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First Summer - A Rijon Adventures Nuzlocke [Pg.15]



Here take this and feed on it while I go disappear in a hole for another two months.
Well, hopefully not, but exams start next week and one of them is an oral exam and I still have to do most of a cryptical project thing for another thing and I'm kinda freaking out right now. ┬─┬ ︵ /(.□. )

Pretty happy with how this page looks - the quality art should distract you from the unusual disjointedness that was supposed to become some kind of travel montage and then grew into other things?
Credit goes to my boyfriend for helping me fix the cars (yes they looked even worse before) and to Devon Corp. for their brand new Spheal wall clock. You know you want one too. Only 39.95$!

Big version of the photo (taken with a state-of-the-art Strawberry Phone™) in the e-mail can be found here. And yes, Sara still uses the e-mail address she made at age 11 and she isn't very talkative in writing. No, she absolutely has been taking photos all the time. This is definitely not a plot hole that had to be created because of the incompability of the photo shape and the the e-mail panel shape.
Also, we have some new Pokémon (it will take a while until I start getting non-redundant types), a fit of jealousy (please say you did see this coming) and the realization that at least one full-grown Golem lives in Merson Cave. C:

Trivia Section!
:bulletblack: Now you know the exact date. Mind = blown.
:bulletblack: The entirety of this page was less than five minutes of gameplay. All trainers encountered (1) are shown.
:bulletblack: One more tiny spoiler regarding the fate of the new Pokémon. I really thought about using Adriana the Nidoran on many occasions during the game, but despite Nidoqueen's massive movepool she never fit any of the possible roles well enough. So let's just say she's too young for serious battling and move on. :saddummy:
:bulletblack: If you think Hayward City is big, just wait for the next city~. Did I really just say that? Cities are the most horrible thing to draw.
:bulletblack: Actually the Pokémon Lab in Hayward City doesn't have a public museum attached but I don't like breaking and entering into research facilities.
:bulletblack: The obligatory SHOPPING!joke is much deeper than your standard SHOPPING!joke. It shows once more that Nadia denies her bubbly, excitable side which is pretty sad and deep and sad... and it also makes for a good transition. ._.
:bulletblack: Don't let your wild-caught Butterfree try sugar. Ever. Benny may or may not have caused an accident involving an ice cream truck, a fire hydrant and memory gaps in a few people from Confusion.
:bulletblack: Actually I didn't buy Dig and Brick Break just yet, but no unneccessary backtracking in comics ugh.
:bulletblack: The Department Store has evolution stones. Look who didn't buy any.
:bulletblack: The entirety of Western Docks (aka Western Rijon Dockway) was shown on this page. There are the Mega Kick and Mega Punch tutors, a ferry that hasn't arrived for weeks, one trainer and many Rattatas. Yes, real people would only go there by accident.
:bulletblack: 31 Attack IV Eevee with Secret Power (70 BP + STAB) is 31 Attack IV Eeevee with Secret Power (70 BP + STAB).

Next time: Rival battle. And more importantly, Cut Trees are explained. I can see you on the edge of your seats there. No idea what else, I really need to make these pages shorter for reasons.
Annnnd I need to work on some other things first, as usual. More NuzRooke and NOCT, to be specific. I hope you will enjoy the NOCT stuff at least somewhat because it sounds cool in my head.

Circuit patterns by cfowler7-SFM
Various brushes by redheadstock
A bunch of refs (I lost the rest, sorry ;_; ):……………
Strawberry Inc. owns my soul.

Pokémon © Nintendo, Gamefreak
rijonAdventures © Haruki Hanai, Coolboyman
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I love the montage aesthetic of this page. It's so well paced, too! I also love alot of the world building we got here from the different methods of travel (omg hitchhiking is so dangerous???) To the side effects to reviving fossil mon (the memory thing?? Is kinda wild?? IMAGINE that) to the non battle interactions between humans and wild pokemon (with ira learning how to read, that's so sweet!)

I can sense some deep shit building up with Pilot...some deep seated jealousy issues...
Gotta say, I love the buildup for this so far. I feel like maybe it's the first (or second?) Time it's been in the spotlight? But all the events in that one panel of "he didn't do anything!" Are things I can reflect on and go

Oh hey that happened
Oh I remember that too

And I just love when later pages give more context to small side actions of characters ;;u;;

Terry got his first battle in!! I'm proud of him for winning and proud of Sara for keeping her promise!

Also Marlene is just adorable.