticism, and that is because nobody's work is perfect. Common sense would dictate THAT INCLUDES MY OWN WORK. DUH. I wish I could transcribe some of the critiques I got at Ringling, I really do. They were BRUTAL, and rightfully so. I had some major technical issues going on.

All of that sounds totally arrogant, right? 

But I digress... "X" submitted some work to IY-E -- NONE OF WHICH I VOTED ON BECAUSE I WASN'T EVEN AROUND AT THE TIME -- and apparently all of X's submissions were declined. X asked why her stuff was declined in the private discussion area. X was answered by Judge #1 VERY politely:

"Hi.  We mean no offense, and we feel we owe you the courtesy of being honest.  

While we thought your use of colors and composition was quite good, unfortunately, there were anatomy issues we just couldn't ignore.  Just as a couple of examples, we found Sesshoumaru's head to be too small for his body, and both his and Kikyou's limbs were too long.

We're sorry we had to decline your images at this time.

X's response? 

"Right... whatever."

Oh, boy, this is going good places already in that attitude department, isn't it? I'm not sure what she expected us to say given the nature of her question!

Judge #2 replied to her (in a new thread) even MORE politely and again COMPLIMENTED the coloring, background, and lines in X's work, but she said she was in agreement with Judge #1 about there just being some specific anatomical proportion and facial structure issues. To the contrary, X has been broadcasting everywhere that SHE WAS TOLD HER WORK SUCKED!!!! even though she absolutely wasn't. And I quote:

"I agree with [Judge #1], your coloring, backgrounds, and lines are fabulous but there are anatomy issues. As stated mostly heads and arms are out of proportion, (either to small, long, or rounded) but to me this also led to a bit of awkwardness with the poses due to the proportioning of certain body parts.

We mean no offense by it and we aren't trying to say that your work sucks, it's actually quite good. It's just that due to these issues we've decided, at this time, not to accept the works that you've submitted for approval."

Man, that was BRUTAL, wasn't it? Especially the "your coloring, backgrounds, and lines are fabulous", "we aren't trying to say that your work sucks" and "it's actually quite good". We really ripped her to shreds. :unimpressed:

So, X had just received two VERY gentle and polite constructive critiques. So what does X reply to Judge #2 with?

"Did I REALLY have to hear it from you as well? Back the fuck off."

Excuse me?

See that, too? X cussed at us for NO GOOD REASON other than her damn ego was bruised and she was lashing out as a result. It's one of the reasons why I later told her that her ego "was as easily bruised as a banana's skin". BECAUSE IT IS. That is PROOF POSITIVE of it. Funnily enough, X has failed to mention that TINY little detail in her retelling of all of this. That shitty attitude. TINY detail. 

She has NEVER admitted that she was the one who had the shitty attitude FIRST and has instead acted like she is completely innocent and we -- I specifically because for some reason she's latched on to ME as though I'm the anti-Christ -- attacked her out of nowhere. We didn't give her constructive criticism, we personally attacked her

Again, yeah, right. 

Then X went into all of the excuses in the book about why her proportions were what they were (her monitor resolution is weird), it's her style (which is the oldest answer to shaky anatomy in the world), her computer is old, etc., and generally having the kind of attitude I usually run into with teenage children, what with giving every excuse possible in order to avoid saying "yeah, I guess you're right. I should probably work on that." when critiqued. 

X is not a child. All of her responses up to this point have been dripping with the feel of indignation that her question was answered, basically. By two people! TWO. GENTLY. Part of the comment from X (addressing Judge #2's question of why X felt the need to "f-bomb" her) :

"It pissed me off that I had two people get all over me. Sorry for f-boming you, but you seriously pissed me off. I don't need to be bombarded and given the EXACT SAME constructive crit by two people. Get it?" 

Actually, yes, you do. That was another thing I later said to her that pissed her off: when multiple people point out the same issue in your work, it's usually something you should take a look at (and it makes me wonder how she would have handled having the same issues critiqued OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER again for an entire school year like I did!). Two polite answers that simply stated X's anatomical proportions needed work -- AFTER COMPLIMENTING X's WORK IN BOTH ANSWERS -- was being "bombarded", "gotten all over X", etc. according to X, even though X ASKED WHY SHE WAS DECLINED, and after two judges politely TOLD X WHY SHE WAS DECLINED, it pissed X off. So it was OUR fault that X used unnecessary foul language, apparently. And something tells me that was not a sincere "sorry". Call it a "hunch". :unimpressed:

X is replied to again by the judge she just cursed at (Judge #2), again, POLITELY, and Judge #2 even ended it with: 

"I wish you all the luck and good fortune in the world with your art."

X replied with more attitude about being told one little thing was an issue with her art and why we were apparently cruel monsters for saying so. We didn't understand how much time she spent slaving over it (EVERY artist slaves over their work, including all of the judges). Because she spent so much time on it, being declined hurt X's self-confidence (and I never got accepted into ONE SINGLE ART SHOW while I was at Ringling. Shit happens! Being upset that we said something was an issue in your art IN ADDITION TO COMPLIMENTING IT doesn't constitute "shit", either!). X's response is ended with:

"If anything, it hurt and then having two people come down on me and basically tell me my anatomy and style sucks, really upset me."

