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First Summer - A Rijon Adventures Nuzlocke [Pg.20]



Sudden reminder that this comic has some kind of plot! :lol:
Who's the person on the phone? I never know if I'm giving away too much or too little, but I'll just say that you've seen them before...

You know what's fun? Painting 10 panels of almost identical backgrounds that you enjoy. You know what's not so fun? Painting 11 or more. :V Though that's not what has been holding me back, it was rather the combination of my time imploding on itself as usual, Pokémon X, annnnd my tablet dying. The new one seems to hate Photoshop with a passion, but don't worry, I'm beating it into submission~.

Today we have cameos again, most of whom are wearing outfits completely inappropriate for the beach. I should have put them on the previous page and some from that page on this one, but what's organization. :dummy:
:iconmewitti:'s Robin & Dante get accidentally involved in Terry's target practice
:iconxyliax:'s X & Bravo meet :iconjexima:'s Jexima & Keiko (Bravo likes to eat odd things, but I'm sure they'll become great friends in the end)
:iconjellehbear:'s Kat & Revo have fabulous hair
:iconlightnymfa:'s Light & Blast and :iconperplexedcam:'s Oliver & Logan go fishing

Look, I did good, I added everyone's Pokémon this time! So many Water starters. :'D

:bulletblack: Rijon Strait is the beach south of Owsauri City. One of the trainers there has a Starmie and you will be scared. xD
:bulletblack: Lololol no I didn't find a Shiny Magikarp in the playthrough. I didn't catch anything here yet. When I later returned with Surf (hoping that there might be an island with grass somewhere on the route), I got a Tentacool that was never used.
:bulletblack: I was going to explain here why Sara's nickname is Sandy but it's too cheesy I'm sowwy
:bulletblack: Sara's trainer class is Swimmer, obviously, because she can battle in the water without Surf. :p What's your character's trainer class?

Next time: The 2nd Gym Battle! Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?

And now for something fun while you wait for half an eternity again...

:iconbummy1::iconbummy2: Competition time! :iconbummy3::iconbummy1:

We're having a little competition at FirstSummer-Fans where you can win art and points prizes - for a really easy task. You don't have to draw anything or whatever to participate, you just have to join the Group and do a little bit of detective work. :la:

>> Click me, I'm the link! <<

Annnnd you should also join the Group if you just like Nuzlockes because we're writing features every month so you get recommendations on new stuff to read delivered directly to your face. Isn't that cool? :la:

:iconfirstsummer-fans: :iconfirstsummer-fans: :iconfirstsummer-fans:

If you're wondering about the other competition from the previous page, that's still running, too. You can enter until Page 21 is posted. If you didn't know about it yet, now you do. :meow: And if you wanted a hint, here it is.

Pokémon © Nintendo, Gamefreak
rijonAdventures © Haruki Hanai, Coolboyman
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The girls are living for another beach episode!! Especially with all these cameos. Everyone looks so good, and they're living their lives! And Sara's beach body at the end??

I see you been holding back, my girl. I gotcha I gotcha

Nathan is right, it's worth it to just take a break every now and then. But I love that he knows her enough to sorta trick her into taking a break at the end there. Honestly I everyone on the team okay

I'm just not ready for any death alright