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First Summer - A Rijon Adventures Nuzlocke [Pg.39]

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Say hello to the longest page ever! (Not the longest update ever though, the Pg. 32/33 double update beats it by quite a bit haha) I'm fine! Really! stare grin 

Sam is here Sam is really here I love him!! I don't blame you if you don't remember Sam the Rival, he last appeared on Pg. 16 (if you look at that, I have to kill you) and also he got a new outfit again because he needed to look even more like a hipster.
Unfortunately he also needed to be instrumentalized to let death creep one step closer to Sara. Next time you see that bit about death in Pokémon battles, it's gonna be her. Sleep well!

:bulletblack: Haunted Forest is yet another place to come back to later... No spooky Ghost Pokémon today...
:bulletblack: So in the gatehouse between the city and the forest there was Sam standing next to one of the Kimono Girls who take care of the forest. Apparently I thought that was enough of a reason to ship them. You may recognize Karena's design as one of the Furisode Girls from XY because I don't have a creative bone in my body. Karena is that character's name in the German version, and I just thought it was neat.
:bulletblack: That first Forest Gate panel? Maybe I wasn't fine during that. I don't really know, my brain has chosen not to record memories, so I will do something like this again in the future. :thumbsup: 
:bulletblack: The battle is true to the Pokémon used in-game! Of course Nadia destroyed the Gyarados with Sludge Bomb and not with her puny grass moves, but where's the fun in that.
:bulletblack: Making an aesthetically pleasing Gyarados design without ripping off someone else's design is hard. I guess it went okay.
:bulletblack: Ira is a Golem now!! I love Golem I love every reptile Pokémon they are fantastic. #076 Golem:heart:  For most of my life I thought Golem had a tail because that just makes sense, so Ira gets a tail! Ha! Ref sheet will be updated soon.
:bulletblack: Trade evolutions don't exist in this world because they're stupid and I hate them. I still thought it would be nice to have this evolution happen after the Rival battle because it has something to do with friendship or something. Unfortunately Rijon Adventures has no changes that make unobtainable evolutions possible, it's rather that they're catchable in the wild. (Espeon and Umbreon at least, I don't know about the trade evolutions.) So to evolve Ira, I used a special version of VisualBoyAdvance to trade between my save file and a copy of it. Then I swapped the two evolved Iras back because having a mirror universe Pokémon felt kinda uncanny. Day58 - Sweatdrop 
:bulletblack: So yea, Sam didn't have his Rattata from the previous battle anymore just like the Rival in the Kanto games. That was just the moment to subvert that Nuzlocke trope and kill someone else asdghkjfls I'm sorry
:bulletblack: Loucian! #198 Murkrow His name in-game was actually Louis and I've been thinking about renaming him for at least 5 years because, well, there's Gym Leader Lois. We already got Scott the Cubone and Scott the Gym Leader, which is fine because I didn't know about the Gym Leader when I named the Cubone, but for Lois/Louis there's really no excuse. :V I finally decided on the new name when I had to write it down on the page. It feels great since it's similar and also better, as it has a fitting meaning for the character.
:bulletblack: So is there any truth to what Loucian says about the afterlife, or are those just the personal beliefs of a very spiritual Pokémon? Consider that this world has things like Ghost Pokémon, so they have some more solid inspirations to base their beliefs on than we do. Maybe we will hear more on that someday...
:bulletblack: At Evelyn Reed's Floral Shrine in-game you straight up meet her ghost who says that it's nice to meet someone else besides her children who can see her. I thought that was a bit much and toned it down a little! :'D
:bulletblack: Evelyn's son Edward is the Ghost/Dark type Gym Leader, and the rest of her family shows up later as well. So this family is kind of a big deal.
:bulletblack: Super fun fact! Pretty much immediately after finishing the game, my save file got corrupted. So I couldn't use it to look at the places in the game anymore and had to start another run for that. That one has gotten a bit annoying to play since I only have an overleveled Venusaur in there and nothing else. But! I still have the copy used to evolve Ira which is just at the point the comic has reached now. So now I can continue playing that file with an actual useful team along with the progress of the comic, and it will be like an alternate universe in which nobody dies... haha.... Bunny Emoji-73 (Tears) [V4] 

Soooo ummm actually I'm so excited for the next page that I'm losing my entire mind! Yes! Maybe it will be a normal sized page too and not take forever! Maybe! :dummy:

Every comment you leave here drips a little bit of reason into my brain so that I don't attempt something like the Forest Gate panel anytime soon again! Unless you want to see something like that soon again I guess, then your comment goes to filling my overconfidence gauge, which is pretty good too!