See that? In her head she turned our answers into "YOUR ANATOMY STYLE SUCKS!!!" even though NONE OF US EVER SAID THAT, INCLUDING ME! I don't tell people their work sucks! EVER. I will tell people what they could work on and how to fix it, but I will NEVER tell somebody that their work "SUCKS". THAT claim pisses me off the most out of all the shit X has posted about me. Go look at the formal critiques I've given, for God's sake! I never said anything CLOSE to that, and a couple of those pieces were FAR BELOW X's skill level!  

So let me make this VERY clear:


We GENTLY told X there were anatomical proportion issues in her work. DEAR GOD, how DARE WE. X asked why her work was declined, we answered, and this is what we get in return! What in God's name was she expecting us to say? "There's absolutely nothing wrong with your work, we just declined it for shits and giggles"

At this point I have seen how X is treating the other judges, and it torques me. This is when I step in AND ALL THE ~EMBELLISHMENT~ STARTS.

I was blunt with X. Given the way she had behaved in response to kid glove gentle politeness, I knew I was going to make her rage by cutting the niceties and, as I said to her, "talk to you like the adult artist you are." In my opinion she didn't deserve kid gloves anymore seeing as how she'd metaphorically spat in our faces even though we were trying to be nice and polite to her WHILE ANSWERING HER QUESTION. 

I have ZERO patience for people who can't handle criticism. I have ZERO patience for people who give excuses instead of listening and learning. I have ZERO patience for people who cop that kind of attitude when they are treated with nothing but gentle politeness. A freaking FEATHER would have hurt more! 

So let me make another thing VERY clear yet AGAIN:


I told X that one thing "sucked", and that was HER ATTITUDE. I will say it again: YOUR ATTITUDE SUCKS, X. I said it was shitty, too. And I meant it. 

The basic point of my comment was to SUCK IT UP and ACT LIKE AN ADULT. All artists get criticized about their work, all artists "slave over" their work with blood sweat and tears (and I told her I have permanent nerve damage because of how long I've slaved over my work for the last 17 years), and all artists have things they need to work on. She is not a special case in that regard, and there's no reason to get so damn butthurt about it when she had been treated with nothing but politeness up to that point. I told her it was ridiculous for her to be acting like she was dog piled on and blasted about her work when she got an answer from TWO PEOPLE after ASKING WHY SHE WAS DECLINED. 

I told her to act her age and stop using the excuses she was using. I told her that while I was in school I got countless critiques that included phrases like "lifeless mannequin", "dead/chalky skin", "she looks slutty", and even "is that a guy or a girl?". My colors were wrong, my value structure was wrong, my figure/ground relationship was screwed up, my work had no depth of field, the background looked bad, etc. IT HAPPENS.

I told her that honest feedback is how artists LEARN, and she needed to learn how to take criticism, ESPECIALLY when it was as feather-light as what she had ASKED FOR. I told her not to submit to "excellence" groups if she couldn't handle getting declined with even the slightest amount of MATURITY and GRACE instead of cussing at anybody who said anything even the slightest bit negative. My last line was "welcome to being an artist" because it's TRUE. You won't always receive nothing but PRAISE for your work! You don't grow from praise, and if you can't accept honest feedback then you will stagnate and backslide. I've said it to a zillion other people!

Here's the thing that I want to make the most clear of all:


You know what I DID say? This is what I said (AFTER recommending a fabulous book to help X with her anatomical proportions that I recommend to EVERYBODY AND THEIR DOG):

"It is not the end of the world that a whole two people said your anatomical proportions need work. They do. And I need to put more texture into my work and study the female pelvis some more because I'm not that great at it. Big. Deal."

How in the HELL is that "arrogant" or even IMPLYING "perfection"? Here's the closer of my comment:

"You should have been grateful that more than one person took the time to politely and gently critique your work because they did so in order to help you improve. If you cannot handle even slightly negative feedback, DON'T ASK FOR IT. Don't submit your work to "Excellence" groups if you can't handle being declined with at least a little maturity and grace. Your work isn't perfect. So what? NOBODY'S work is perfect. That's what honest feedback is for. Welcome to being an artist."

X's response?

"tl;dr. Leave me alone. kthx."

I replied to that with "Quit your whining and behave like a grown ass woman should at your age." because I was frankly irritated with her attitude, and that irritation was only amplified by her age. X then replied with:

"Fuck you. I am not whining. I am asking you to LEAVE ME ALONE and yet you keep harassing me. I will be reporting you for harassment."

Mind you, I did not leave out ANYTHING between her first "leave me alone" and the above response from her. I replied to her ONCE after she said "leave me alone" in the ADMIN AREA of a group I'm an ADMIN FOR, and NOW it's "harassment"? Okey-dokey! Apparently X thinks once "leave me alone" is said, even if you're on someone else's page, the person who said "leave me alone" can then say whatever the hell they want and the other person just has to shut up or it's "harassment." 

That's STUPID.

