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First Summer - A Rijon Adventures Nuzlocke [Pg.34]

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© 2019 - 2020 Krisantyne

I knocked out the entire sketch and lines of this page in a fit of continuous focus in one week at the beginning of January (I was on holiday, but still) and was like "Oh! Apparently I still got it!" But then coloring it was An Experience! Can't wait to do it all again when we return to Deceptively Beautiful Green Hell House later! :iconlazycryrollplz:

OKAY what the heck happened?

When I arrived in Moraga Town, the team was around level 26. I figured grinding to level 30 would be reasonable for the Gym!
After wading through a million Gym trainers who were level 23-26ish, it still seemed reasonable!
The last Gym trainer suddenly had a level 30 Nuzleaf. Okay, maybe the Gym Leader's best Pokémon would be level 34 then. Unlike in the previous Gyms, I had not one but three Pokémon with clear advantages, two of them even with double resistance to Grass. So let's go!
Out came a level 33 Vileplume and a level 34 Jumpluff. They were really tough battles but went fine.

And then - a level 40 Sceptile. Moveset: Leaf Blade, Earthquake, Rock Slide, Swords Dance.
Unsurprisingly, my team was obliterated in 6 turns flat.

Apparently you are supposed to ignore this Gym and continue to the next town over where the real 3rd Gym is. That Gym Leader's best Pokémon is level 28. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
There is not even the subtlest hint about this in the game. No NPC saying "Uhhh Lois is super duper strong, maybe you should explore some more before challenging her", and especially no NPC blocking the Gym entrance for some inane reason like Pokémon games always do when you're not supposed to go somewhere yet. Guess the developer just forgot to put one there.

I expected something like this to occur since it isn't the most polished game, so I had the rule that deaths which happened because of severe game design errors didn't count.
So! Everyone was fine. And this was the only Bullshit Clause incident, because after that point, I stopped playing blind and looked things up before major battles.

I still thought it would be interesting to include the experience in the comic. Welcome to humiliation station! ;D

I would absolutely do things differently today.
Apparently there is a non negligible portion of Nuzlocke readers for who it is really important that the playthrough a story is based on is clean. Like, they can't enjoy a comic anymore if they find out that there was any cheating in the playthrough, even if they loved it before.
I didn't realize this until I was over a year into the comic, way too late to restart. After starting over without the momentum I had in the first year, it would have never gotten off the ground again and would have been yet another failed project like 99% of comics that get restarted.

So. It is what it is, forever.
By the way, all of this was already explained in the rules description of the cover, so I don't think anyone who read that will feel betrayed. :')

If I did a playthrough for a Nuzlocke comic today, I would just restart the game if something happens that I don't want in the comic! I would do it over and over until I get a run that I like!
So if you're going to judge me, please consider that I already learned.
I still think that continuing this project, though flawed, was the right decision, considering that the alternative would probably have been, well, ultimately having nothing. I hope most of you like it enough to agree.

tl;dr: Wiped against this Gym Leader because of a game design error (Gym shouldn't have been accessible yet). Ignored the deaths because that's bullshit, but still wanted to include the experience in the comic. Would do things differently today, but it's Too Late™. 

Why yes of course, I have more text for you! Fun things about the actual content!

:bulletblack: The Gym has a retractable greenhouse roof! Isn't that cool? That's what I thought before I had to draw it. Now imagine if the architectural things were actually good! Just kidding, there would be nothing here because I would have straight up died trying to draw even one panel! I'm really morbidly curious how everything will look when we return here. If only I wasn't the one who has to draw it...
:bulletblack: Look there are spectators on the gallery! The battles in the later Gyms are actually interesting for spectators. There should be more here, but, uh, I tried.
:bulletblack: Lois doesn't have an official design, I made this one. Not sure anymore how much of her personality and backstory comes from where, I can't find any dialogue hints anymore about how she has been Gym Leader for so long, so maybe I made it up? Or maybe not. But she did make a prideful and strong impression in the game and seemed like someone who would be a grudge holder supreme, so here we go. :'D
:bulletblack: Sara's electrical burn scar will fade completely pretty soon, I'm not drawing this forever lol. In the Pokémon world, they are pretty good at fixing skin injuries with continued Heal Pulse treatments.
:bulletblack: In a surprising turn of events, I really love drawing Pilot flying, he is majestic and good
:bulletblack: That's a Rent-a-Dash, a Rapidash you can rent. One was first seen on Pg. 22. There will be more forever because I Really Hate Bikes.

And that's it, apparently! The text is ending!
To stop my body from rejecting the idea of drawing bricks, glass and flowers ever again, leave a comment if you can! My life force will be instantly recharged by 5%.

Next time: The real 3rd Gym for real! It will be yet another Long Page, I can feel it in my bones.

Pokémon © Nintendo, Gamefreak
rijonAdventures © Haruki Hanai, Coolboyman
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Honestly at this point I'm more interested in the story rather than the 'purity' of the run, especially since there was a pretty valid reason for it. I don't think knowing that exactly KILLS the run for me, its only if it feels like there's no stakes at all and the comic has already done well to set up that with Sara and what's going on with her sisters and the E4 member, so I'm invested in that over anything else XD

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Krisantyne Digital Artist

Aww thanks, I'm glad the story is interesting enough to carry itself. ;v;

I've read a few comics where the creator cheated by not counting a death and worked that into the story in varying degrees of world changing and reality warping ways, and they were really fascinating. I couldn't do anything like that, but at least it lended itself to a fun character development moment. :V

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WriterRavenHobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah I really don't blame you for calling the BS clause on that since that was a really unfortunate oversight. Good call on your part.
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Krisantyne Digital Artist
Thank you, I'm glad to hear you agree! x)
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NikkyDashHobbyist Digital Artist
Holy shit I would've been so upset if that happened to me. That moveset was meant to ruin your day and honestly I don't blame you at all for doing this. It's the risk of playing a ROMhack but what a fucking stupid risk sometimes. It really shows the difficulty of this hack here.

