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Pirates are awesome.

I already liked pirates before Pirates of the Caribbean came out, thankyouverymuch. Jack Sparrow kicks ass, but my favorite pirate is still Bartholemew Fatima from one of the greatest RPGs ever made, "Xenogears".

I might throw some color on this someday.
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Bart certainly beats out the other pirates. I mean, how many of them have a submarine that can go through sand and fly in the air? And how many of them are equipped with Bart Missiles? Yeah, exactly. XD

You did an excellent job with the lineart. <3
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That's a really awesome drawing of Bart, ever thought of drawing any of the others?

Such as Citan or Fei? ^_^ Even good ol' Billy !
KrisCynical's avatar
It's been so long since I drew anything Xeno, wow. The main character I ever drew, though, was Bart. XD
Kanji-The-Wanderer's avatar
Yes, Xeno is one of my favs too. Well, I liked what you did. ^_^
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don't know how I missed this one before! Beautifully done and would love to see it in color..if you haven't done so already :) .
Thanks for sharing
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mmm Bart is awesome. very nice ^ ^

and forgive me please, but the eye patch is on the wrong eye!!! ahh! i still love it but im replaying the game and and i notice these things -_- *jumps off a cliff*
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I wouldn't be surprised it if is. The Xenogears guidebook is really bad about flipping the images back and forth depending on what looks good in the layout of the page. -__-
Sadomasochistic's avatar
lol yeah it sucks that way
Captain-Yarfish's avatar

Wow, the expression in his eye is jsut...nice job!!
pyshoitic-hanyou's avatar
Sweet,that game is awesome.I love Bart!
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OMG! Bart fan art! I never see pics of Bart anywhere anymore!

I applaud your good taste in pirates ;-)
grimrippy's avatar
I agree with you fully. Bart is the best pirate out there. *nod nod* I love Xenogears... *runs away to play*
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Wow! Lovely work. Just browzing through your gallery at the moment. Lots and lots of good stuff here.

I just love how this one turned out though. Especialy his hair. Very very cool.

Cant wait to see more and keep up the good work.
night-glo's avatar
*drools all over keyboard*

I love it!! :clap:
Lady-Silvercat's avatar pirate! Can I have him? :drool: Very nice lineart. I like it a lot..would love to see color. :D
misledfury's avatar
you are so dead on he is a great pirate and xenogears is one of the greatest rpgs ever. i like this great job.
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Wow.....thats all I can say....Wow!!!
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Mmmm sexxy sexxy pirates ^_^.
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Very nice linework! I still have to play Xenogears... And he's a pirate, too! Uber!
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