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First Summer - A Rijon Adventures Nuzlocke [Pg.28]

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Uhhhh so in the time since the last update I
:bulletblack: started a full-time job (it good)
:bulletblack: quit being active in the local party (it was ugly)
:bulletblack: finished the NuzlockeVNcollab (it very good)
:bulletblack: and fucking moved (which was not planned for so soon)

So all in all my life is fantastic now. ovob After all stressors were removed from it and after I got through all the other art I had to do, I could work on the comic almost every day this month.
In this time, I got lines and colors on this page done and the next page sketched. Sooo if I can continue like this and don't get burned out, there can be like 10 updates a year?? Well probably not, but more than 2 a year for sure. :'D

Now what do we have here!

There kinda were some promises about the entire Silk Tunnel and some exciting events being in this page, but then the thing ended up at 95 panels / 40000px and I thought mayyybe that file would be difficult to load on some devices. So all the good stuff will be in the next page and this one is just talking heads. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I cried trying to decide on a splitting point

But! Mila is here! My favourite side character of all! She is a nervous wreck and so are her Pokémon and I love them ;v;

:bulletblack: I really love the escort missions in DPPt (like with Cheryl in Eterna Forest), and while of course RijonAdventures doesn't have anything like that, something about this cave made me think of them. And that's where Mila came from.
:bulletblack: When you first enter Silk Tunnel, it looks really awesome with its white rock tiles. But then... you go down the ladder and it's pitch black dark. And you have no Flash HM. Good fucking luck! : D
:bulletblack: Also it's very hard to paint convincing white rocks in the dark wtf. I was just about to post the page but then decided the rocks weren't good enough and painted them more. It's somewhat acceptable now sagfjksklsg
:bulletblack: There are some cool wild Pokémon like Mankey, Machop and Cleffa, but of course I got the Zubat. He's a good boy though.
:bulletblack: I can't believe Sara didn't die. But don't worry, things can still get worse from here.

Next time: More cave. The (kinda) tragic loss for real this time. Also, back to civilization! ;u;

Pokémon © Nintendo, Gamefreak
rijonAdventures © Haruki Hanai, Coolboyman
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pff, why are all the cute ones killers XD

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Krisantyne Digital Artist

It's a popular trope for a reason!

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riverplathHobbyist Digital Artist
i just met mila and i love her so much.
"if u growl at us too loudly we'll cry" I LOVE MILA AND HER 'MONS SO MUCH
Krisantyne's avatar
Krisantyne Digital Artist
Aghfhsfsg thank you so much for appreciating the anxiety crew, I love them very much too ;w;
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Hahaha! X'D Mila is hilarious!

Krisantyne's avatar
Krisantyne Digital Artist
I'm glad you like my tall walking disaster child! :3c
Adanel's avatar
Hahha!! XD Lovely nickname! XD She's an awesome disaster!
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OMG death incoming why
it's more scary knowing I think
Zubat is a good mon if you get to crobat imo
as for the escort mission did you know there are two (kinda) escort segments in BW2? They occur in Castelia Sewers and Reversal Mountain interior. I say kinda because your partner is very capable by themselves.
Krisantyne's avatar
Krisantyne Digital Artist
The death wasn't so bad after all, eh? :'D
Yea Crobat is pretty good, but I've used it so often that I never want to again haha
Ah yes, it's been forever since I played B2W2, but the missions with Hugh and Bianca were pretty nice. Their Pokémon aren't as hopelessly low level as Barry's, if I remember correctly.
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Milas is... interesting to say the least. At least she leaves a very strong first impression and has soft beautiful hair.

Of course she's not dead she hasn't experience true pain yet. MORE CAVES!!
Krisantyne's avatar
Krisantyne Digital Artist
A first impression that leaves imprints ahaha

No dying allowed until ALL the suffering has been experienced!
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TailsimpHobbyist Digital Artist
"That was pretty much the stupidest thing you've ever done"

... That implies there may have been something stupider... Girl love yourself more. 
Krisantyne's avatar
Krisantyne Digital Artist
Terry is in a constant state of disappointment, he isn't sure anymore what was the worst thing!
And it's just a little bit of self-hate and a lot of not acknowledging her mortality. :'D
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blackwing2Hobbyist Digital Artist
Krissy: ... Okay, now give him back.
Mila: But you said-
Krissy: *Shh...*
Krisantyne's avatar
Krisantyne Digital Artist
In hindsight, giving this great Pokémon away was regrettable. But we also want Mila to live.
Krisantyne's avatar
Krisantyne Digital Artist
That's a bit harsh, she's just a teenager who hasn't studied anything yet. :V
Enemies are delicious.
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Alex-namnHobbyist Digital Artist
Then your leg is probably fucked... hahaha love that part! She has great future as a medicine student nurse thing :XD: Best advice is to not hit your patient in the face! >XD

OMG I freaking love how cute and adorable the weepinbell look when she's sad... I want just to hug her~ Llama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1] 
Krisantyne's avatar
Krisantyne Digital Artist
She got the basics of being a good doctor down and is ready to learn the details!
Haha thanks, she's all melty and floppy Llama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1] 
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Sara is just gettin effin MAULED  D::::
Poor bibbi </3
Yay for cute npc's <3
Also I first thought that Nathan pulled that ball out of his tail . D
(wouldn't be surprised if he forreal stored stuff in there, lolol)
Krisantyne's avatar
Krisantyne Digital Artist
Yes poor child hopefully the rest of her day will be better I am very sorry sweeps crowbar under rug
Mila appreciates being called cute very much <3
The tail is totally full of things. It's disgusting, but can be practical!
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FireFly703Professional Digital Artist
He is by far my favorite Zubat in the world. :XD:
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Krisantyne Digital Artist
But what about YOUR Zubat? x'D
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