Plus, people who get upset about the lack of "honesty" within the comic don't realize how hard it is to make a Nuzlocke comic as exact as possible. Details will be left out or fudged for the sake of the story. If anyone has shit to say then they're just not someone who understands the effort and reworking that goes into making these comics.

But you handled it all really well!! Bonus points for having the gym leader express frustration with Sara about having the same flaws as her father and moving through with them instead of taking her advice to heart. I like her a lot and I can't wait to see her in future pages!!

Also RIP to the trainer hosing down their sunflora I love how that looks

And the lingering of Sara's injuries in this page is an A+. We love continuity and non-magical healing for humans here
Krisantyne's avatar
Krisantyne Digital Artist
I'm still leaning towards this being a huge design mistake and not an intended difficulty spike, but we can never be entirely sure afasjkgf
Yeah that's what I got for trying to have fun by playing blind, so rude! In that moment, I wasn't so upset about the wipe since I thought using the Bullshit Clause for something like this was completely appropriate; I was more upset because the game had so few errors up until there that I didn't expect something like this anymore. 

Haha imagine a Nuzlocke comic that is literally completely exact: The battles are boring, the evolutions occur during grinding, and the deaths are pointless. There probably are people who would love that, but I prefer to entertain the people who like fun stories. :'D

Thank you, I'm glad you like what I did with this! ;v; <3 Lois is a badass & hardass lady and unlike any other famous Grass type trainer. I'm glad that she will appear again, too.

The Sunflora and their trainer are really not having a good time!

Thanks, I can't believe I didn't forget the injuries anywhere! We're finally getting rid of them now though because finally some time has passed and they do have treatments that accelerate healing orz
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skygal333Hobbyist Writer
Thank goodness for that clause or I'd be sad to see this suddenly ending!  It's times like these I'm almost glad video games give you clear directions where to go.
Kind of miss the old days where we'd have to run around to ask people or test certain paths to find our way (like figuring out to use Cut in Cerulean City to get to Lavender Town)
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Krisantyne Digital Artist
The comic wouldn't exist if things had ended there, even though having a "completed" Nuzlocke sounds tempting djkfgdsk
The best video games are the once that are in the middle between Sun/Moon permanent handholding and ...this. Gen 1 was pretty good in that way, yes!
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I think you made the right decision. Game designers can make mistakes, and it's even more likely to happen in fangames. As far as I know, sport results are considered null and void when we realise something wasn't right. Why not in a nuzlocke?

So the Rapidash is your idea to replace the bicycle? It's not actually in the game? Lovely idea!^^

Krisantyne's avatar
Krisantyne Digital Artist
Thanks! I like that comparison.

Correct, the game has just the normal bike. A dream has finally come true with the ridable Pokémon in Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee ;v;

Thanks so much for all the comments, getting a bunch of comments feels like Christmas! La love 
Adanel's avatar
Aww, thank you too!^^

That's so great!! It's visually more appealing, and Rapidash are funnier to draw than bikes (and easier... ^^' )! Love it! I haven't played Let's Go but it looked awesome!! *-* An Arcanine mount!!

You're very welcome!! *_* (Haha! Yes, I completely understand the feeling!!! =D )
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spyrkle4Student Digital Artist
That was interesting!

And I don't blame you for not counting that, it would've been rather unfair, 
Krisantyne's avatar
Krisantyne Digital Artist
Thank you very much! ^w^
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jadethestoneHobbyist General Artist
No worries about not counting this gym! I feel like modded games like this have tons of errors and there are a lot of unexpected things that appear, so I completely understand! Either way, nice to include it here as I think it adds to Sara's frustration and the overall sense of urgency.
Krisantyne's avatar
Krisantyne Digital Artist
Haha yeah, I was wary of errors but then I still was a little disappointed because the game was near flawless up until that point. 
That's exactly what I wanted to express, thank you!! :D
jadethestone's avatar
jadethestoneHobbyist General Artist
Makes sense. And well done! :)
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YoctoCrunchStudent Digital Artist

God I just binge read your entire comic series today, I love it so far!! Can't wait to see more!

Krisantyne's avatar
Krisantyne Digital Artist
Aaahh thank you so much, I'm glad you enjoy!! Llama Emoji-02 (Blush) [V1] 
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ZuesKillerProduction Traditional Artist
I'm calling that Sceptile General Grevious now.

Also, happy birthday.
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snowcloud8Professional Traditional Artist
OMG Yes!
Krisantyne's avatar
Krisantyne Digital Artist
It sure is aggressive :'D

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Eh, it doesn't feel like cheating if the difficulty spikes like that. Specially if you write it into the story. Having leaders be "merciful" makes sense since, you know, they aren't supposed to slaughter some 10 year old's pets.
Krisantyne's avatar
Krisantyne Digital Artist
Glad you think so. ;v; Haha yeah I didn't want a Pokémon world where trainers are like "You can't give up, I'm handcuffing you to myself until I have murdered all your pets!!" People are normal here!
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That went south fast
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