Next time: big bois big bois big bois big bois big bois big b

Pokémon © Nintendo, Gamefreak
rijonAdventures © Haruki Hanai, Coolboyman
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Sara really flexed on him there. You just fooling around with your girl at her workplace and then the person who interrupts you just destroys you in animal combat. There's no going back from that. I'd just leave if I was Sam.

Ira evolved though!! This team is getting so stacked, I'm shaking. I love that they're just excited to have a tail. How cute. I was afraid when the Gyarados came out because of the flying secondary type, but it looks like it was no problem!!

The page gets so serious that I don't blame you for wanting to tone down the in-game serious elements! I feel bad for Sam losing his Pidgeotto. :( I'm glad that Sara could offer some comfort to him even though they're rivals. It really offers a healthy aspect to the concept of rivalry itself.

Really love the large shot of them overlooking the town while Loucian gives them a history lesson. It's beautiful and memorable with the little red-orange flowers. You give such distinct flavors to each town that it's hard not to be excited for every new location in this comic! I also like how they're just like "i do not feel what ur feeling my man" about the woman's spirit. Don't know if I distinctly believe him either about the afterlife since he's a dark type not a ghost type. But maybe he would be linked enough to know. Either way, Murkrow are really cool. Hopefully, we might see more of him. :~)

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Krisantyne Digital Artist

Afsfjdk that sure was a low point for Sam! But he still gets to be a thot, so the rest of his time on earth is going pretty well.

e n l a r g e t e a m

Having a tail is so much better than having extra arms. The function of it is a lot more straightforward.

Gyarados in Gen 3 is pitiful. A handful of Pokémon in this game are stacked with illegal moves that they can't learn in this Gen, but not even that could have helped it. No STAB on physical moves, no problem.

Sara doesn't even know what a rival is supposed to do. They're just rivals because Sam thought that sounded cool. So they get to become friends and support each other. .D

Waaah thank you so much! That panel didn't turn out like I imagined, so it's super good to hear that it's still nice. ;v; Designing all the locations is a lot of work, but there are endless inspirations available, and also I would get super bored drawing the environments if they weren't distinctive!

I love how everyone is enjoying the nice Murkrow, it warms my heart. Who knows, maybe he will get a chance to prove his beliefs. uwu

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NeowthHobbyist Digital Artist


also omg your rival is a hoe

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Krisantyne Digital Artist
safgfjlfs yes that's correct
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riverplathHobbyist Digital Artist
i really like how u designed murkrow! how he has giant eyebrows that go around his head and resemble a hat
Krisantyne's avatar
Krisantyne Digital Artist
Thanks!! My style for Pokémon is far from realistic, but I just couldn't do the hat. :'D Fortunately real birds have the craziest crests, so there was something to work with from that.

Thank you so much for all the comments, they made my day!! La love 
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zactoabStudent Digital Artist
Was nice to come back and binge on new comics. There's something just nice about the art here.
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Krisantyne Digital Artist
Thank you very much! I'm happy you still enjoy my comic after all the years!
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TheGalacticDragonStudent Digital Artist
I decided to read your nuzlocke. was a very nice read ^_^ and its now 1 am so  ima just sleep  XD
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Krisantyne Digital Artist
Thank you very much, I'm happy you enjoyed it so much that you couldn't stop reading! :3c
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PitchBlackEspressoHobbyist Traditional Artist
wait, golem doesn't have a tail?

be proud of your accomplishments, the art style is superb and makes the world feel so alive, and considering the fact most people dont know about this rom, every new area is an exciting new discovery that is your responsibility to properly represent, so get on with the backgrounds
Krisantyne's avatar
Krisantyne Digital Artist
Unfortunately not! It was very disappointing to find out!

Hearing that the way I portray the world creates such an impact really does make me feel proud, thank you so much! ;v; Damnit, the next area probably can’t be a featureless void then
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NintendoPieHobbyist Artist
This page was really beautiful to see ! Love how Sam was just raw doggin it behind the counter in public
Also idk why but watching a Murkrow lead 2 people to a 'peaceful area' was just really nice to see, I can't explain why 
Krisantyne's avatar
Krisantyne Digital Artist
Thank u!! They were just kissing, I swear! (Or at least I'm pretty sure!)
I'm so glad to hear that. ;v; I wanted to show a Pokémon who is stereotypically "bad" in a positive light, so he's being kind while still being connected to something dark - death.
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NintendoPieHobbyist Artist
I think that might be exactly what it is, you did it amazingly !
Krisantyne's avatar
Krisantyne Digital Artist
Waah thanks! <3
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spyrkle4Student Digital Artist
My HEArt
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Krisantyne Digital Artist
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RaycchanHobbyist Digital Artist
Holy shit sam is a chaddd I love his friendship with sara and how their banter always stays friendly even when they battle ;v; I love how you take the time to develop side characters as well and how good you are at portraying the fear of losing a pokemon and the regret/guilt that sticks with the trainer. 

anyway I'm all caught up again and reading all your updates again (including some of the older ones to refresh my memory) was a blast and the story and art are just as phenomenal as I remember except better ;v; The sceneries and your take on Rijon make me want to play the ROM except that I might end up being disappointed because your portrayal of the game may have raised my expectations too high :'D 

I love the creative liberties you take in all the battles to make thigns more interesting and yet keep it grounded enough so that it feels very believable in the sense that if pokemon existed, they would definitely battle like this. 

