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WIP: Daddy and Atae

By KrisCynical
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This is an image that I've been meaning to do more to for a long time, but since Atae's "owner" likes it so much I'm relenting and posting it as a WIP.

This fits in =knittingknots' "A Tale of Ever After" (… ) universe where Atae is Inuyasha and Kagome's first born. He hasn't made his formal debut in the actual fic yet, but he's mentioned in quite a few of her one shots and drabbles. He's a cutie and a stinker, he has puppy ears, and I love drawing children. Voila.

A side note about Atae's ears since I know I might get some comments about them otherwise: puppy ears are always floppy for the first few weeks of life no matter what kind of ears they will have as an adult. So, as it stands to reason, =knittingknots carries that trait over to dog-eared babies like Atae. His ears will be floppy until he's about 2 years old.

Photoshop CS2 and my Cintiq.

Inuyasha ©Rumiko Takahashi
Atae is the property of =knittingknots.
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Very true. German shepherds are known for their straight, high on the head ears, but they very floppy when they are little.
Possum-Kingdom-L25's avatar
Love those cute floppy puppy ears!
Ouca's avatar
Amg, those little floppy ears! Just the thought of it is simply too adorable. 

No matter how many times I see your art, I am always so stunned by it. I love how you draw faces and expressions, and I am so awed by InuYasha's pose, it is so perfect! :iconheartrollplz: 

Alrighty, fangirling over (for now), I promise xD

And I now have another fanfiction I must read
KrisCynical's avatar
Thank you! I love communicating emotions in my work via facial expressions and body language, so hearing that makes me happy. :meow:
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NerdOfManyTalents's avatar
Just when I think I've moved on from this series, this comes up and reminds me of why I love these characters so freaking much. I gotta start the whole thing over from the beginning, your art makes me nostalgic.
KrisCynical's avatar
Yay! Two of my favorite things to hear: 1) I made someone start drawing again, and 2) I got someone back into Inuyasha. :dummy:
Nebride7's avatar
OMG  Adorable!
Black-Wren's avatar
I love the way you draw Inuyasha!  This is such a cute piece as it shows his fatherly gentle side that he tries to hide so often in the series.
Inuyasha is holding on so Atae doesn't decide to go chasing any butterflies off any cliffs. Heh. Sooooooo cute!
KeiChanz's avatar
Adorkable!!! I freakin' love it!!! <3<3<3<3<3<3 

Kazali's avatar
I love fanbabies. I've just always been confused about how this would work. I mean, most hybrid species are infertile, right? And InuYasha is already like 200, so wouldn't he end up raising his wee cute babies alone after Kagome keels over? I know, I know... it's an anime series. I wish I could get my mind to shut up sometimes.

I love your InuYasha's chin. The manliest and loveliest chin of them all.
KrisCynical's avatar
(I told =knittingknots to reply to you since she has her own fertility theory in the fic universe this is from.)
knittingknots's avatar
You're assuming there are real biological and not magical level differences between humans and bakemono.  But Japanese legend is filled with people supposedly descended from various youkai, especially Kitsune, who in turn were fertile.  As is the folklore of all people all over the world when supernatural beings have children with mortals.

And there is no official statement one way or the other on anything about aging rates. And this is fuzzy in the folklore traditions as well...sometimes humans live the lifespans of their supernatural partners, sometimes their partners live their livespans, sometimes they both have their own.

There is no fast biological or canon rule one way or the other for InuYasha.  You get to pick and choose.  But thinking he's a biological mule is probably the least common solution in tradition....
Kazali's avatar
Interesting! Thanks for replying. :)
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I'm going to assume that you haven't read =knittingknots' stuff before so if you have, ignore the rest of this comment because you probably already know this:

=knittingknots is a wealth of information about anything you could ever want to know concerning Feudal Japanese life and modern Japanese culture, and it really comes across in TEA (the main fic) and all of her other Inu drabbles and oneshots. She has told me SO MUCH about Japanese culture that my perception about quite a few things in the manga changed significantly, particularly the depth of Inuyasha and Kagome's relationship itself. If you understand all of the nuances about social interaction in Japan, their relationship was much more advanced and deeper than what came across to Western readers! It's pretty fascinating. :)
AutumnEmbers's avatar
How is that? I'd be curious to read it. =)
KrisCynical's avatar
"A Tale of Ever After"? It's fabulous, particularly the way she wrote InuKag's first night together (it's the first four or five chapters) because it's so meaningful and emotional and omfg my feels. It's still my favorite piece of Inu fic ever, and I've been in the fandom for 11 years now. She updates TEA every Tue/Thu. The chapters are on the short side, but she's been going for 188 chapters thus far without missing a single update. I dig all of her post-manga InuKag stuff because she basically sees the pairing and characters in general exactly like I do, so it's like a perfect fic-universe to me. lol 

She has a TON of one-shots, drabbles and poetry set in the same fic-universe as well and they are all lovely, too. You definitely need to check her stuff out.
AutumnEmbers's avatar
I was curious about the culture of Japan because you said there were nuances in the story hehe. I know a bit about it but I am curious about how Japanese relationships are different from Americans. I know a few key things but it's interesting to know more. =)

And thank you for that recommendation. I'm not a huge InuYasha fan but I've always liked Kagome and Inuyasha together. =) And I'm impressed that she's been writing a story like that for so long.
Kazali's avatar
I haven't read her fics and my knowledge of Japanese culture is elementary at best, but I love learning this stuff. I think I might have to check them out, because I definitely didn't pick up on those nuances when I read the manga/watched the series (of course I was like 12 then, haha). Gotta love it when the fans make the original content even better!
Sketchymaloo's avatar
Oh I'm so glad to see you posting again, I hope you are doing well :heart:
werewolfs-curse's avatar
Won't lie I missed your art work so much. Love this!
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