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First Summer - A Rijon Adventures Nuzlocke [Pg.36]

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© 2019 - 2020 Krisantyne

It's Big Fight Time!! I recently had a look at the first two Gym Battles, and they actually hold up pretty well. I hope this one is even better. I will probably never reach the level of those comics that have battles 3 times as long and with character development and backstory masterfully woven in, but I guess some cool and funny things happened here?

I had absolutely no plan going into drawing this battle, I just thought up the bit I was going to draw the next day every night. :'D It ended up as this humungous thing in which everyone gets their time in the spotlight. Very proud of these three. <3

:bulletblack: In-game, this Gym Battle was a complete faceroll. The matchups and their order are accurate. When I saw that Electrike was coming up last (this was the last Pokémon game I ever played with Battle Style: Shift), I was like Huh, wouldn't it be cute if Terry got his moment here? 
:bulletblack: The Gym's main battle area has a dirt floor because they know everyone's gonna destroy the floor with Ground moves, so it's gotta be something easy to fix up.
:bulletblack: I thought that was a pretty good explanation for where Water Pokémon get the water for their moves from, and for how a fish can move effectively enough to be the ace in a freaking Electric type Gym. :V
:bulletblack: Look, an audience! You know, the last four Gyms seem like places that wouldn't have room for an audience... I totally won't have to draw more people than that ever, right........?
:bulletblack: Nadia is gaining some confidence. The loss against Schiller in the first Gym was really hard on her, but things are looking up now. ;v;
:bulletblack: Can you imagine how hard it was to pick names for those Pokémon? I wanted something thematic, but not completely stupid. It was terrible. Absolutely terrible.
:bulletblack: Similarly terrible was how the red bricks have the same value as the brush tip cursor. I could not see the cursor while drawing the white lines. Unfortunately, by the time I was ready to remove my eyes with a spoon, there was no way back on that color choice.
:bulletblack: 3 (three) (T H R E E) Badges Club! That's this many Badges: :dummy::dummy::dummy: Did you know that Nuzlockes in 2019 can get to 3 (three) (T H R E E) Badges? Apparently so!
:bulletblack: The Spark Badge and all subsequent Badges were designed by the wonderful DMKryl, have a look at them:
Rijon Badges by DMKryl

I will update the Trainer Card thing soon-ish. It desperately needs some new art. :V

Every comment you leave here and every reblog on tumblr trigger the sending of a reminder to Ira that he has four hands now. Comment/share to help a good rock!

Next time: Wild Pokémon behave terribly in a restaurant, and more inane very-important-for-characterization filler.

Pokémon © Nintendo, Gamefreak
rijonAdventures © Haruki Hanai, Coolboyman
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RaycchanHobbyist Digital Artist
ray is the best already I love 

Finley with the little miniwave zipping around was really cool :'D made the battle super interesting to watch! I'm so proud of Nadia and Terry sakjdlf ;;;v;; <3 
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Krisantyne Digital Artist
I know right? The name just destined him for greatness. uwu

Fish goes nyooom
Thanks so much!! Yes they did so good ;v; Babies' first steamroll victories in a major battle...
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NikkyDashHobbyist Digital Artist

I'm glad that we're both fans of water Pokemon drawing water from the air - it just MAKES SENSE. In that vein, all your water effects look so nice, I want to put my face in that water and feel the innate human instinct of peace

The effects in general looks fantastic as well!! I especially love how the lightning all turned out in this. It's not an effect we see out of you very often since you don't have any electric Pokemon. And all the panels are so dynamic and well-made. You really had the camera in mind during this fight and it shows!! The entire battle was really fluid and well-done. I'm especially happy for Nadia and Terry to get some really good confidence points with their battles. You did a great job showing their differing emotions to being involved in these battles and doing well within them!!

And congrats on the third badge!! You're almost half-way there. : )
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Krisantyne Digital Artist

          you    me
water that makes sense

Do I have to put up a "No drowning allowed" sign here Stare 

Afsdjkhfsff thank you so much, I'm melting Llama Emoji-10 (Shy) [V1] It's so nice to hear that both the technical and the emotional aspects turned out well!

It sure is A Considerable Amount of Progress :dummy:
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I'm only just getting caught up now, but
That is the most adorable fight scene.

Seriously though, I really like the action on this page.
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Krisantyne Digital Artist
Thank you so much! ;v; <3 Sometimes a battle is just fun and good...
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skygal333Hobbyist Writer
- Love the explanation for water pokemon.  I always did wonder about that in-game
- TERRI!  Go go go eevee!  
- That electrike is way too adorable xD
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Krisantyne Digital Artist
So majestic when they're not flopping on the ground. :3c
I'm glad you enjoyed the cute puppy battle!
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I think I've said this before, but won't hurt to say it one more time. To make sure the message sinks in: You Nuzlocke is amazing! :la:
Every aspect of it is just soo good that it's one ofthose rare cases where I can look over it many, many times and still find something good!
The backgrounds alone are probably my favourite part. But the angles and the layout are really close behind.
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Krisantyne Digital Artist
Agfdjlfkdsf this message gives me Life Llama Emoji-10 (Shy) [V1] 
I'm happy to hear that my stuff is fun to look at multiple times! I try not to spend forever on the details anymore, but the pages still take a long time, and it's so nice that the time is worth it. ;v;
Krisantyne's avatar
Krisantyne Digital Artist
Thank you!!
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I love how adorable Ray is ??
ITs like he is a little puppy full of excitement !
wonderful page as always !
Krisantyne's avatar
Krisantyne Digital Artist
Puppy wants in on the action!!
Thank you so much!! <3
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So the actual trainer card suggested you face the grass Gym leader first.

Real smooth game devs.
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Krisantyne Digital Artist
Huh, I don't know what you mean. I just checked and the trainer card in-game correctly shows this badge as the third. (Which of course you can't foresee before you earn it.)
GammaEmerald's avatar
That was based on the image in the description with the badge designs
Krisantyne's avatar
Krisantyne Digital Artist
The line of text above that image says who made it. I don't know why he put the Badges in that order.
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Vixenkiba General Artist
Wow, I'm super happy I found your Nuzlocke, it looks friggin awesome!! Especially this gym scene, I don't think I've seen someone else have so much cool and dynamic action before! <3 Keep up the amazing work!
Krisantyne's avatar
Krisantyne Digital Artist
Aaaahh! Llama Emoji-10 (Shy) [V1] I feel warm and fuzzy inside from these compliments about the battle, thank youuuu! <3
Vixenkiba's avatar
Vixenkiba General Artist
You're much welcome! :love:
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DingopoxHobbyist Digital Artist
What a brilliantly three dimensional fight. Love seeing Weepinbell zipping around like Tarzan!
Krisantyne's avatar
Krisantyne Digital Artist
Aaah thanks so much, that's like the biggest compliment possible on a fight ;v; <3
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JutopaHobbyist Digital Artist
ayyy congrats on reaching that third badge, making us proud old timers
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