Also Sara's motivations are very well developed and I think its very in-character for her, I like how you went out of your way to show how this is their last resort and to make it very clear that this isn't  Camy's fault. :'D Plus making Sweeny more personally tied to her reason for beating the league will make her victory all that more sweeter when she beats his lame ass esp since she's already immune to camy's abilities tho I'd like to think that camy wouldn't do that to her own sister, I'd love for her to turn the tables on Sweeny and make him have a major panic attack so that sara has an easy win lmao Karmas a bitch. tho I guess it'd be better if Sara wins by her own strength :'D The fact that I can even ramble on about this is a real testament to your storytelling skills tbh and good planning! 

Also you have so much of my respect for the continuous updates ;;v;; so many of my friends have left to community and I'm just really happy to see your wonderful story is still updating <3 
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Krisantyne Digital Artist
I have been blessed by the  l a r g e  comment of prosperity :happy: 

Sam is great and many people, uh, appreciate that! Yes Sara and Sam have become fast friends because they're in this together. ;v; With side characters I be like, if you don't add any drama, what's the point of you? Now cry.

Aaaaah thank you so much!! I'm glad it was an enjoyable read!!
Rijon is a solid game. If you look closely, it's mostly Kanto scrambled up with a little bit of original content and different Pokémon, but it has the charm of playing a new Pokémon game, and it has very few errors besides not blocking off the 4th Gym until it's time for it. Of course the way everything looks is very basic because they only had the FireRed tiles to work with. If you wanna play it but can't find it, PM me!

Compliments about battles mean a lot coming from you, I'm cry ;v;

Aww yeah it's so nice to hear that the plot is good!! It takes a lot to get some who hates the risks of Pokémon battles all the way to the League, especially when bad things do end up happening on the way. :') Hehe Sweeney is so used to having battles rigged in his favor, I wonder what will happen if that doesn't work suddenly.

My interests tend to be permanent, I've finished most of the projects I've had in my life! : D Of course those were only 1-3 years long and not like, idk, 12, but I wouldn't know what else to do with my life if I didn't have this anymore. At least as long as someone still reads it. I'm so grateful for everyone who is still along for the ride! ;v;

Thanks so much for the awesome and wonderful comment, it made my week!! :heart::heart::heart:
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RaycchanHobbyist Digital Artist
ohh that's still cool tho ;v; I might have to pm u about it cuz I'm having big nostalgia for the old games and it might be a good way to play without having to go through frlg again askflh

;;v;; tbh looking back at my old comic stuff I'm not proud of a lot of things BUt I do like my old battle scenes still so I'm really flattered to be remembered for them a;sjkldf *stamps ray seal of approval all over your comic*

It is very good, I think the best praise is that it's well thought out :'> having a plan and sticking to it sounds simple but when I'm writing comics I change so much stuff it's hard to stay consistent but you definitely had a lot of discipline when you planned and executed your story <3 

I'm glad my comment made you happy <3 ;;;v;; 
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Krisantyne Digital Artist
Lol I feel you, I probably can’t play a Kanto or Hoenn game again for at least 5 years.

If I want inspiration for battle scenes, I still look at yours the most. :3c *is blessed by ray seal of approval*

Haha it helps that the main plot is very simple, which makes it impossible to change. My playground for changing plans consists of all the little stories and character arcs that just exist to populate the world and don’t have much bearing on the fact that they need to get to the League. There are a lot of holes between the scenes that have been planned out for years, I always wonder what I will come up with when I get to those parts. :dummy:

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EraOfThirteenHobbyist Digital Artist
once again, your backgrounds are incredible! also the fight scene was really well-done, especially grace vs nadia, it was really dynamic and cool!!
also the scene talking about Ada's death was just,,, very good, very emotional and emphatic, fantastic job! im very emotional rn so thank you
Krisantyne's avatar
Krisantyne Digital Artist
Oh gosh thanks so much!! I have endless ideas for battle scenes with vines, that's the one thing from the anime that stuck with me asajsdlkf
Waah... So glad to bring the emotions! ;v; <3
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