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Trusting Touch - Colored

My older deviation, Trusting Touch [link] in color. I put some soft color down on the sketch like originally planned for A-kon and this is the result. To quote the description on the original deviation:

General Inuyasha/Kagome squish... my thoughts are that he's letting her feel the sides of his face where human ears should be and reflects a whole trust... thing. Yeah.
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Absolutely love it :)
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Absolutely gorgeous. :)
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What I really like about your art is that it is close to reality. It isn't anime style... not that I don't like the anime style, but your approach is something fresh. Both Inuyasha and Kagome look so mature. The scenes where they are together are sexy and at the same time warm. They are great!
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Oh wow! You're the artist I found a few years back on a random website. I'm so glad you're on Deviantart! I fell in love with your work the moment I saw it! Fantastic art!
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it's so soft and emotional <3
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WOOOT,this is pretty:)
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Omg this is sooo beautiful! I wonder how I could have over looked it hehe
I love the softness and I love the concept of trust going on between them. Kagome looks like she's saying" Hey...listen to me. I love you, okay?"

thanks for letting me know it was here ;)
I love your art!
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Holy cow thats so amazing!!
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thats really beautiful and creative.
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Completely adore this picture. The way her hand weaves through his hair is just amazing.
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hey its me again , lovz it , you've inspired me not to quit art lessons
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I was looking for this one... now I'd better fave it. :aww:
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OH my GOSH i LOVE the pose and the way u drew the hair...T^T so jealous lol
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Aww, this is so sweet. :)
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it's so beautiful!!!:love:
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I dont know if I've already commented on this but I must say (possibly again) that I love the tender realness of this sketch. Wow. :+fav:
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Oh, I really like this!
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Aww...I thought this was sweet the first time I saw it, and I think so again now. :excited: :aww: I love the soft colors, they work for this piece. Great job! :heart: :blowkiss:
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this is beautiful...the execution and expressions of the I never really loved lookin' at Inu fanart, but...this is just too good to pass by, I've never seen another quite like it! :heart: :hug: :floating:
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awww! this is such a sweet moment! well done!
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