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Hello friends who joined me on deviantart, I have some news for you!
I am currently based in Colorado, working as a freelance illustrator, making my comics and giving talks and workshops about comics and LGBT representation in comics at ComicCons and Universities around the US! If you want to come see me at one of them, go to to check dates and cities I'll be in!

But the great news is actually about my comics series Out&About! If you want to read them in a very practical way, on your computer or phone, the series is now on Tapastic! Just go to and subscribe to the series. Every time I post a new strip, you will receive a notification on the app and you can read it from anywhere you are. Please subscribe and share with your friends. I work very hard to create entertaining comics strips and also bring awareness to LGBT persons and issues we face in life, related or not to our sexuality. Always, of course, in a fun and lighthearted way!
I hope I see you on Tapastic!
Have a great day! :)

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Friends, I am launching my online store!
In this first week I only offer one product that geeks and comics readers will love: customized comics style portrait at a super price, only U$22!
Check out this example to see how it looks like>…
For those who want even more cool discount, just talk to your friends! For you and a friend, the second portrait is 10% off! For three friends, the third portrait is 20% off, etc (up to 5 portraits max)!
Fast and convenient payment by paypal, credit card or bank wire!
The promo will only last one week! Share the news with friends! The illustrator appreciates that! ^_^
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I'm very proud to announce that my new website is finally here! All my best illustrations, storyboards, corporate illustrated business models, character design, prints, exhibitions, web & print design, iconography and logos I have created in the past 10 years. Check it out NOW:

I am always available for commissioned work.
Share with your friends and help me go on doing what I love the most: art!

Let me know what you think!

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I'm a finalist in a contest from a Brazilian/Portuguese magazine, Obvious. Please take 10 seconds of your time and vote for me! There are some illustrations of mine there in the link below. Scroll down and vote in the "curtir" (like) button. I'd really appreciate if you guys could help me out! Do it please and share it with your friends!


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The best pieces of my work as an illustrator and graphic designer can be seen in my new website!
Character Design, Kids illustration, Vector Portraits, Comics are some of the things you'll see in Illustration.
Logotypes and Branding, Editorial Press media, Websites, Iconography are in the Design section.

Plus: all m pieces from Exhibitions since 2002!

Go check it out!
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I got a really nice surprise today. My piece Queen - The Miracle (…) got a DD! Today was going to be Freddie Mercury´s 65th birthday. Although I did this piece 6 YEARS ago (OMG) the good thing is that I did this piece with my friend :iconjorgepacker: , so we both got a DD.

To celebrate Freddie Mercury´s legacy in music and his birthday, I did this new piece as a homage to him:…

Hope you like it!
Come join me on facebook so you can keep updated about my artwork. I usually upload new stuff there before here.…

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Hey Guys, just letting you know that now I have a Facebook Page where you can see not only my last illustrations, but everything I do creative-related (my current odissey is repainting my
So, if you have the time, please go check it out and "like" it. The ones who do it will be concurring for a free portrait made by me in the nect few weeks!

Check it out:…

Thanks for your time and always, for your support!

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For those who´ve been waiting, here it is! My T-shirt line called Arara Wear is finally released and you can see all the designs there.

The site is all Portuguese yet. But you can order your t-shirt from any country. If you wanna buy and can´t figure out how on the site, you can email directly to me.

Hope you all like it!

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Hey guys! Very soon will will be able to purchase T-shirts with my illustrations on it. Everything is still a secret, all new arts and I´ll let you know in a few days!

Very Excited!

Kris barz
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Hey, if you always wanted a vector portrait from me now you can for a very special price!!

You can have a single person vector portrait like this one… above for U$50!

And if you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend and want to give a special gift, you can order a two-person vector portrait like this one… for only U$90!

Payments are very easy, 50% pre-order/50%post-delivery via PAYPAL.
Get in touch with my:
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Facebook and Posterlounge!

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 20, 2009, 8:57 AM

If you have facebook and want to keep up with some news now and then (since I barely use DA journals) add me there.

If you live in Europe, you can order some of my work in canvas and poster formats. Good prices and good quality!…

See you guys.

Kris Barz

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My Twitter!

Fri Apr 24, 2009, 12:25 PM
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Hey! I´m on twitter too!
You can follow my updates if you wish.