Now X has posted a public journal entry that is basically libeling me, calling me names, saying I'm an "arrogant, wretched bitch", telling all of her watchers that I flew in out of nowhere and PERSONALLY ATTACKED HER, and that somewhere, somehow along the way I said her work SUCKED. 

Don't get me wrong, I don't care if people call me names because I'm older than 12. X can call me a "wretched bitch" until the cows come home and I will not give a rat's ass about it. I know I'm being called a "wretched bitch" because I DARED to say her anatomy needed some tweaking and I had the NERVE to tell X to learn how to handle critique, stop whining, and to not submit to Excellence groups if you cannot handle being declined with some maturity and grace. And I still stand by that because I don't say anything I'm not willing to own or defend. Obviously. 

Once Judge #2 had had ENOUGH with being cussed at by X, she linked to one of X's images that looked different from her others, saying she suspected it was traced or eyeball copied. I concurred. I also said the hands were too small and the fingers were skinny. 


You want to know what I said? This is what I said -- to Judge #2 -- VERBATIM:

"The anatomy looks more solid than some of her other human work, save for the hands... so it may be eyeballed from a screen cap. The hands are far too tiny for Inuyasha's body and they almost look kind of withered from what, to me, looks like an obvious lack of knowledge about the inner bone and ligament structure of hands in general."

"Horribly deformed" my ASS.

So now, according to X, OH DEAR GOD I'VE BEEN ACCUSED OF TRACING ALL OF MY WORK! THIS BITCH ACCUSED ME OF TRACING MY WORK (when I didn't even bring the image up in the first place -- it was one of the other judges!!). THIS BITCH ATTACKED ME! BLOCK HER!"

I ran over X's puppy, too. On purpose. :sarcasticclap: 

So let's make this clear. At NO time did I EVER:

  1. Tell X her work sucked.
  2. Tell X to stop drawing. (since X keeps telling commentors that she'll never stop no matter what anybody says)
  3. Say I'm perfect.
  4. Say my ART is perfect.

So anybody who has come over here from X's page? X has blown everything out of proportion and stuffed a metric shit-ton of words into my mouth because X can NOT handle being told there's something wrong with her work. The last few days have been proof enough of that even though she's saying "I welcome concrit but I didn't get concrit, I got ATTACKED!!!". I'm tired of being badmouthed just because X can't handle criticism or act her age, nor do I appreciate being badmouthed just so X can have her watchers tell her how wonderful she is and how Satanic *I* am for saying shit I never said.

X may claim to be open to "constructive criticism", but I and every judge at IY-E can tell you that's a load of horse manure. No she isn't. 

She'll tell you to fuck off if you don't praise her, and don't let her tell you otherwise. She says "but that wasn't concrit!" but it WAS. If it had been any more gentle, it would have been ALL COMPLIMENTS and absolutely NO criticism at all. That isn't concrit, that's ASSPATTING. And it drives me nuts when people say "I welcome constructive criticism" but then throw tantrums if they actually GET concrit because, according to them, NOTHING is ever "concrit". It's "ATTACKING", "INSULTING", or whatever else they want to call it in order to invalidate it. 

Now that X has taken it public in a call-out journal and is saying all of this shit about me that is blown out of proportion and NOT what I said, THIS HAS GONE PAST RIDICULOUS INTO CHILDISHLY STUPID. I know X did this to get comfort from her watchers that her art is amazing (and I never said it was bad! I just said her anatomy needed some work!), she is right, and I am a horrible terrible "wretched" human being because I said things that X didn't want to hear.

All of us at IY-E have NEVER had someone act the way X has in light of having their work declined. EVER. We're all dumbfounded that this even HAPPENED because it's so STUPID.

I am not looking for asspats from my watchers, and I am not looking for validation from my watchers. What I AM doing is DEFENDING MY NAME. 

I will own what I say until the end of time, but I WILL NOT own what someone is TELLING everybody I said. Period.

And if any of you think I'm the one who is lying, I will be more than happy to screen cap the entire damn conversation because I am tired of this utterly ridiculous juvenile bullshit.


Sun Nov 24, 2013, 9:22 AM
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Hello, everyone! Thanksgiving is upon us, which means the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, which means the Santa float, which means Christmas officially kicks off in four days. I got a notion in my head to do something for the holidays that I haven't done in years: a print sale!

PrintSaleHoliday by KrisCynical
See an illustration in my gallery that you like?
That your friend would like? Your mom? Your sibling?

Buy a print of it! Prints make great Christmas gifts!

I do all of my own printing on a professional wide format Epson printer on professional quality photo paper. Quality is guaranteed because I'm the one doing the printing, and I am super duper anal about what I sell to my customers!


Bullet; Yellow SHIPPING Bullet; Yellow

8.5x11 prints ship in cardboard reinforced mailing envelopes. Larger prints are shipped in tubes with cushioning at both ends to prevent "crunching". All shipping within the US is via USPS.

DOMESTIC Shipping/Handling -- $5.00
INTERNATIONAL Shipping/Handling -- Individually quoted.

on right Bullet; Red  ALL TEXAS RESIDENTS MUST PAY SALES TAX! Bullet; Red on left


Bullet; Yellow  PAYMENT Bullet; Yellow

PayPal and Money Orders

Time is of the essence. If you wait too long to order, it may not get to you in time for Christmas!


