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Stolen Wallet

Saved the day!
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wxzhenghoppytruffles's avatar
looks like he has.... rabies
DuskyScales's avatar
i think his tactic is to make the victims of crimes laugh away their troubles - simply because he is so little help at stopping crime.
(not meant to insult anyone who gets seizures. :()
thelolidagger's avatar
here i come to save the daaaaaay!
smntha-yng's avatar
darn was reading your comics and needed to do something but decided to read one more comic before i did and then i ended up reading 10 more and then I forgot what I needed to do...
TheBlackTiger96's avatar
''Thanks, seizure man.''
KorupiJones's avatar
i get seizures... :( but this is still great!
xlaxmotax's avatar
I don't find it funny...although I like your other jokes....
Scoobiella's avatar
How come no one ever thanks me during my seizures?
*feelings have been hurt*
ChrisTal92's avatar
i lol'd so hard :'D
Riotxgrrrl85's avatar
i'm an epileptic... i actually just had an episode this weekend. and holy shit was this funny as hell. i love you man
Allantsuki's avatar
NewtMan's avatar
Seizure man, Awwaaadgshafjdrbghebthwejasfbasjfhsgfasbvhds (twitch twich) geehheh vbsvs akjdgjdhdjjbrjdgehteuj...
zexion83's avatar
Hmm, must be a Marvel dude
dango21192's avatar
hey he made him feel better thats a real hero
Aphroditeee's avatar
I <3 seizure man !
Mogomojo224's avatar
i can help you Seizure Man!
*has a seizure on the floor*
Worst super hero ever
mabpanda's avatar
Tessy890's avatar
seizures arent the funnest expierience, my brother for one
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