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About Comissions

Mon Dec 8, 2008, 11:53 AM
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Just clearing some things up about freelance comissioned work.
You can contact me about any kind of work you are interested from me by email: /

I work with many styles of illustrations. Here are some:
- Vector portraits (usually ordered by regular people)
- Fashion Illustration for Magazines
- Children´s Illustrations for Books and Magazines
- Storyboards for Ads and comercials
- T-shirts and clothing customized illustrations
- Graphic design related: Wedding invitations, folders, graphic solutions for any press material you need.
- Photomanipulation for any kinds of purpose (personal stuff or photo tratment for comercial usage)

You can see all this types of thing at my online portfolio:

About the payment process: All of the freelance work outside Brazil I receive payments through PayPal ( ), which is very easy to do. Or by payment order through Bank accounts, very easy and fast as well.


Apenas esclarecendo algumas coisas sobre meus trabalhos como freelancer. Você pode me contatar sobre qualquer tipo de trabalho que você esteja interessado pelos emails: /

Eu trabalho com estilos bem variados de ilustração. Aqui estão alguns:
- Retratos Vetoriais (geralmente encomendado por pessoas físicas)
- Ilustrações de moda para revistas
- Ilustrações infantis para livros e revistas
- Storyboards para propagandas e comerciais
- Estampas para camisetas e roupas
- Design gráfico : Convites de casamento, folders, soluções gráficas para qualquer tipo de material impresso.
- Foto-manipulações para quaisquer fins (pessoais ou  tratamentos para  uso comercial)

Voce pode ver todos estes tipos de trabalho no meu portfolio online:

Sobre o processo de pagamentos: Para trabalhos feitos para clientes do Brasil, recebo via depósito bancário em conta corrente.


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My Website is on!

Mon Dec 1, 2008, 2:32 PM

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Check it out:

Best wishes for you all!
Thanks for you comments, visits, faves and good wishes!

Kris ^_^

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Hey Everyone!

Let me get started talking about my The only Apple deviation (… ). It´s an illustration I did for the Greek magazine called Go Natural.
Two months ago, :iconblasianonna: suggested it for a Daily Deviation and Deviant Art made this surprise for me.

Also, I made a video about the creation process of this piece. You can watch the creation process from the pencil sketch to to final vector illustration.

Watch the extended version here (21min):
Watch the short version here (10 min):…

I hope you like it.

Let me tell you about my prints. I deactivaded them for I while. Now, the only prints I have available are The only apple and The cat and the Moon pieces:

:shop3876034:  :shop4165917:

Also: I´d like to thank :iconvector-artists: for a bunch of features they have given me in the last months.
Here they are:……………

Don´t forget to go there if you can see a lot of good and beautiful vector illustrations.

The next news I´m gonna leave to the next journal.
Very soon you wil be able to check out MY WEBSITE!

See you then!


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10 things about my art

Sun Aug 17, 2008, 7:07 PM

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I´ve beem tagged by :iconstudiocartoon: to write 10 things about my art. Well, I´m gonna try write the less I can...becauseI may star a book

1- I didn´t have a lot of friends when I was a kid, mainly because I moved from one city to another a lot, so I drew all the time.

2- I´m luck that my parents never tried to divert me from the artistic life. As blocked-minded my father can be sometimes, he never tried to make me follow another kind of carrer. But they weren´t as encouraging as they could´ve been as well.

3- All my time in school most of people used to think me as a cocky person because I used to show my drawings, but I only showed them when people asked me to.

4 - My first water color pencils box I won from my Math teacher, when I was eleven.

5 - When I  entered Graphic Design graduation I denied my artistic part for most of the time, and I regret to have thought this way once in my life.

6- My first exposition was a colection of works from my city´s art society, which I don´t live in anymore. I exposed just three art pieces, all oriental themed.

7- I have a paste A2 sized and an A4 size in which I keep all my private creations. I only show them to very close friends.

8- I hate to follow just one style. Tradicional or digital, I have the unbareble need to change it. From manga style, to comic, to realism, I can´t keep just one. I used to think it was a bad thing, cause my style is not recognizable, but now I like this, because each style I land, I take the things I like and add to my current on, whichends up to be the mixture of every style I already drew.

9- I can´t draw sad an macabre things... Well, technicly I can, but I just don´t like it.

10- I think that my art is made for me to express myself in anyway I want to. But I also think that I have to leave something useful to the world with my art. Otherwise why would I be able to draw? Not just to pay my bills I guess.

Well, thats it.
Hope u enjoy knowing a little more about my art.