Bullet; Yellow  Still interested? Bullet; Yellow

Drop me a note
or (preferably) an e-mail at

PrintSaleHoliday Bottom by KrisCynical


Tue Jun 11, 2013, 1:39 AM
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A-kon itself went well for me as far as the till goes. The Anatole is HUGE and very pretty -- which is what you pay for in your room rate.

The rooms themselves were a ripoff. The bathrooms were basically the size of a public stall with a bathtub. The bathroom stalls at our mall are bigger, and that's no exaggeration. You had to straddle the toilet to open the door! They stripped the room of the clock ( :wtf: ), iron, ironing board, information books/room service menu, and all but three bath towels (although I heard some rooms only had two). When we called to ask if we could have a clock and a couple more towels so we wouldn't need housekeeping for the rest of the weekend, they said no! They said no to a clock! And I paid $200 a night for that crap. NOT happy about that.

Any of you who were at the con -- the never ending suicide hallway. 'Nuff said.

There HAD to have been a huge jump in attendance this year. I don't see how there couldn't have been with how packed everything was even though, again, that hotel is HUGE. I've heard from more than one source that there were 30,000 pre-reg this year. That's not even counting on-site. It's definitely one of the times I felt so damn lucky to be able to pick up my badge from Artist Alley Ops instead of waiting in those never ending lines. Seriously -- some people stood in that pre-reg line for FIVE HOURS.

Okay, A-kon? You are 24 years old. Next year you will be a quarter century. HOW have you NOT figured out how to handle your registration process yet? It's been an issue all 9 years I've attended, and it's only gotten exponentially WORSE every year. Your system worked when you were the size of AnimeFest. You've more than tripled in size since then. NOTICE THAT, PLEASE.

I had a few of you stop by the table to say hello and as always, I appreciate it. I love being able to visit with you guys whether you buy anything or not.  One of you even surprised me Sunday morning with an Ed Elric wallscroll signed and personalized (with my name spelled right!!) by Vic Mignogna! I was gobsmacked and touched at the same time. I love my return customers, seriously. :heart:

But if any of you gave me the bronchitis I'm battling right now, may you step on Legos forever. :stinkeye:

For serious. I started getting what I thought was my normal sinuses-go-wacky the Tuesday after the con, but it just went ON and ON and ON and ON and I wasn't getting any better. My mom got sick on Thursday. We went to one of those pharmacy clinics (which are a godsend) yesterday and we BOTH have bronchitis now. YAY. The CNP said I was so tight it sounded like I was struggling to breathe.

I had severe asthma as a child which made me very sickly. I went to the ER more than once with asthma attacks, and I carried two inhalers in my backpack all the time -- a regular one and a steroid one if the regular one didn't work -- and used them almost daily. Thankfully I grew out of it when I was 12. I hadn't felt anything like that since then.

I apparently didn't realize how tight I was in the chest because I got SO used to that feeling as a child or something, because the CNP made it sound really really bad. She prescribed both me and my mom an inhaler and some cough meds. The inhaler was a trip for me because I hadn't had to use one in 16 years.

We picked up all of our goodies from our pharmacy and I tore into mine as soon as we were in the car to fish out the inhaler. I took my first puff, and I instantly felt like that asthmatic kid again. :x

But I remembered how to use it like a pro.

And Elizabeth -- I know you'll probably read this. It'll obviously be a few more days before I can finish your commission from A-kon. I hope you got better instead of worse like I did!

A-KON 24

Fri Apr 5, 2013, 3:00 AM
I just got the notification last night that I got through the jury process for A-kon's artist alley and thus snagged a table.

Name of Image

This is going to be my 8th A-kon to sell at
and my 9th to attend. :dummy:

Name of Image

May 31 - June 2, 2013
The Hilton Anatole Dallas

I'll post a map once it's released to show y'all where I'll be in the alley. If you're going to be there, drop by and say hi!


Mon Apr 1, 2013, 3:44 AM
As I'm sure all of you have seen in your inbox by now, deviantART says it has started a dating website, deviantHEART. I will admit that I actually believed it for a moment before realizing it was past midnight.

Sounds like a great idea if you ask me. What could possibly go wrong on a dating site directly connected to a website whose majority population consists of minors? It's not like any of them ever lie about their age in order to bypass COPPA and mature content filters. This blatant oversight -- which is par for the course whenever dA introduces something new -- is what makes this prank so believable.

I'm sure DeviantHEART would be a fabulous place for 14-year-olds to find their soul mates.


Removing the April Fool from this and looking at it as a concept in general, though? With the general attitude and maturity level of the majority of the users on this site, I wouldn't want to use a dating site directly connected to it. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of perfectly fine people on this site... but for every decent adult here there's about two dozen brats, snowflakes, and/or psychos, children AND adults included. A dating site for artists and creative types is definitely a great idea and I would consider tossing out a line into such a thing, but... not if it's connected to a site that is so overly associated with kids. lol

That and calling it deviantHEART probably wouldn't be the best move if they'd want to attract professional adult artists who aren't already members of deviantART. There's nothing there to communicate that it's a dating site for artists. If you remove yourself from deviantART in general, deviantHEART just sounds like a place for people with kinks to meet. XD

But I digress.


