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First Summer - A Rijon Adventures Nuzlocke [Pg. 1]



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The rules for this run are in the cover page's description.

Hmm, let's see what things I absolutely hate to draw. Houses... and cars... Hey, I'm gonna put them in the first panel of my shiny new comic! :V

Protagonist's Dad appeared in my head in a plaid shirt just to piss me off. But it turned out well.

Hey AnvilSong, this is the thing I doodled weeks ago at uni. It has evolved quite a bit since then. :aww:

I should probably add that nothing on this page happens in the game. Also, you have a dad in this game, but no mom. But was nice and gave my character both. :V

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Protag is very cute when she declares she's gonna leave. =w= Though everyone looks so somber here so I've gotta find out what happened...

Also the art jump from the cover to here really surprised me! We LOVE art improvement in comics oh man getting fired up for that journey 👀

Also also gotta love when a character appears in clothing or a scene that's way too difficult at the time so you end up having this shonen-esque rivalry with it like "damnit I'm not strong enough...but I push myself..!"
Or maybe that's just me shdkbdjdhdm