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First Summer - A Rijon Adventures Nuzlocke [Pg.41]



Hello here comes the biggest description I have ever written! It's not required reading to understand anything that happens, but it's full of lore and gameplay info and general Pokémon thoughts, so you might want to skim it for the stuff you want details on. I put in lots of formatting to make that possible ;v;

The Blue Part

Have a flashback to a time when they had normal kinds of worries. But they were still valid worries! Everything just........turned out a lot worse than expected.
This was 3 years ago when Sara was 15 and Cameron was 18 and just about to move to Moraga Town's university. She wanted to become a Pokémon doctor.

I got to use more of the outfits my friend JustMiri made for Sara a few years ago: DressUp Camy got the pink one because it's something that she'd absolutely love!

The Orange Part

My boy.... my fluffy boy ;v;

Okay so! Evolution Stones.
They're kinda fucked up. When you evolve with a stone, you fuse your body with a thing that is very powerful and not at all organic. It makes you a little different from other Pokémon in the way that you get to live longer but everything goes slower.
The earlier you evolve in life, the longer you live. However, it is not recommended to evolve with a stone before reaching adulthood, since it slows down the maturing process too. At six and a half years, Terry is a young adult and so got nearly the maximum amount of years out of this.
This idea unsurprisingly came from how stone evolution Pokémon mostly didn't get level-up moves anymore after evolving in earlier Gens. (Rijon Adventures is Gen 3.) The universe of this story has a merciful creator, so they do get to learn moves after evolving, it just takes longer. :V So if you're pressed for time, you should still have your Pokémon learn the most important moves before evolving.
This doesn't completely hold up for the Eeveelutions since they always had to get moves. But. Fire Spin at level 36 and Flamethrower at level 52? That's still not very fun. (:

Friendship/Happiness evolutions.
When evolving through friendship/love/happiness, a Pokémon forms a bond with one or more other creatures (which can be Pokémon or humans). This binds the Pokémon's lifespan to their partner's, so they can always be together and grow old at the same rate.
An untimely death of their only partner is very dangerous to the Pokémon, they will most likely die of heartbreak - unless they can bond with a new partner, like another close family member.
When two happiness evolving Pokémon bond together, they have a default lifespan, depending on species. For example, Espeon/Umbreon/Sylveon that evolve together live around 80 years, and a pair of Lucario lives around 100 years. If they stay unevolved, their lives are a lot shorter, so most Pokémon strive to evolve someday.
However, Pokémon can suppress evolution through happiness just like they can suppress evolution through "getting stronger" (levels don’t exist in-story). This way, a young Pokémon who becomes the best friend of a very old person does not have to have their life cut short, and Pokémon like Eevee who have different options can choose to become something else.
Pokémon who evolve through happiness do not ever have to get strong to evolve. This is why Terry said he could have evolved years ago, before becoming a real battle Pokémon. He had a strong enough bond with Sara and Camy, but he wasn’t sure what he wanted to be, so he chose to wait.

puts a lid on the bottomless pit of lore
Let's do the most important part now!

#136 Flareon Why Flareon?

When I played the game, it took me a long time to decide what Terry should be for three reasons:
:bulletblack: I never had a good experience with evolving the Eevee in Kanto games quickly. It gets no moves for ages and loses the STAB on its Normal moves and becomes all around terrible to train. So I figured if Terry could get by on the Eevee stats, he wouldn’t need to evolve until getting close to level 36, where a move that shouldn’t be missed becomes available.
:bulletblack: I liked the idea of an Eevee character who never thought he’d go on a journey, so when he does, the necessity to choose becomes rather sudden and difficult. And that idea stuck, as you know. ;D
:bulletblack: Annnd of course I was worried someone else could drop dead at any moment, so if Terry waited with evolving, he could become whatever would help the new team structure the most. Fortunately, nobody died by this point!

Sooo he ended up holding out until level 36 and evolved at the same time as Nathan and Pilot.

#136 Flareon Okay cool story! Why Flareon???