It isn't stupid or annoying like every other thing you've ever done that screwed around with icons and pop ups and troll face abuse, so that will surely throw a LOT of people off. The fact that it is believable that deviantART WOULD do something like that makes it even better.


Post-op Update and Thanks

Wed Oct 17, 2012, 10:15 AM
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Hi everyone,

Just posting a quick note to let all of you know that my mom's surgery went off without a hitch yesterday and she's now recooping here at home under the care of her two temporary hand servants, otherwise known as me and my dad.

Many thanks for all of your well wishes and prayers; they helped her feel a lot better before going in to get everything done yesterday. :)

Prayers and Good Vibes, Please.

Mon Oct 15, 2012, 7:31 AM
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My mom is having major surgery
tomorrow morning.

Prayers, good vibes, good juju, well wishes, and positive energy would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks. :heart:

Anniversaries and Birthdays

Fri Sep 28, 2012, 2:37 AM
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My previous journal entry has been up for over a month so I figured it was time for a new one. So let's talk about... my birthday! :dummy: This birthday has a silly double thing going on this year which also decided the theme of my cake. The two things are:

1) This year I am turning 28 on the 28th.


2) This month I am celebrating my 10 year anniversary in the Inuyasha fandom.

My cake this year was Inuyasha themed again because of it being my 10 year anniversary and the fact that the last time I made an Inuyasha cake was for my 24th birthday, before I started doing all the fondant and painting and edible glitters and all that fun stuff. As per usual you can see my cake right here:

As for my anniversary? The reason I am in the Inuyasha fandom is because of a mistake. Back in 2002 I wasn't even that into anime save for Black Jack and My Neighbor Totoro, and even then it was just a side note that they were made in Japan. I was a senior in high school (which is why whenever you guys come to my artist alley tables and say Inuyasha was the series of your childhood or that you remember watching it in 4th grade, I feel more than a little bit old), and it was also the fall that Adult Swim premiered on Cartoon Network if I remember correctly. I KNOW it was the year Inuyasha debuted in the US because that's where the mistake comes into play.

Indefiknight is one of my oldest friends whom I've known for 22 years now. We went to school together from 1st-12th grade, and since 1998 both of us have had an affinity for the PlayStation game Xenogears. It's still kind of "our thing" even now. Back in 2002 Cartoon Network was airing some sort of mecha show at night, and since a large part of Xenogears involved fighting in and constantly upgrading/doing upkeep on "gears" or mechas, the show was kind of relevant. That week at school Charlie told me to watch CN at a certain time on Saturday because that was when the show aired and he wanted me to check it out. So that Saturday I plopped down in front of the TV, turned it on, and... it wasn't the mecha show. As it turns out?

That was the day Inuyasha premiered in the US. Inuyasha replaced the mecha show that had previously occupied that time slot.

I was going to turn it to something else since I wasn't all that into anime, but I hesitated in doing so just long enough for the episode to draw me in. I sat there for the next half hour watching the episode intently, and by the time the end credits rolled after "You mean he's not the hero?!" (or whatever it is the dub said there... it's been almost 10 years since I watched it in English) I was yelling at the TV.

"No! Nooo! What happened?! Who is that what'shisname red guy?! What is he?! Is he good or bad?! Nooo!"

And now I'm sitting here writing this 10 years later with an Inuyasha fanart directory on my hard drive that has over 800 files on it because I've only posted a tiny fraction of what I've actually drawn over the years. Inuyasha is what made me start transferring characters of different art styles into my own illustration style. I've grown tremendously in the last 10 years art-wise and a lot of that is due to the experimentation and practice I did through Inu fanart.

I have met many amazing people through this fandom, some of whom I'm still friends with today, others... not so much. Even the bad experiences were learning experiences, though, and I'm better off for getting screwed over. Negativity aside, though, the awesome people I've become friends with more than make up for the crappy ones. Some are personal friends, many are aquaintences (like all of you fine people), and one is one of my closest friends in the world who I talk to almost every day. I owe a tremendous amount of gratitude to this fandom because it is an enormous part of who I am today as an artist and as a person.

Tons of fanart drawn, many wonderful new people met, thousands of dollars spent on DVDs and merch, immersion in an entire subculture, going to convention artist alleys...

All because of a friend telling me to watch a show that got cancelled.

It's funny how fate works sometimes, isn't it? :)

Thank you for 4,000 watchers!

Sun Aug 12, 2012, 2:15 AM
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While poking around my account on here this morning I made a rather surprising discovery:

I finally hit 4,000 watchers today! :dummy:

Thank you to each and every one of you who have DevWatched me over the last 8 years. I appreciate all of you more than words can say!

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:star: MAJOR congrats to the US women's gymnastics team for their gold medal win! Woo!!! :star:

It was pointed out to me last night that none of the girls on our gymnastics team are old enough to remember (or even have been born yet for a couple of them) when Keri Strugg stuck that vault on a sprained ankle to win the team gold for the Magnificent Seven in Atlanta in 1996. I was eleven and was watching it live when it happened. To this day it's still my favorite Olympic moment that I've witnessed, and it's absolutely fantastic to see us finally win the gold again. It only took 16 years.

