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First Summer - Extra 4: Jacket



"YAY AN UPDATE!!!11" - Yes, I know. I drew it.

This was supposed to be the beginning of the next page, but I didn't like the transition to the next scene. So since I didn't want to scrap it and you've already been waiting for so long, you get it now. :dummy:

Yeeeaaahhh this joke/reference is the only reason why the red/yellow outfit came into existence. If nobody gets it, many months of anticipation have been wasted. And now I have to draw the stupid jacket over the whole length of the next page. This was probably my worst idea ever. :'D

Are you looking forward to the Gym Battle? I'm mostly looking forward to being done with it. :v But I think it will be good.

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Aye, that's a cute ass jacket! I'm more concerned about the chucks though. Actually this whole outfit is poppin off 👏