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Magical Monarch - Elsa



The title is a little corny, but meh. The picture is the important part. lol

This was my new piece for AnimeFest 2014: Elsa from Frozen. I, just like everyone else on the bandwagon, LOVED the movie and just the general look of Elsa's magic made my head spin because swirly sparkles is my thing. I think I watched the "Let It Go" sequence on my tablet a hundred times while brainstorming and listened to the song on the soundtrack endlessly while working on this. I know every single gesture, lyric, and movement in that song now. :x

I think I made some advances in this piece, particularly in manipulating texture overlays on her dress (which is a pain in the ass to draw and color, believe you me). The bodice is a brick wall turned on its side and manipulated to roughly follow the curve of her back and bust, and the skirt is actually a roll-up metal door turned on its side and pasted a bajillion little times to get it to flow with the fabric folds.

Moral of the story picture: don't be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to textures!

Illustrator CS2, Photoshop CS2,

Frozen ©Disney
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The coloring is extraordinary!
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Beautifully done and perfect use of textures! I love the details of the snowflakes on her cape.
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the work is gorgeous, and the techniques you used are ingenious.
It wasn't until you pointed it out in your description that that is what
you used a sideways brick wall and roll-up metal door to get the
detail and it totally works.
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Wow, this is beautiful! :D
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A brick wall, yessss great connection there. Thanks for sharing such a clever moment :D
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Very lovely :lovelyeyes: 
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you sure you didn't make the animation in the movie? xD Well done :D
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Fantastic work as always.  Textures are a pain, no matter the medium.  But they distinctly caught my eye in her skirt, first.
A-Girl-In-A-Sweater's avatar
OHWOW SHE LOOKS GREAT *3* i could see how the dress would be hard to do right- don't worry, you nailed it!! 
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