And on a side note, that new "limit of 2 gymnasts from each country" rule for the individual all-around competition is complete and utter horse manure. It should be the top 24 gymnasts, period. Just as it's always been. Even if only one of our girls would qualify while four would qualify from both China and Russia, it should be the top 24. All that rule does is punish teams that have a lot of talent. If other countries who under-perform in gymnastics never have anybody in the individual all-around competition then they should improve their program and train harder, not use a rule that amounts to a handicap to take away slots that other more skilled athletes have busted their butts their entire lives to achieve. It's like seeing the "every kid in little league gets a trophy" snowflake generation BS creep into Olympic level sports, too! Every time the Olympic Committee thinks up a new rule it seems to have the sole purpose of screwing somebody over who deserved better. For the reigning world champion to not qualify due to like seven one-hundredths of a point and that "limit 2" rule is asinine. It's even more stupid than the "quad fall' strategy loophole in figure skating at the winter Olympics.

There's something new to scoff at in every Olympics, I swear.

Man I've been ranting a lot lately.

Fri Jul 6, 2012, 3:50 AM
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Seriously, there's been an enormous uptick in this lately, particularly in the Inuyasha fandom. My inbox is being flooded with fanart being sold as prints because of all the Inuyasha groups I'm a member or co-admin of. Stop it! If you didn't know it's a ToS violation then that's fine, but remove the print option when you're informed of that ToS violation. Don't whine about it, don't bitch about it, don't cry about everybody else doing it and not getting caught (as if that's supposed to make it okay for some reason...?), don't cuss out the person who notified you of the violation. Just. Remove. The Option. The person informing you of the violation is being nice to you instead of just reporting you and letting the admins bitch at you.

DeviantART makes a profit off of every print or item that is sold through the print system. It is figured into the base price of the print. If you sell copyrighted material through the print system, deviantART automatically makes money off of the sale of that copyrighted material. It can get them sued by the copyright owners. That is no bueno.

Now before you say "WTF, people sell fanart at conventions all the time!!", yes. They do. Conventions are a gray area, though, because licensing companies generally don't care. They don't care because 1) the artwork is only available for an extremely limited time (3-4 days at most), 2) the artwork is only available to a relatively small audience in comparison to, like, Earth, 3) they consider it a little bit of free advertising within the realm of the convention-goers, and 4) the profits made off of that artwork are miniscule in comparison to -- pardon the unintentional pun -- the Big Picture. When that same artwork is sold through DeviantART's print system, though, it is available to the entire world. It is available to the entire world 24/7/365. That's a hell of a lot of difference.

These are the two FAQ's that are directly related to this:

FAQ #743: Can I sell fan art as prints?


Read them. Please. And if you see anyone else doing this, please link them to those two FAQ's (by typing : faq 743: and 827 respectively). Most of the time it's a case of the deviant not being aware of the policy against it. More often than not, though, they ignore you entirely or bitch at you or block you for telling them they're doing something wrong. Please don't be one of those people. Just do it. Please.

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I know there are plenty of you out there who are capable of presenting yourself and interacting with others in a civil, intelligent manner even though you may only be 14-16 years old. In fact, some of you have shocked me more than once when I've found out your actual age! I was one of those weird kids who skipped the teen years mentally/emotionally (or as my parents say, I went straight from 12 to 22 age-wise), so I know it's possible. I've had the pleasure of talking to more than one of you about everything from anime audio tracks to art history, artistic integrity, and art criticism. Some of you have even let me teach you some things about drawing, anatomy, digital media, etc., and I've really enjoyed that. All of you have bright futures ahead of you if you're able to behave in such a mature manner at such a young age, that's for sure.

To the rest of you, though, here's a pro tip:

Acting like an idiot doesn't make you look cool.

It makes you look like an idiot.

I swear, these dense kids have been coming out of the wood work in the last couple weeks without me having to lift a finger to find them. They've been finding ME. This happens every year when school lets out for the summer, and it always happens in some variation of this order:

:bulletblue: Kid says something to me in an authoritative manner that is wrong and/or stupid. Usually "and".

:bulletblue: I reply with my disagreement and usually explain why their statement is wrong. It can make for some long comments.

:bulletblue: Kid either doesn't understand, is pissed off at being wrong, or indignant that I replied at all.

:bulletblue: Kid snarks back at me thinking they're being witty, sometimes prefaced with "TL;DR".

:bulletblue: After I respond to the first snark the kid quickly regresses to the communication skills of a two-year-old, thinking it makes them look bad ass.

:bulletblue: If the exchange goes on for long enough the kid will either dissolve into plz account abuse with over used memes or will throw a tantrum laced with plentiful -- and incorrectly used -- cussing. Childish ad-hominem attacks sometimes get thrown into the mix, and if the situation is appropriate for it they'll also add the "you're just jealous!" shtick.

:bulletblue: In the most speshul cases the kid will play the "I was trolling you lololol!" card if they make enough of an ass of themselves as a last ditch attempt at preserving some pride/dignity. The arrogant ones usually resort to this one.

