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You Can Still Be Free


Holy, it's a canon IY piece! How foreign for me as of late.

This is a piece I've had sitting on my harddrive unfinished for months. I randomly got a bee in my bonnet to finish it last night, so I did. I was able to experiment with what I learned last semester at Ringling about colored light and shaadow, too, so that was fun.

This piece was inspired by the Savage Garden song "You Can Still Be Free". I thought the lyrics fit canon IY and the general feeling of the song gave me this visual. I also wanted to play with his hair and having it blow back from the side of his face instead of it completely hiding where a human ear would be. Seriously, have you ever considered what it would look like there? I pondered that at one time when I had nothing better to occupy myself with. But anyway... here are the lyrics to the song:

Cool breeze and autumn leaves
Slow motion daylight
A lone pair of watchful eyes
Oversee the living
Feel the presence all around
A tortured soul
A wound unhealing
No regrets or promises
The past is gone
But you can still be free
If time will set you free
Time now to spread your wings
To take to flight
The life endeavour
Aim for the burning sun
You're trapped inside
But you can still be free
If time will set you free
But it's a long long way to go

Keep moving way up high
You see the light
It shines forever
Sail through the crimson skies
The purest light
The light that sets you free
If time will set you free

Sail through the wind and rain tonight
You're free to fly tonight
And you can still be free
If time will set you free
And going higher than the mountain tops
And go high like the wind don't stop
And go high
Free to fly tonight
Free to fly tonight

Print and wallpaper coming soon.
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Nice! Like his mood.
OpheliaRoshe's avatar
Absolutely beautiful.
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Let-me sing for you, Inu!
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Funny that... the very first time I heard this song, I was hooked, and put it in my will, that this is the song I want played at my funeral. And the very first time I saw Inuyasha, I was just as hooked. No other anime stirred anything in my heart, but for some reason, this one... so I suppose this song and this character are just perfect together from my end, too.

BeekerBaby's avatar
he looks so pretty~

though i'm sure he wouldn't appreciate me saying that XD
Aoi-Inu76's avatar
Karo-chan-SADEL's avatar
fav's!! =D!!

I really love your art o3o!!
virtualpapercut's avatar
lovely style, very touching image. nicely done.
Mizrig06's avatar
If you love something set it free but if it returns to you it's yours.....YOURS TO STUFF IN THE CLOSET AND KISS IT TILL THERE'S NO MORE AIR LEFT PWAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA-i mean cool pic.....XD
Shmelanna's avatar
I love that sky :D
John6187's avatar
this ones cool nice hair blow action goin on there with his look

[link] check it out and comment im new
LovelyLadyGray's avatar
:wow: This digital painting is just completely amazing. The colors and Inu-Yasha's thoughtful expression is just so impressive. Great job hon!

Been trying to find songs that suit a new manga story of mine that I've recently started to draw the 6 vampire guys & the 6 human girls (7 out of the 12 pics are sketched out with 5 more to go. =D).
One of them is inked out and colored in. :giggle:
Ramz-y's avatar
Great job, and song is fantastic, really suits this artwork! Wonderful mood you put in there!
zsoofi's avatar
I love this pic. :)

And this song, and Inuyasha. :D
Pink-It's avatar
Pensive, very far offish pensive....

Colors i love the colors...

Yes i think i love it....i's true!
metalheadkomik's avatar
yeah u can be free from kagome's spell :D
KrisCynical's avatar
metalheadkomik's avatar
thats Inuyasa right ?
KrisCynical's avatar
Yes, it is. I don't get what you mean by being "free from her spell". I take it you ship him with Kikyou or something... I certainly don't. XP
metalheadkomik's avatar
the spell that only Kagome cast on him.....FALL !...and then inuyasha falls and start screaming at her...and then scratch each other...i just love that scene:D
Latset's avatar
Too cool. Love the shadowing >_<
Hanyou-no-miko's avatar
I went and listened to that song for the first time when you mentioned it, and I listened to it while looking at this piece...and I just found it so deeply, almost painfully moving. I don't know how you did it, and I know how ridiculously cheesy this sounds, but something about this piece really touches me on some level I wasn't fully aware I had.
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