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First Summer - A Rijon Adventures Nuzlocke [Pg.10]



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Have an extremely long page that doesn't advance the plot! Instead, we get some background info on Sam. Do you love him yet? :meow:
Sam's little brother is called Corrin and he's 12 years old. And you can forget this info immediately because it was probably his only apperance.

Hey, hey, guys, did you spot the cameo? I know, it's a little hard to see, so... Jk, it's half a page long. :dummy:
There was no non-awkward way to include most of the names in the comic, so let me introduce them here: It's my friend :iconleptocyon:'s Brendan with his Pokémon Plu, Minu and Zuko! He's replacing the original ten-year-old Brendan who stands in that exact spot in the game. I really don't like original Brendan.
I think he turned out quite recognizable, but, man, his face was hard to draw for me. But the hat was really fun~. ^^; Want to know what's the best thing about him? He's not even the main character in :iconleptocyon:'s Nuzlocke but he's apparently developed enough to come to life outside of his own story.
If you're into that kind of awesomeness (hint: you are), go and read her comic 'Monsters of Hoenn'! I should probably mention that Plu and Minu haven't been introduced yet. This is actually their debut. :iconhipsterkittyplz: So I hope they won't turn out to be too much out of character here. :XD:

Trivia section (now I kind of want to go back to earlier pages and allllll the trivia to them):
:bulletblack: You don't have to be afraid of the rival battle at the entrance of Merson City because the rival heals your Pokémon before.
:bulletblack: Merson City totally has a beach, okay? :crying: It will be shown eventually.
:bulletblack: Pilot actually did really well in the battle against original Brendan. (He has Treecko, Torchic and Mudkip.) And there's a Scope Lens as a prize, which might be mentioned later if I don't forget.
:bulletblack: There are many trainers in the hotel rooms but we don't do the invading-strangers'-personal-space-thing in this comic.

Next time: Enter the sixth team member. And an outfit change. Which of these is more exciting? :dummy:

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They just ran from a Trainer battle.