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War of the Worlds Movie Poster

This movie poster was done as a project for the class “Great Movies & Great Books”. During the class we read the novel by H. G. Wells called War of the Worlds among many others. I used this as another opportunity to do something completely different and unexpected from the clean sophisticated designs I had made myself comfortable doing.

Because the novel was written in 1898 I wanted the poster to have a classic, old movie poster look to it. The type that just called so loudly for attention it could not be ignored as you walked by it. Those old movie posters done during the 50’s and 60’s were a inspiration for this piece.

This project also offered the perfect opportunity to go against everything we’ve been thought as designers. None of the basic designs principles are present here but it still works. There is no alignment, no contrast, no proximity, and no repetition. All the fonts are different, and are in different sizes.

But still, because it’s all the design principles were purposely ignored, it achieves the goal of having people look at it. In the end what define’s a design as successful or not is if it had reached it’s intended goal. The goal for this poster was to not be ignored, and present the viewer with reasons to go check out the movie. By having the alien tripod illustrated, with all the one word shouts, it informs the viewer to what he can expect when watching the movie. It gives them a little preview of the movie.

Having a chance to brake all the rules let’s you know how far you can push a design and still succeed. To me it is very important to take chances and step out of the box. I want to be a trend setting designer, not a trend follower. I’ve been given the chance to express my creativity, and it is a great privilege and opportunity to do that for a living. In the end it’s better for me as an artist, and for my future employees and client, that I’m as versatile as possible. If I’m able to tackle a variety of different agency needs I end up saving my company money and grow as a professional. So that they get as much from me as possible wile I get as much from myself as possible.
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Something to appeal to both old and new audiences.
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Love the 50's esque vibe of it
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Wow this looks so cool! I like how the guy is all laid back
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Wow, this is so lovely!
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Great combination of old and new. Wonderful!
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'the chances of anything coming from mars... are a million to one they said...'
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i saw that version of war of the worlds i just love that one!
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That guy in the lower right corner ... I can't help it.. I just see Harry Potter instead x__x
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Wow... I'd love to be able to be as good as this to express my nerdy passion towards classic SciFi... q:
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I really like how you took the 2005 version of the tripod and adapted it into a 50's style. Somehow those two people look familiar, were they in the 1953 war of the worlds movie? I remember them from some place.
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It's in Technicolor and for only $.75? I'll go see this picture motion right away.
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funky monkey
Excellent work :O, i love da back in 60s environment :)
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