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First Summer - A Rijon Adventures Nuzlocke [Pg.24]



> accomplished whale noises

This page had a pretty nice splitting point right in the middle, which could have meant an update at least 2 months earlier, but there aren't any Pokémon in the first half. I'm never going to do a page without Pokémon in it, I want to keep that one last shred of dignity. :'D
I've given up on the idea that short pages might ever be a thing in general. Apparently I need the feeling of getting a big chunk of the story out every time, because when I think about splitting the next planned parts into more pages, it makes me want to die.

Story recap time!
(So you remember wtf is going on and the whole thing will hopefully feel less cringey. There is way too much angst here.)
After winning her second Badge in Owsauri City far up in the north of Rijon, Sara went back to Merson City to stock up on Berry Juice because that stuff literally saves lives in battle. But that was a thinly-veiled excuse (well, she really needed the Berry Juice, but she could have had it delivered), she actually went there to see Lachlan again, who had sent her a letter. She was afraid that he would get over her if she let him wait for too long.
They are together now, but the bliss doesn't last long because Sara feels bad about spending time on something that makes her happy when she has more important things to do. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ *☆゚.*・。゚

Hope you enjoyed the plot. <3

I'll put it together for you because this isn't supposed to be a mystery story and I know very well that trying to remember all the hints from years ago when you read 4355 different comics isn't fun.
:bulletblack: Sara has an older sister. | Pg 1 | Pg 5
:bulletblack: She is on this journey because her family is worried about someone. | Pg 1 | Yup, it's definitely about the sister.
:bulletblack: Sara never wanted to become a trainer. | Pg 3
:bulletblack: She is always in a hurry and refuses to take more breaks than necessary. Things must be serious. | Pretty much every page lol
:bulletblack: Talking on the phone to a certain Camy who (also) calls her by a nickname. Yes, that's her sister. So we know she's alive, but Sara's reactions show that she's acting weird. "See you soon." | Pg 20
:bulletblack: Add the stuff on this page: Sara is taking the League Challenge to find her sister, and their parents aren't happy that she has to do this.
:bulletblack: Now the only questions left are why Camy is in danger and where exactly she is. And why the fuck Sara doesn't explain anything of this to her Pokémon. Terry is pretty much at the end of his patience, but he knows her long enough to know that there's no point in asking, and he also puts up with it because being on this journey is his biggest dream come true. :'D

That was the important stuff! But wait, there are more misc notes, as usual. I never shut up.

:bulletblack: Uhhh so that part where Sara is "talking" to her parents, that's an illustration of her imagination. She's imagining what they would say. They don't have a psychic link or something, or whatever you thought this might be if you watch too much anime. :V
:bulletblack: Featuring the lovely JustMiri's Maya + team from one of my most favourite Nuzlockes on the world because I wanted to show that trainers don't just fight, they sometimes help each other like reasonable people. :'D (Also, I needed to pay her back for the 5 million cameos she's been giving me owo)
:bulletblack: Breaking news: Pokémon aren't humans. They can talk and are intelligent like humans, but there are reasons for the way wild Pokémon live. Sara knows so much about Pokémon in theory, but she has never handled one before that wasn't domesticated. (Some of her father's Pokémon were caught in the wild, but they have adapted to human culture after decades of living in civilization.) So the wild ones are full of suprises for her and everyone is having a bad time ahahaha
:bulletblack: That wasn't the whole reason for why Pilot got upset. You know he doesn't spill his true feelings so easily. I'll make an Extra about the rest. There will be many birds in it because I hate myself.

Next time: Many birds because I hate myself.

Pokémon © Nintendo, Gamefreak
rijonAdventures © Haruki Hanai, Coolboyman
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Oh WHOAA the way you showed Sara's inner conflict via having her parents reason with her as ghosts and then fading away once her own anxieties kicked in was RAD AS HELL. I sometimes forget about the Camy situation, but bringing it back up in regards to her taking time off for herself really paints a picture of how much pressure Sara feels on her shoulders.

That she can't even take time off to spend some of the summer with her boyfriend. Yes. Her bae. Her boo thang ;;u;; Is very telling of how stressful this whole scenario has been for her so far. Even outside of the battling. And I find it interesting that she looks as training as sort of a necessary evil for finding her sister.

I see Pilot over here speaking REAL FACTS. It's something that's mentioned in pokedex entries and such, and it can be uncomfortable to think about but yeah pokemon have to hunt other pokemon. I'm glad you showed that Sara's status as a new trainer directly correlates with her knowledge of the Pokemon side of the world. I love it when nuzlockes touch on stuff like this.

I also love your super long descriptions ;;u;; not, like, content for this one specifically but rather just how long they are. It's always a joy skimming through them after reading a page and you give plenty of insight on your mindset while making it, which I enjoy alot.