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First Summer - Extra 1: Little Brendan



It is strongly recommended to read Pg. 10 of the comic before consuming this abomination.

Oh god, what have I done? :stare:

You might recall that Ruby/Sapphire Brendan was replaced with =Leptocyon's character of the same name on Pg. 10. It was a pleasant experience but it led to some ideas being unused...
So this is pretty much what would have happened if Sara had met original Brendan! ... No, it's not. It's a parody that also contains one or two ideas from Lepto. ^^;
Anyways, I'm a terrible chibi artist. Their lack of proper hands and feet is disturbing.

I don't like Brendan. If you ever played a Hoenn game as the female character you probably remember his quote: 'I didn't know that you're a girl. Dad, Prof. Birch, said that our new next-door neighbor is a Gym Leader's kid, so I assumed you'd be a guy.'
Absolutely, it's something that any bratty 10-year-old boy could say, but it's also something you shouldn't put into a video game you want to SELL TO GIRLS. I wanted to punch him in the face from day 1, but I couldn't even properly do that because that coward stops challenging you to battle even before his starter is fully evolved. Can you say worst rival ever? :grump:
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I never really noticed that bit of dialogue. Still, I don't think Brendan is the most annoying rival. That title goes to Barry in Sinnoh, The ADHD representive king. I've never liked how this guy acts so battle smart in his dialogue while with that same dialogue makes himself seem brain dead. I know he's not always that bad, but he's the only rival I didn't solely get annoyed with just because he's team could be hard to beat.