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First Summer - Extra 3: Mother



This is not terribly relevant, but now you know that there's more to Terry's motivation than just the wish to be strong.

In this universe, Pokémon breed like the animals they're based on. So Espeon gave birth to four puppy/kitten things instead of having an egg. In case anyone is interested, Terry has one sister and two brothers, one of which is shiny. Now say goodbye to the fluffy because they will never appear again.

On the topic of universe rules, did you notice Gabriel the Oddish who was caught in the morning at Nugget Pass? He's still with the team because trainers can carry as many Pokémon as they wish. Because, y'know, the government has better things to do than installing satellites to monitor some random kids' team sizes and teleport supernumerous Pokémon to the Box.

For more desperate attempts of mine to make sense of Pokémon, check this:

Kris' PokeVerse
By now, it should have become apparent that quite a bit of worldbuilding went into this little comic of mine. If not, I fail whoops. Basically, I'm trying to explain many of the things in the Pokémon world that don't make sense or that I interpret in a specific way. A hopeless endeavour, I know, but extremely fascinating. So if you're interested in any kind of behind-the-scenes information that can't be fully explored in the limited space of a comic, you might want to read this ... or at least some of it. I'll never be cool enough for not being TL;DR, I know.
This database will be expanded with new facts as soon as they aren't spoilers anymore. This especially pertains to anything related to the Team Rocket subplot.
You can also ask questions if you're wondering about something, and the answers might be added here. Annnd feel free to point it out if something doesn't make sense~. My ego can take that.

Nuzlocke Rules
:bulletblack: Pokémon can di

This page only took two days. :dummy: But every time I do something useful, I neglet everything else. :saddummy:
Tomorrow is message cleanup day.
Then I'll do more NOCT stuff. Like, all the plot stuff from R2 to R4. It's time for everyone to get interested in that because these guys here won't see much action in the next few weeks. It's not like you're not used to that. :iconlazycryplz:

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"She wasn't a very good mother. But I guess she was the best mother she could be"


I really love how this is laid out too?? Like this page is just bomb as hell from beginning to end. It's short. It's sweet. And it's impactful. 11/10.

God, reading this has me super excited to finally get into the backstories of my own team. But's so far away it seems...