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New The update is up! The winners will be announced tomorrow (Wednesday)! New 
Who would have thought that we'd ever see the day, but it's really happening! Terry will evolve in the next update! :bademoticon:(F2U) sparkles 
To everyone who reads First Summer, thank you so much for sticking around and making me feel good about my work and letting me share the joy of this milestone with you!!

There will be even more joy for a select lucky few, namely those who can correctly guess Terry's evolution and then get drawn in a raffle to win some cool art! :cool: 

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:star: 2 Character Fullbody with Simple Background

Okay Where's the Bar? by Krisantyne Winter Sun by Krisantyne Dragontry by Krisantyne


:star: 3-4 Character Bust with Simple Background

Photogenic by Krisantyne

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If there are seven or more participants who guess correctly, the number of winners will increase to three!

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Dot Bullet (Yellow Green) - F2U!  Leave a comment with your guess on this journal here or on the poll! That's all!
Dot Bullet (Yellow Green) - F2U!  Out of all people who guessed correctly, I will randomly draw the winners.
Dot Bullet (Yellow Green) - F2U!  The winners will be announced a day or two after the update is posted. They will have one week to claim their prizes before replacement winners are drawn.
Dot Bullet (Yellow Green) - F2U!  Only one entry per person, obviously. Comments that don't make the option you decided on absolutely clear will be ignored without notice.
Dot Bullet (Yellow Green) - F2U!  You may include a reasoning for your guess, but it will not give you an advantage. I will definitely not be able to reply until after the result is revealed, but I will enjoy reading it though. :V

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:bademoticon: Vaporeon
:bademoticon: Jolteon
#136 Flareon Flareon
Espeon Espeon*
:bademoticon: Umbreon*

* Those who have played Rijon Adventures might know that the game is based on a FireRed ROM, which does not have a day and night cycle, and the creator did not make any changes to allow for impossible evolutions like trade evolutions and Espeon and Umbreon.
However, you already saw that I managed to evolve Ira to Golem by trading with a copy of my game file. (Full details in the description here.) So assuming I wanted Espeon or Umbreon, I could have used the same method to trade Terry to an Emerald ROM and gone on a very long bike ride to evolve him there. When it comes to the most important Pokémon in this story, you can probably imagine that I would go to any lengths to get exactly what I want, so this is absolutely an option. (:

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I only have the coloring left to do, and it's an actually normal sized page with nothing really complex in it, so it will be two-ish weeks?
Long enough for everyone to see the raffle and short enough to not completely forget about it. ;D

Please don't be shy and come share your guess! Getting a lot of people participating in this would make me really happy. Bunny Emoji-68 (Bouncy) [V4] 
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JustMiri's avatar
I put my bet on Sylveon ;3c
(the secret much cooler option of em all)
Krisantyne's avatar
Krisantyne Digital Artist
You cracked the code!
JustMiri's avatar
*hacker voice*
I'm in!
Hedgey's avatar
HedgeyHobbyist Digital Artist
AzuriteWarrior99's avatar
AzuriteWarrior99Hobbyist Digital Artist
EraOfThirteen's avatar
EraOfThirteenHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm guessing Jolteon!
cmara's avatar
cmaraHobbyist General Artist
:fingerscrossed: Jolteon, Jolteon...
upcakes's avatar
i'm going to guess jolteon!
Krisantyne's avatar
Krisantyne Digital Artist
s o o n
28CharactersLater's avatar
I'm gunna guess Umbreon, one of the friendship evolutions and the friendship between Terry and Sarah is their main dynamic, plus that would really help with Sarah's end goal because of Dark Types resistance 

I love your comic btw, it's one of the things that's reawakening my love for Pokemon and am finally creating the characters I never did as a kid :heart:
Krisantyne's avatar
Krisantyne Digital Artist
Awww oh gosh, being able to inspire creativity in others is top artist goals. ;v; Thank you sooooo much, I'm so happy to hear my comic brings you joy like that! :heart::heart::heart:
Tharkan's avatar
TharkanHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm gonna say Flareon!
WintersPheonix's avatar
WintersPheonixHobbyist Interface Designer
I say Jolteon!!
Kissuli's avatar
KissuliHobbyist General Artist
My first thought was an Umbreon and briefly considered Jolteon as well, but I think Flareon fits him amazingly, so I went with that instead <3 I want to see the fluff!!
ADAxel's avatar
ADAxelProfessional Digital Artist
I’m gonna go with umbreon
Laurosaurus's avatar
Laurosaurus General Artist
Kann irgendwie nicht auf die Umfrage zugreifen, dann halt hier.
Ich würde sagen, Flareon, obwohl ich auch denke, dass Espeon gehen würde...aufgrund von Balance mit dem aktuellen Team.
Hm... ok. Flareon.
Relarie's avatar
RelarieHobbyist Traditional Artist
I know the majority are guessing flareon yet that's also what I think he'll evolve to too! He'll be even more fluffy, the type is missing from the team and it's hard to find fire types, and I think it'd fit his personality as he can be a little hot-headed!
DraconicFeline-13's avatar
DraconicFeline-13Hobbyist Writer
I'm having a hard time choosing between Flareon and Umbreon, they both seem equally likely...... but I gotta go with Umbreon, it just suits him the best I think!
Seelenlicht's avatar
SeelenlichtHobbyist General Artist
I think I go with Espeon. I think a friendship evolution would fit him, so either Espeon or Umbreon. And my feeling says Espeon.
I can't really imagine Vaporeon, as you already have a water type. Flareon is a possibility too - and I'd love that (Flareon is my favourite and so fluffy :D). Jolteon would be good for type, too but I can't really see him as one.
I can't wait to see what he's going to be^^. No matter what it is, it will be awesome :D.
shadowFuka's avatar
shadowFukaHobbyist Traditional Artist
Espeon is the one I guess. It would suit him the most, because I think that he is sometimes the voice of reason to the whole Team. Also his mother was one to and she was a strong battler, something he want to be too.
TheArmyArtist's avatar
TheArmyArtistHobbyist Artisan Crafter

I'm going with my gut . . . . and saying Umbreon!

bc why use a stone when you can make it 3x more the work to get exactly what you want :3

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BaseballmaniacHobbyist Traditional Artist
confusedkangaroo's avatar
(Reads comments below) You know what? Because I like to be different, and because it would lead to some fun interactions between Terry and another Vaporeon, and you already have a water stone, I'll pick Vaporeon. Someone's got to pick the most unlikely, might as well be me! XD
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