In a couple cases the kid has ended up doing the text equivalent of sticking their fingers in their ears and singing by declaring they are ignorant/stupid and will continue to be ignorant/stupid by choice. They say it in a way that makes it obvious they are quite proud of being stupid as though it's some sort of badge of honor or really cool to be an idiot.

Acting like an idiot isn't cool, it's obnoxious. Being proud of ignorance isn't cool, it's mind-numbingly stupid. Treating intelligence and maturity as though they're something to be avoided isn't cool, it's you making an ass out of yourself.

I never have and I never will understand why some teens think stupidity is something to be proud of. They choose to be ignorant rather than take the time to read what the other person has said and actually learn something. It's usually out of their own sincere mental shortcomings, being stubborn, or butthurt from  being wrong. These kids are usually the same ones who think they know everything there is to know about whatever subject is being talked about at the ripe old age of 14 (that seems to be the magic number for stupidity) even if they're talking to a professional about it, and they will NOT admit to being mistaken about it no matter how obnoxious and moronic it makes them look. This is also usually accompanied by the mindset that they should be able to say whatever the hell they want and you shouldn't reply at all, let alone express disagreement. There are no repercussions for what they say and do, nor are there any consequences.

I've had kids that age try to educate me on anatomy. I've had kids that age try to tell me how the illustration and/or graphic art industry works. I've had kids tell me how to critique and/or what a critique is supposed to be. I've had kids tell me their work isn't stolen when they've been caught red-handed. I've had the friends of kids who steal MY work tell me they watched their friend draw it even though I have the original and posted it somewhere on the net when they were eight years old. The list goes on and on and on.

If you are interested in seeing any of my recent forays into the land of adolescent idiocy you need not go any further than my own gallery and profile page. I will not link to specific threads or specific people because this is NOT a "call-out journal", it's just a list of examples of teen stupids I've dealt with recently. DO NOT TALK TO ANY OF THESE PEOPLE. NO TROLLING, MKAY?

:bulletblue: One instance is in the comments on my front page down there on page 2, I believe. They were defending their friend who had been caught red handed stealing from people and selling the stolen images as prints.

:bulletblue: Another instance is at the top of the comments on my Digital Disrespect stamp. That one was a high school kid trying to tell me how the professional graphic art industry works. The arrogance about his knowledge of art and the industry was only matched by how sub-par his art was. I usually never bring a kid's art into the mix, but in this situation it was warranted because of what he was bitching about. He had a really big chip on his shoulder about digital artists and digital media in general. He played the "you don't understand what I'm saying because it's so deep" card first, then the "I was trolling you lololol!" card after he had made a gigantic fool of himself. I admittedly got mouthy in this one once I was tired of it. This one is my favorite of the bunch, though.

:bulletblue: Another instance is at the top of the comments on my I Don't Like Dubs stamp. This one dealt with the nature and structure of language in general after the kid made a dumb statement about the Japanese language. My initial response was VERY long due to explaining the nature of spoken language as well as my theory as to why dubbed TV shows are not of the same quality as dubbed theatrical release movies like any of the Studio Ghibli films. This kid dissolved into toddler responses VERY quickly and the obnoxious actually reached a level that I ended up blocking them, which is something I never usually do. There's another wank with a really bitter dubbie just three or four conversation thread below this one, although that one was from the spring and involved someone who was 21 to my surprise (and sadness given how immature they were toward me).

:bulletblue: Another was on a VERY old comment about a certain artist here on DA who draws provocative/sexual images of "cherubs" that just look like naked babies, but the "cherub" label has made the admins say it isn't kiddie porn. Almost a year ago I left a comment on one of his images saying that cherubs didn't look like they were posing for Playgirl in Renaissance art. A couple days ago a kid (who I assume was 15) replied to that comment saying that "cherubs never looked like anything because they didn't exist" and that she didn't believe they originated in Renaissance art, which basically translated to "I don't understand the basics of art history at all". I explained the concept of common visual representations and how the origin of that representation can be traced back to a certain point in art history which in the case of cherubs WAS the Renaissance and Baroque periods. The reply? "You're really milking this for all it's worth, aren't you?" After she had started the conversation up on a dead comment and said something stupid in the process. After pointing out that fact she dissolved into plz account abuse. If any of you would like to see that one, note me.

I get into spats with kids here and there on DA throughout the year, usually thieves, kids who ask for crit and then flip out when you give them one, or those who violate DA's ToS (usually the copyright policy). There's just always a spike during the summer months because these kids aren't in school and thus have absolutely nothing to do but screw around on the internet. It's yet another reason why I am no longer fond of summer the way I was while in school myself. I have another write-up about the stupidity of theft and thieves, but that's for another time since this is already so frickin' long.

So in closing: stupid kids, don't act like idiots. It only makes you look like an idiot. It's not cute, it's not witty, it's not funny, it's not cool, it's not edgy, it's not bad ass, it's not rebellious. It's stupid, and it will make anyone over the age of 20 think you are a moron. Stop being proud of being ignorant and try to learn something when people offer it. Stop acting like you know everything there is to know about the real world, life in general, and everything else under the sun. You don't. You're still a baby. You haven't had but a tiny fraction of life experience at this point in your life no matter how grown up you think you are. 18 is only an adult in the legal sense, especially if you act like you're five years old. People who are older than you know better than you do, and if they try to give you advice on something then for the love of God, LISTEN. You'll make less of an ass of yourself once you actually are an adult.

