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Warp: Project X concept art 2



Brief from Warp Advanced Research Projects:
Concept art for a spaceship that accomodates 50 people, has a rotational section for gravity in habitable areas, engines, area for command center, and stellar cartography.

It's not so much a design analysis for actual construction, but only concept art that expresses an artists impression of the vision of the company. Although it's only concept art, I did put a lot of thinking into the design, and my approach pretty much based the style from the function, instead of the other way around, to give the vehicle more functional meaning to it, rather than just a pretty aesthetic for the sake of it.

Took me literally 3 weeks, from manually constructing the mechanical 2 point perspective drawing on paper (which took a week), to the finished photoshop rendering (which took 2 weeks)

Still room for improvement, but I've never done anything so challenging before haha!

File size of the layers of the ship on photoshop is over 2.8GB, and that's just the ship. The background galaxy is another chunky size, just over 2GB so I had to separate them into two files and merge them as flat layers so I could just move the ship around the page that fits the background best.

The ship basically has a central rotational area that revolves around the main axis through the middle in which the crew can move to either end of the ship, with a viewing deck and little shuttle bay at the front. The command center would be with the rotational section, with cameras facing different directions to display different views at the command center (apparently they would feel dizzy if they viewed it while rotating around lol)
The outer frame basically holds the engines (nuclear thermal rocket maybe, or antimatter??) and the solar panels that stretch out (solar panels were originally solar sails but was impractical and eventually ended up being replaced with just solar panels)
I actually have a detailed design for the rotational section and central axis junction, and also the interior space, measured and all. Turns out you need at least 200m (radius/diamter?) if you want to rotate without getting dizzy when you look the other way :(
But I will leave it as it is for now hahaha!
I might upload the sketches one time.
These panels actually fold up.. I just thought maybe it might get in the way for whatever reason.. well it's mainly just to look cool, but anyways.. xP

These concept images aren't displayed on the company website just yet, but please check out the website to learn about Warp and the things that they are doing at: [link]
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