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First Summer - A Rijon Adventures Nuzlocke [Pg.13]



I have many things to say about this one, let's see how much I'll forget. :saddummy:

First of all, nothing of this happens in-game, but I guess that's pretty obvious. This page takes place at the very beginning of the Route 'South Rijon Gate' in the south of Merson City. But instead of crossing the bridge, we're staying at the beach. You know, the one I just made up because it would suck if a town at the sea that's supposed to be a holiday destination didn't have a beach.

Now... Lachlan's backstory. I don't even know anymore if this was entirely my idea or if there were more than these two hints on it in the game. :XD:
:bulletblue: When you have a rematch against him much later in the game, he has a team of Lv. 50-55s with a Feraligatr, but without Vaporeon or anything from the Horsea line. So I figured that this team must be some of his main Pokémon and has nothing to do with his Gym Pokémon. Lv. 50-55 is also enough to beat the E4 in Johto.
:bulletblue: Rijon is a neighboring country of Johto. You even visit a bit of Johto in this game. It wouldn't be surprising at all if some important characters were connected to that region.

Smaller chunks of information aka the Trivia Section:
:bulletblack: The color of the Pokémon Center's rooms is called 'Sadness'. It is said to calm down even the weirdest people you might get stuck there with. (Sara's roommate is not one of the weirdest people btw.)
:bulletblack: If you're looking for a quick and painful death, ask me to draw you a house. :iconlazepoolplz:
:bulletblack: Don't judge Lachlan's sister based on that atrocious coat. She's actually pretty cool.
:bulletblack: The little girl with blue hair is the character from a SoulSilver Nuzlocke I'm playing at the moment. She will get one or two drawings of her own sometime.
:bulletblack: The woman holding a clipboard is one of Rijon's Elite Four. Official art:
:bulletblack: Kingdra isn't part of Lachlan's rematch team, but Dewgong is. Forgot to draw Not spoilong more of them.
:bulletblack: Can I stop painting water now? Please? :cries:

Next time: A resolution and an evolution.
It will take a while until the next page, though. Things I have to do before: 10 panel extra that was supposed to be part of this page but it got too loooooong and I can't cut it out either, :iconnuzlocke-challenge: collab, and a new cover (finally). Also, uni starts tomorrow. :dead: But guess what, I reached my goal of making 4 pages and some other stuff during the holidays. :dummy: My hand doesn't hurt anymore. Either it's gotten used to this or it's already dead.

Water and sand brushes by redheadstock

Pokémon © Nintendo, Gamefreak
rijonAdventures © Haruki Hanai, Coolboyman
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I was LIVING for that sudowoodo coat rack and then turns out it was ALSO living.
Also I can absolutely feel how much effort you put into that beach house villa and it turned out WONDERFULLY

When I read "don't worry my sister isn't here, the house is all ours" I promise you my mind went to one place and one place only 😂


Oh my God look at valentina's parents!! I'm always up for seeing interpersonal relationships between pokemon. Family lines. Partners. Etc etc. And Nathan looking up to feraligatr is precious!!

Is that schiller hitting on Terry again, sans confusion??

A-and Sara and Lachlan chemistry??




This was such a special page. I don't know how to describe it but the interactions and mood here were paced super well from the beginning to the end