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First Summer - A Rijon Adventures Nuzlocke [Pg.12]



IMPORTANT. READ THIS. Nadia did not faint in-game. (If she did, she'd be dead.)
You can now stop reading if reading if you hate gaining knowledge.

Water exists on our world in many shapes and forms. Like the shape it takes when I punch it because it's extremely tedious to drawRAAARRGH. :stare:

So what did really happen to Nadia?
After the Tail Whip, one Quick Attack from Vaporeon took out more than half of her health. This means she had no way to win, not even with Potions, so I had to switch her out. Events like this may be portrayed in the comic as fainting. Wouldn't it totally suck if my opponents' Pokémon always fainted while mine always won until the day the die?

Trivia section:
:bulletblack: The food in PokéCenters is cheap but really awful.
:bulletblack: Schiller continues the theme of naming some supporting characters' Pokémon after random famous people, but it's also a play on the German word 'schillernd' which means 'iridescent'.
:bulletblack: The Gym Battle really ended with Schiller knocking himself out. That was pretty cool.
:bulletblack: Designing Gym Badges is no fun.
:bulletblack: This is Karpman/Lachlan's official design. Damn you Lachlan, you're supposed to be cute but of course you turned out TOO cute. :|

Next time: Two people sit on a beach. What could this possibly bring about?

Several water brushes by redheadstock
Star brushes by Rabieshund
Ink/splatter brushes by shoe-fly

Everything nice on this page was made possible by this awesome water surface tutorial by Policide!
Pokémon © Nintendo, Gamefreak
rijonAdventures © Haruki Hanai, Coolboyman
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"you're red's daughter, right?"
WOW THE PRESSURE. I never even thought About it up to this point but that's alot of weight on Sara's shoulders. I wonder if it has even a little bit to do with her reluctance to fight.

Brb turning gay

Bihhh me too, schiller's a whole snack!! Lolol nah but great job on his design, he looks both majestic and well trained while also still being mad cute.

AJSDGDIB and then he hits on terry 😳👏 somehow methinks this is not just simply a result of the confusion... Also very interested in seeing how the dinner goes at lachlan's place.

TERRY NO BBY NOTHING'S WRONG WITH YOU BUT I FEEL IT. God. What a missed opportunity for their bond. Hopefully you'll get to fight in the next one, sweetheart!!