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Hello friends who joined me on deviantart, I have some news for you!
I am currently based in Colorado, working as a freelance illustrator, making my comics and giving talks and workshops about comics and LGBT representation in comics at ComicCons and Universities around the US! If you want to come see me at one of them, go to to check dates and cities I'll be in!

But the great news is actually about my comics series Out&About! If you want to read them in a very practical way, on your computer or phone, the series is now on Tapastic! Just go to and subscribe to the series. Every time I post a new strip, you will receive a notification on the app and you can read it from anywhere you are. Please subscribe and share with your friends. I work very hard to create entertaining comics strips and also bring awareness to LGBT persons and issues we face in life, related or not to our sexuality. Always, of course, in a fun and lighthearted way!
I hope I see you on Tapastic!
Have a great day! :)

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August 24, 2016


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