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I hate them A LOT
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eccept Mario 64 that one with the beautifull music

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Eel from Jolly Roger Bay: “Allow me to introduce my self”

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I spent hours NOT going to that eel ... Just to enjoy the Music

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are you apart of Cyanide and Happiness or are you just featuring????
Jolbucley's avatar
This sounds like the beginning of a wonderful breakup.
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And I thought he was going to propose.
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For those who don't get the joke, strap cinder blocks to your feet and jump into a public pool deeper than you are tall. That'll just about get you up to speed.
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you sr are a geniouss
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You mean the minus world?
"Speak softly, but carry a big snorkel." -- Teddy Roosevelt.
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"Underwater themed champs are the best!" -Abraham Linkin Park
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Your comics always make my day Kris- thank you. :)
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God, underwater levels SUCK. Here's hoping they make it through.
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Is there a relationship equivalent of Metroid's gravity suit?
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The Zelda Twilight Princess one was awesome though, but for the most part, I agree.
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I like this feature. If I could have my avatar ask for a comment after every fav, I'd totally do it. And maybe have him shout rude things at people who leave anyway.

And yah, screw water levels.
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Is it just me or is dA dying?
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Water Temple D:
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Better than a sewer level.
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I see what you did here
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