:bulletred: I thought Flareon would be the most fun to draw. That's it. That's the most important reason. Do I seem like someone who would pass up drawing the fluffiest Pokémon in the world forever just because there are many sensible and practical reasons to choose differently? You know me!!
:bulletorange: Also! I wanted to prove that Flareon doesn't suck. It doesn't! It only sucks in competitive play! That's where the saying "Flareon has no moves" comes from! It's perfectly fine in a game playthrough! Do you know who else is in the same Smogon tier as Flareon? Ampharos, Floatzel, Lapras, Torterra and Whiscash - all Pokémon that everyone loves to use in their runs! Because they don't suck!! Flareon's 130 Attack stat might be a bit wasted on the lack of good physical Fire type moves, but he also has 95 Special Attack. That's 5 more than Raichu! Pretty generous for the lesser attack stat, huh? Also, coverage moves....... Do you know which coverage move is still physical in Gen 3? Shadow Ball. That's gonna melt some faces.
:bulletyellow: While a Fire type may be redundant on the current team (got Flying for Grass and Bug, Ground for Steel, and Ice is largely irrelevant in Gen 3), so are almost all of the other options! The only one who would have brought some new coverage on the table is Umbreon.

Thoughts on the other options

Vaporeon Vaporeon: Well. I already had Nathan, and even if something were to happen to him, Water types are plentiful.
 Jolteon: Love it, but mayyybe I didn't want to draw so many spikes forever..... More importantly, I had just caught Donna the Elekid. I really really love Electabuzz and wanted to use her. And - I couldn't know this then, but - 5 minutes later, I caught another awesome Electric Pokémon who I wanted to use too. I would totally have kicked myself for getting Jolteon. Also, didn't really need Electric when I had Rock for Flying and Grass for Water.
Espeon Espeon: I just. Don't like it enough. The sleek design isn't for me. Sorry to everyone whose dream was crushed! :c I know it's the most popular Eeveelution, and I do like it a lot, but I couldn't make my most important Pokémon into that when I liked all the other options more. Also, no useful coverage again. Got Flying for Fighting, and Ground for Poison.
 Umbreon: The only other option I was considering. It would have added coverage for Psychic and Ghost, which nobody else had. I love Umbreon and I totally could have made him fluffy! It would have been perfect for the story since the main antagonist is a Psychic type trainer! I absolutely loved that theory many of you had! But I didn't know about Sweeney yet at this point. I only made the plot after the game was finished. :'D Also, unfortunately I had never enjoyed using Umbreon. I still ended up using Umbreon in the next Nuzlocke I played (SoulSilver), and it totally sucked. Pokémon that couldn't attack were no fun. It took me until using Carbink in Sun to develop a taste for using tanky Pokémon. They're really good in Nuzlockes. I feel very grown up and smart now. (: Anyway, I made an OCT story in which the Umbreon from the SoulSilver Nuzlocke is the main Pokémon, so you could have a look there for Umbreon content if you want.

The raffle winners will be announced tomorrow, so look forward to that!! (F2U) sparkles 

Wait, I have one more thing to talk about. Terry's father is an Arcanine!
Here's a page about Terry's parents: Extra 3: Mother Sara and her family knew that knowing almost nothing about his parents bothered Terry, but there was nothing they could do because it was a closed adoption. Not the most common practice in Pokémon breeding, but it exists. He's really happy to have this one memory now that resurfaced during the evolution!

The Arcanine genes explain why Terry has always been so big. (Well, ever since I've known how to draw him at least.) He's absolutely gigantic now. Like a St. Bernard. I'm so happy. ;v; Large...... Mountains of fluff..... Uh! What I was getting at is that Pokémon whose parents are different species can inherit subtle traits like size and behaviours from their father, but they will never develop any traits that "look" like the father's species. If that was possible, distinct Pokémon species couldn't exist since crossbreeding is so common. Domesticated Pokémon almost always find a partner of a different species since a trainer usually doesn't have multiple of the same Pokémon, and it also happens a lot in the wild.

Okay that was it!! This concludes the three pages in which the team suddenly becomes  l a r g e ! After thinking about those three pages for so long, I'm a bit lost on the details of what happens in the next few pages besides, uh, the main things that happen in them, but that only means I not only get to surprise you but also myself! I look forward to drawing all my  l a r g e  Pokémon! Yeah!!

Next time: We actually see the creek at Tan Boat Creek after all, and also I have to design yet another city.

Pokémon © Nintendo, Gamefreak
rijonAdventures © Haruki Hanai, Coolboyman
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