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Hey how are you doing and I hope that you are oh ok

Your character Insomnia is adorable, I really wish you would make more pictures of him.

y did you ditching jason the toy maker and i love ore art ;]:love:

Snuffbomb used his fans to attack Krisantyl, Claiming Jason was "Ripping off LJ" No joke, he has old videos telling people that Jason and even Candy pop were rip offs. (Ironic given he got LJs design from Death Note and admitted as such.)

Given his fans (especially back then) are very much either minors like us or impressionable/easily influenced. They would message and harass Krisantyl Over Jason's look.

There is so much more snuffbomb has done, including gr**ming. but here is not the place to talk about it. for more info on things he did.

That because people were threatening to kill her and would you be scared is people telling you that they would kill you because you said such things mean come on doll face 668

over some art about a character whose existence is NOT offensive??!? thats just stupid.

anyways theyre just words do they even know where she lives most likely NOT so @Krisantyl just ignore them if they carry on over Jason that theyll kill you then theyre idiots

and there is such thing as reporting smn on forums and i think you can also do that on here or calling the police about it

the authorities take death threats and murders very seriously in my country (Britain) and they have to investigate every piece of evidence and then when they have the actual culprit/s they arrest them with very harsh charges. we dont have the death penalty, but we have community work and jail for life.

whichever country youre in (you dont have to tell me thats ur private info), they have to take it seriously as well.

ppl dont prank call or joke about this sort of thing, and Jason is not anything to do with killing you, he doesnt even kill (except for that first one, but tbh thats what you get for being ungrateful for the toy you get), he just turns his victims into dolls and theres NOTHING there to kill smn over.

i hope this lecture gets to you, and btw i love ur art, everyone on the planet should see this