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Hi, if you'd like to support me additionally you can donate points. I need them for art supplies, frames and to fix my software if anything breaks so that I can continue creating

Thanks to whoever helps me out! <3

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★I'm 16 and I wanna learn to draw better! I'm publishing stuff more often on Instagram than on DA~

★Obsessed with JJBA
★Has a bright future~
★One happy corgi enthusiast ^w^

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Heya there~ I haven't been active in quite a long while. I've mostly been posting things to Instagram as Deviantart seemed a bother to use. I wanna thank everyone who donated and gave me llamas, I'll get to trading those right away!

Here is Gwendolin, a pilot for the city of Geire. I was playing with colour variations here and I was quite pleased with the result. I will be ordering some other art supplies because I want to experiment with what works for me Stars 
"Greetings. I am Laciann, an android sent by cyberlife." 
 A friend was wondering what an android OC of me would look like... So I designed this dude. I have no role for him yet... I'll build his personality traits up soon enough. And yeah the LED is on the wrong side but OH WELL
Lyn's noncannon sister, Agra. Yesterday a friend came over and we went through my old stuff. I decided to redraw her... At the time I seemed to think that having a female version of a male character was cool... Meh 🤔🤔... I think I should remake her personality and story
So, Lynnie-boy used to be someone else. He used to be an angel known as Raziel... a keeper of secrets. He also had fabulous long hair and stuff. Thicc legs ftw ok sign f2u 
Okay, so back to the story... after he met a tragic end, Raziel's soul recycled and Lyn came into existence... the boi himself

I'm uncertain what weapon I should assign to Raziel... Lyn has a dope cutlass... maybe Raziel should have something like a trident or spear... 

Also the story behind drawing this picture is quite a fun one... so, after I had my sketch done I figured out that I didn't bring my lineart pen with me... so I found this old dusty (and half broken) substitute that I fixed with tape and the lineart ended up very good. Thin, easy to and and well distinguishable. Turns out that the simplest of things work in the simplest of ways

Chapter I. Don't trust bowls

Wed Apr 18, 2018, 6:09 AM

What defines us
is how well we rise
after falling...

- -

Ah, yes... The feeling of the wind brushing through your helmet's visor while your horse gently rocks you back and forth. Riding through the vast, green plains near your hometown to prevent any unwanted gnolls from illegally invading... A marvellous, yet tedious patrol filled with exciting practices such as committing rituals to keep faces from growing on your spoons and hoping that fungus will start to grow on your black armour...
After riding around the same path a few too many times, I and my patrol returned to the barracks. We unsaddled our horses, leaving them to rest and socialise. Sadly I was the one that ended up with the duty of internally screaming the report to the boss... Yes, the boss. That disgusting lump of tentacles with an eyebrow fetish...

"I have a report for you, honoured boss.." I started the conversation after entering the room, politely kneeling in the process

"SLAPSLAPSLAP(take your helmet off first.. I want to.. Stroke those eyebrows of yours.....)" The supreme tentacle responded, it's tentacles whipping around the walls

"As you command, o holy tentacle.." I did as told, and my eyebrows got slimed up...

"SLAPPPSLAPPETYSLAP(I am satisfied for now... Go, child scream out the report into my suction cups..)"

I felt one of the majestic cups attach to my face, as I continued to internally scream in tarnation and pain for our amazing boss...

After feeding off my misery it let me leave with a crying cupcake, which I sadly could not consume due to all the poisonous gunk covering it. The cupcake got a special place on my shoulder after I glued it to the armour there... This is a supreme gift from the supreme boss tentacle that rules our souls so it shall be treasured.

I waddled over to a bathroom, washing off my face after leaving my helmet on a stool... I lifted my gaze to meet myself in the mirror and nothing seemed particularly off. My silver eyes were still here and so was my brown, lightly curled hair. The freckles on my round nose hadn't multiplied and I seemed to be wearing the same bright look a 20-year-old man should have. My sharp ears perked up as I saw the crying cupcake looking through my soul, however, I did not mind it much since I was in a good mood.

Grabbing my helmet I ran outside to tell my comrades about my recent accomplishment. I ran past the screeching flowers, eventually stopping at The Pub Of Seven-Tails. I entered it with confidence

"Oi,, Tom!" My comrade called out

"What is it you cunt?" I yelled back over the loud pub, walking over

"How did the sucking of your soul go?" He tapped my shoulder while laughing in a sloppy and drunk way

"It went well. I got a present from him too!" I pointed at my cupcake and once my pal made eye contact he froze. He came back five minutes later, taking a rather slow sip from his cup while his eyes seemed to stare into the abyss in a traumatised way. Yeah, I just decided to leave him alone for 78 minutes and 7 seconds... I went over to the counter and ordered some lamia grog from the kind 6-eyed gentleman at the bar. I almost looked into his eyes too.. As they say, if a creature has more than 5 eyes then you cannot look up.. but if it has less than 100 then you must face it. And just as logic demands we must also glance up to identify the number of eyes and carefully count them.. Watch it now kids, if you miscount your tongue will be blue for a whole week!

After a night of drinking and avoiding eye contact with the various hooded figures and demons that lurk in the shadows, I went home. I live inside of a petite cottage on the outskirts of town. Its surrounded by laughing bees, vibrantly coloured grass and corpses... The fireflies flickered in and out of existence, travelling to other dimensions as they wished... Some returned while the others didn't... The frogs here chirped happily and the bird-spiders had their nests all laid out on the grass. I pushed the light triangular door aside and took a step into the cosy embrace of my home... Pots and light bulbs which hung from the ceiling greeted me, so did a small cooking station and fire across the door... I had asymmetrical windows on each side of the chimney, and while my disordered bed was on the left side, I had a collection of bottled metals on the right side... After I placed my armour (and the newfound companion) aside, I decided to check the light bulbs... The worlds seemed to be functioning well and shining happily. I noticed that one had come to its end. The bulb was filled with scratching static and the small fish that resided in there had died... It was a sad sight but what can one do? It is a process of life.

I took the light bulb down, crushing it and consuming the static along with the glass shards... Good, I was getting hungry!

After my meal, I went to sleep. The eternal screams from the sky and occasional sounds of trumpets are the best lullabies to fall asleep to. I woke up at 10 am and did my morning routine... I put my armour on and when I opened the door I saw it... A..bowl. The nastiest creature in the entirety of Razia. They will stalk you, offering delicious food yet once you give in and actually eat it,, you will not be able to stop.. You'll eat and eat and eat until you perish... and once you do... You'll be the next meal that is to be served. This creature feeds off your life force and is highly dangerous.. a bowl. Oh, my. The rule says that I should under no circumstance look at it for more than 5 seconds but less than 3. I have already used up 3 seconds, so I may only look at it for one more... I open my door which I shut, uncertain of where it has moved (if it has). I move my head to the side and peer around... if it has an inferior mind it will not be aware of me looking at it. And just as predicted, bowls are idiots. I moved to the road and started heading towards the city... Whoh the types of peculiar and dangerous things one can encounter here...


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