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Illustrator Portrait

Wow, I feel high tech... I have a piece that qualifies as vector art!

Another Computer Illustration project: Adobe Illustrator portrait. So... yeah. It's an Illustrator portrait of Ewan McGregor.
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Does Ewan have an earring? Looks so
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In the particular photo I replicated for that piece (not credited because I have no idea who shot it, I just know it's not mine), he does have a small hoop earring.
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Soooo clear, and soooo good!!! :love: Really lovely
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omg i love this
**and he's hott too**
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write tutorials?
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I've thought about it, but Illustrator is really involved... I've done a demo of it at Akon when I conducted a panel for digital coloring, so it would be pretty time consuming to make a tutorial for it. I didn't learn it myself until I took a digital illustration class in college. : P

It's not out of the question... I just don't have the time to do it right now with getting ready for Akon and working on commissions.
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UI understand, Illustrator is a very big program, and i also had it on my class, i'm
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That was totally WICKED!!

-trike kid in The Incredibles

But really you did an awesome job. Whenever I try to do something like that it turns out looking more like a JPEG than anything else...
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awesome. i really like the colors used.
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Wow. I'm pretty much speechless.
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Amazingly hot. Gawd I love the hair, and not to mention the lighting. Congrats on some awesome vector work!
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wow, that's so good! I love the lighting! XD
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very awesome, though i wasn't aware of who it was at first. And i'm a big Ewan fan, too! shame on me. :D
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B-e-a-u-tiful :D ^^ :+fav:
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what exactly is vector art? Like a definition of it....

awesome piece too :) I love Ewan McGregor :heart:
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The sorting process DA has here has a good definition of Vector Art:

"Vector art consists of creating paths and points in a program such as Illustrator, Freehand, Corel Draw, and Flash. These programs keep track of the relationships between these points and paths. Every time the image is scaled, the paths are regenerated: this creates images that are infinitely scalable without degradation."

The main tool used in Illustrator is the pen tool, where you select a beginning point and an end point and then adjust a curve between those two points. Those two points and the curve between are turned into a math equation which the computer recalculates any time those points are moved, thus the image can be scaled to any size without degrading the picture quality.
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that's really cool, thanks for the info :D
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:drool: I recognized him right away. Excellent job. I love the way the colors fit together. This definitely deserves a :+fav: for both an amazing piece and a superb choice of a model. *pets Ewan* Mwehehe.

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Wow that looks really good ^^
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