To those of you who are teens but act like you have gray matter in your head, move along. Nothing to see here. You're exempt because you behave and communicate with more intelligence than a tree stump. Keep up the good work. You're the only thing that's saving not only the public perception of your generation but our hope for the future as well. :facepalm:

A Few Things:

Sat Jun 23, 2012, 2:19 AM
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I figured since A-kon was like two weeks ago that I should put up a new journal entry that isn't HAY COME SEE ME KAY?. So this is it. A-kon was kind of strange this year albeit awesome for my business's bank account.

Strange thing #1: After checking in my mom and I were walking to the elevators to go up to our room when she spotted something on the floor that someone had dropped. We both make it a habit (well, it's a habit for me now because she raised me to do this) that when we see something out in the middle of the floor we either kick it to the side or somehow get rid of it so nobody accidentally steps on it or slips or whatever. I went over to the "thing" and when I bent over to see what it was...

"Uh... this is a baggie of weed."

Somebody's night was definitely ruined. I had a bellman dispose of it because there was no way in hell I was touching that. I find it kind of amazing that in the 8 years I've attended A-kon I have NEVER encountered any pot or even the smell of it. At any convention, really, and I think this was my 18th...? I dunno off the top of my head.

Strange Traumatizing thing #2: While setting up the print stand and general table area on Thursday night, my mom tripped over one of the feet of the stand while carrying a chair and fell. HARD. At her age that is really, really bad. I saw her go down and with how hard she hit the ground I was sure she had broken something whether it be her shoulder, arm, elbow, knee, even a hip. Out of the four times she's fallen in my lifetime I've been there for three of them (only because one of them was in the shower so I obviously wasn't there) and have been the ONLY ONE THERE for two of them. The last time she fell she ended up with a concussion and two staples in her scalp.

Once I got her sitting up and checked her over it appeared nothing was broken, thank GOD. Her knee was swelling up really bad, though, because it took the brunt of the impact. I told her to stay there and I ran to the AA Ops table to find Hastur (the boss) to get help since I had no clue where the medic station was. She dropped everything and ran me up to the medic station to report what had happened and let one of the medics go back downstairs with me to show where my mom was.

A-kon's medics are friggin' NINJA. By the time I got back down there with the one medic there was another one already there who had her in a chair, had examined her knee, iced it, AND wrapped it before I even got there. This was less than five minutes. The same medic came back four more times over the weekend to make sure she was okay. Her knee wasn't broken or sprained, just whacked really hard. She had NASTY bruises on her knee and the inner part of her upper left arm as well as a scuff on her chin and small cut behind her ear from the chair falling on her. She'd already had surgery on that knee and had done nerve damage to it the previous time she had fallen, so the nerves are numb again even now.

This is how much of a mother my mom is: when I saw her go down the first thought I had was "Oh my God is she hurt am I going to have to take her to the hospital I don't know where Dallas's hospitals are omfg what if she broke her hip" in a rather fast slur. Her first thought after realizing she had fallen? "Oh no the CON! Kristin has worked SO HARD to get ready for this con and it's the biggest of her year and it's so hard to get into and I've ruined it!!!".

WTF, really. Yes, A-kon is my biggest money maker of the year but that isn't important in comparison to MY MOTHER'S WELL BEING.

Awesome thing #1: My mom was able to function for the rest of the con with only a very slight limp and a swollen knee. I had told her to stay up in the room with her leg up and iced but she insisted she could still help me. I drove her nuts through the weekend because I was constantly asking her if she wanted me to go upstairs to get her another ice pack. She always declined. It was a little irritating. She's very stubborn.

Awesome thing #2: My sales OMFG. I broke my previous sales record be a few hundred dollars and it was EPIC. My business needed that SO MUCH with the economy as well as my depression making me less productive, so I was on cloud nine by the time we broke down on Sunday.

I think my sales spiked because A-kon's attendance spiked. They've been growing by about a thousand or so people every year, but this year I've heard the estimate was 22,000 people. TWENTY TWO THOUSAND. I just. Last year it was 18 thousand something. One of the officers of the con told me on Sunday that they had advertised on CARTOON NETWORK this year so that probably explains the attendance spike (which also meant a lot of first timers who had never seen my work before which made my old stuff sell quite a bit, too). All I can say is I'm really really glad A-kon is moving to the Anatole next year because dear Lord is the Sheraton ever TOO SMALL now. It was bad enough that the fire marshal was getting after them for fire hazards. I've heard the Anatole has 2/3 again as much convention space as the Sheraton and it is BADLY NEEDED BADLY.

So in closing and as always, THANK YOU to everyone who either stopped by to chat and/or bought something from me. I appreciate each and every one of you even if you don't buy anything from me, and I mean that. Just your comments about my work and the fact that you follow me here on DA is reward enough for me. :)

Next con on the docket: Anime Fest in September.