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First Summer - A Rijon Adventures Nuzlocke [Pg.42]



Spitting fire is not that hard probably, idk, I haven’t tried it, but it’s tough if you don’t know where to start.

We're at the actual creek at Tan Boat Creek! Yeah!! Putting gravel there was a bad idea, but apparently I survived.
It's so nice to be drawing all the big bois though ;A; Nathan actually got easier to draw? Terry's design is completely unhinged in the fluff department and I love it! And Ira can have a little raptor walk, as a treat.....

Man, every time Sara's StrawberryPhone shows up, I'm glad that they stuck with phones that fit into women's pockets in this world. I'm a benevolent god.

So here we can see all the Pokémon that live with Sara's family! Charizard and Poliwrath, who have shown up before, are Red's Pokémon from his League journey, and so is the Breloom.
The Linoone and the two Smeargle are pets. Stella is an artist and thought it would be nice to try and work with Pokémon, but the Smeargle are only really interested in painting walls. All the houses in the village get new paint jobs at an above average rate!

tfw you live in Gen 3 and Razor Leaf is the pinnacle of your moves... Now you know why Nadia doesn't get to evolve yet. The team is at level 36 now, Razor Leaf comes at level 42. But she's a good bean who can hold out a little longer. ;v;

And finally we arrived at another city! The sign at Castro Valley describes it as "The spot for the finest wines and finest boats of Rijon!", which gave me a Côte d‘Azur vibe. So I went on Google Streetview to look for a town to model it after, since putting something like that together from bits and pieces is above my skill cap. Sorry to the inhabitants to Sainte-Maxime, you have a Pokémon AU now!
In a true odyssey fashion, we get a look at the 5th Gym, which we will get back to after getting back to the 4th Gym!
Also pictured is the cruise ship S.S. Marina that exists in the game but that you can't visit. Probably some content that would have come in a later version.

I can't believe that there is only one city in Rijon left to design now! It's.... it's real progress ;A;

Hehe, Pilot got sushi because Sara knows how much he loves raw fish. He's delighted to learn that there are other ways to eat fish besides ripping it from the bones while it's still warm.

Next time: 10,000 bees

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rijonAdventures © Haruki Hanai, Coolboyman
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