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First Summer - A Rijon Adventures Nuzlocke [Pg.34]



I knocked out the entire sketch and lines of this page in a fit of continuous focus in one week at the beginning of January (I was on holiday, but still) and was like "Oh! Apparently I still got it!" But then coloring it was An Experience! Can't wait to do it all again when we return to Deceptively Beautiful Green Hell House later! :iconlazycryrollplz:

OKAY what the heck happened?

When I arrived in Moraga Town, the team was around level 26. I figured grinding to level 30 would be reasonable for the Gym!
After wading through a million Gym trainers who were level 23-26ish, it still seemed reasonable!
The last Gym trainer suddenly had a level 30 Nuzleaf. Okay, maybe the Gym Leader's best Pokémon would be level 34 then. Unlike in the previous Gyms, I had not one but three Pokémon with clear advantages, two of them even with double resistance to Grass. So let's go!
Out came a level 33 Vileplume and a level 34 Jumpluff. They were really tough battles but went fine.

And then - a level 40 Sceptile. Moveset: Leaf Blade, Earthquake, Rock Slide, Swords Dance.
Unsurprisingly, my team was obliterated in 6 turns flat.

Apparently you are supposed to ignore this Gym and continue to the next town over where the real 3rd Gym is. That Gym Leader's best Pokémon is level 28. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
There is not even the subtlest hint about this in the game. No NPC saying "Uhhh Lois is super duper strong, maybe you should explore some more before challenging her", and especially no NPC blocking the Gym entrance for some inane reason like Pokémon games always do when you're not supposed to go somewhere yet. Guess the developer just forgot to put one there.

I expected something like this to occur since it isn't the most polished game, so I had the rule that deaths which happened because of severe game design errors didn't count.
So! Everyone was fine. And this was the only Bullshit Clause incident, because after that point, I stopped playing blind and looked things up before major battles.

I still thought it would be interesting to include the experience in the comic. Welcome to humiliation station! ;D

I would absolutely do things differently today.
Apparently there is a non negligible portion of Nuzlocke readers for who it is really important that the playthrough a story is based on is clean. Like, they can't enjoy a comic anymore if they find out that there was any cheating in the playthrough, even if they loved it before.
I didn't realize this until I was over a year into the comic, way too late to restart. After starting over without the momentum I had in the first year, it would have never gotten off the ground again and would have been yet another failed project like 99% of comics that get restarted.

So. It is what it is, forever.
By the way, all of this was already explained in the rules description of the cover, so I don't think anyone who read that will feel betrayed. :')

If I did a playthrough for a Nuzlocke comic today, I would just restart the game if something happens that I don't want in the comic! I would do it over and over until I get a run that I like!
So if you're going to judge me, please consider that I already learned.
I still think that continuing this project, though flawed, was the right decision, considering that the alternative would probably have been, well, ultimately having nothing. I hope most of you like it enough to agree.

tl;dr: Wiped against this Gym Leader because of a game design error (Gym shouldn't have been accessible yet). Ignored the deaths because that's bullshit, but still wanted to include the experience in the comic. Would do things differently today, but it's Too Late™. 

Why yes of course, I have more text for you! Fun things about the actual content!

:bulletblack: The Gym has a retractable greenhouse roof! Isn't that cool? That's what I thought before I had to draw it. Now imagine if the architectural things were actually good! Just kidding, there would be nothing here because I would have straight up died trying to draw even one panel! I'm really morbidly curious how everything will look when we return here. If only I wasn't the one who has to draw it...
:bulletblack: Look there are spectators on the gallery! The battles in the later Gyms are actually interesting for spectators. There should be more here, but, uh, I tried.
:bulletblack: Lois doesn't have an official design, I made this one. Not sure anymore how much of her personality and backstory comes from where, I can't find any dialogue hints anymore about how she has been Gym Leader for so long, so maybe I made it up? Or maybe not. But she did make a prideful and strong impression in the game and seemed like someone who would be a grudge holder supreme, so here we go. :'D
:bulletblack: Sara's electrical burn scar will fade completely pretty soon, I'm not drawing this forever lol. In the Pokémon world, they are pretty good at fixing skin injuries with continued Heal Pulse treatments.
:bulletblack: In a surprising turn of events, I really love drawing Pilot flying, he is majestic and good
:bulletblack: That's a Rent-a-Dash, a Rapidash you can rent. One was first seen on Pg. 22. There will be more forever because I Really Hate Bikes.

And that's it, apparently! The text is ending!
To stop my body from rejecting the idea of drawing bricks, glass and flowers ever again, leave a comment if you can! My life force will be instantly recharged by 5%.

Next time: The real 3rd Gym for real! It will be yet another Long Page, I can feel it in my bones.

Pokémon © Nintendo, Gamefreak
rijonAdventures © Haruki Hanai, Coolboyman
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Maybe the event the developer "forgot" to implement for when she went home to visit her dad should have warned you about it! Either way: totally the right decision.