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New prints, Polls and good wishes!

Thu Jan 24, 2008, 1:25 PM

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Hello Everybody!

I´ve had been having some time lately, ´cause january is not a very good month for freelancer jobs, so I am having time to draw for myself. I´m gonna be posting a lot of illustrations this year!

To be closer to you I have some exciting news!
:new:First, I want to make new prints with some of my old deviations, can you help me figure out which of them are your favorites? Here they are:

:thumb44861962: tequila makesme a betterperson by krisagon :thumb74011282:
:thumb60868906: Ambiguous Embrace by krisagon  :thumb74073212:

As you can see, I´m changing a little bit from vector art to digital painting. Well, I guess it´s normal, I don´t like making the same things, I like changes. But I´ll always go back to vector from time to time, as to water colors, and other styles.

You wanna help me in the next illustratiôn? Here´s the deal:
There will be four polls asking about the elements of my next illustration, and you can thecide which they´re gonna be!
Quick! We´re already on the third poll! Here are the links to them, you can still vote!

POLL 1 (main character):…
POLL 2 (scenario background):…
POLL 3 (scenario main element):…

I hope you help me OK?

Best wishes for all! PEACE and LOVE!
Kisses from Brazil!

Kris Barz

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2008 - great news!

Mon Jan 7, 2008, 7:25 PM

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Hey everybody!

I´m back from my vacation!
As you can see there will be new stuff going on around here, so stay tunned!
I´m trying new things, you can check the two illustrations I´ve posted recently.
Heritage -…
Reaching Jupiter -…

A great news is that I want some help from you to decide how my next illustration is gonna be like.So PAY ATTENTION:

There will be 4 Polls here, to decide the four basic elements of it: Main Character, Background Scenario, Wheather an Main Scenario. You have one week to vote for each category, then I´m gonna draw the combination of the four things you decided ok?
Each poll will have 3 diferent options so you can combine the polls´answers in a creative way!

The first Poll is already on, CHOOSE THE CHARACTER!

So, I want to wish you all A Very happy New Year!
Kisses and Hugs!
Kris Barz :hug:

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Wait for 2008!!

Mon Nov 26, 2007, 4:27 AM

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Hey there!

Stay tuned! 2008 will be a year of exciting news!
I´m working very hard to bring very cool stuff. Sorry, but the thing you will see less and less here is vector art based on people´s face pictures. As I´ve been really busy with work,´I´m focusing my free time on 100% created illustrations. Most of them with kids themes.
But probably I´ll post  some extra art this year yet.

I hope u like it, please stay tuned!

See ya all in 2008!!!

You already know my series of prints! Be free to check them out!

Series prints

Brazillian Animals Series

:shop601065:     :shop600462:  

:shop606179:     :shop628822:

Couples Series

:shop601667:     :shop601585:

Also, my video still is on youtube!
My channel on YouTube!

WATCH!! >>…


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Design Blog, prints and more!

Thu Jul 26, 2007, 10:08 PM

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Hi everyone!

Here I am again to tell you about some news!

Let me introduce
My name is Kris Barz, I´m 22, just graduated Graphic Design and I live in Brazil. I work as a designer and illustrator, also as a freelancer.
In fact, one of the jobs I usually do as a freelancer is Vetors portraits.
You can order your own portrait vector with me by my e-mail ( Payments from outside my country are made by Paypal, very easy and secure. Send me an e-mail and we´ll talk about it ok?

Fist of all, new vector creations will appear around here, so stay tuned!

An exciting news is my Blog!
There you can see my work as a Designer.
Check it out!

You already know my series of prints! Be free to check them out!

Series prints

I have two series of prints, which is a row of deviations that follows the same subject. The Brazillian Animals Series has four prints and the Couples Series has two, but I´m thinking about adding my deviation Lead Me to it, what do you think?

Brazillian Animals Series

:shop601065:     :shop600462:  

:shop606179:     :shop628822:

Couples Series

:shop601667:     :shop601585:

Also, my video still is on youtube!
My channel on YouTube!

WATCH!! >>…
This one shows some of my favorites vector illustrations of my own, In a few months I´ll have to make another one for my latest works!
Soon there will be more videos there, not about just vector art, but soon there will be a simple tradicional animation I´m making right now!

Well, that´s it guys!
I hope you enjoy the new features, tell me what you think. Fell free to suggest subjects for future vectors, prints I should send, or just to say hi! lol


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