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Sailor Sagittarius

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Original design belongs to :icondarkvanessa: [link]


Name: Alessa Guilespy (XD)
Age: 17.
Birthday: 23 November.
Birthstone: Amethyst.
Colour: Green, blue and purple.
Power´s base: Kundalini/Chakras.
Technique: "Ida Nadi Thunder" /"Pingala Nadi Ray"/ "Shushumna Nadi".
Most powerfull technique: "Seven arrows of Chakra".
Likes: Cats, Ice Cream-Tranquility and aromas.
Dislikes: Falsehood and envy.

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HeartStorm4everHobbyist General Artist
Her name is Alessa Guilespy?...... XD
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FancyPaintsStudent Digital Artist
I'm a Sagittarius and my name is Alessia! SO CLOSE! ahah
Awesome design!
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NamedaProfessional General Artist
you have been featured in a big sagittarius feature [link] have a look and see if you find some new faves :)
demonnightkittyninja's avatar
demonnightkittyninjaHobbyist Writer
O.O.....Oh wow! A drachea sailor scout! I so missed seeing this work. It has always been my favorite. are we going to be able to see the old works or just new ones?
SigillumDeiAemeth's avatar
Her personality is like mine, because i am a sagittarius also!!! Yay!
Hawkheart29's avatar
Hawkheart29Hobbyist General Artist zodiac sign's sailor scout is AMAZING AND AWSOME!!!! And she likes cats just like me :heart:
Vickykin's avatar
OMG I can't belive I finally see drachea's Sailor Sagitarius!!
Weslie's avatar
WeslieHobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks so much for posting this! I'm a Sagittarius and I was so sad I never got to see it before Drachea went away :(
Blue-Starr's avatar
Blue-StarrStudent General Artist
OMG probably my favorite zodiac senshi so far!!!:love::love::love:

The colors are just gorgeous!!!!! FAVORITING!!!!!!!!!!:w00t:
knight31313's avatar
does anyone around here know why Drachea closed her account? and if she has a new website or something please tell me. i miss her work badly.
laeriana's avatar
as much as i love this artwork, the watermarks should be changed to drachea's style.
the way they are now doesn't look that nice in my opinion ^^;
krilin86's avatar
Drachea in person put it...I do not know
laeriana's avatar
it's ok!
just something to think of ^^;
Vitani-Yuy's avatar
Vitani-YuyHobbyist General Artist
I missed his work. I don't care if he traced or not, beside the point, his stuff was great to look at and enjoy. I regret that I won't be able to see the whole set of Zodiac ones :( Hope he is well and happy.
krilin86's avatar
well, I am going to make all I can do, to have the Zodiac set in his Fan Club.
Thank you
Vitani-Yuy's avatar
Vitani-YuyHobbyist General Artist
He did an amazing job. It was really cool to be seeing them all in his style, and sun and star... stupid trolls :(

*crosses fingers that you can get the zodiac ones*
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wonderfull!!!! <3 but.... did Drachea draw Sailor Pisces and Sailor Aries??! I can't find them!!! T^T
krilin86's avatar
yes, they have been drawn by Drachea...I am waiting for his approvation to put them in the fan club.
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hiddeninmyshadowsStudent Artist
is she a real sailor?
Dark-Vanessa's avatar
Dark-VanessaProfessional Digital Artist
nop, I created this character and Drachea did a fantart ^^

here my original:…
hiddeninmyshadows's avatar
hiddeninmyshadowsStudent Artist
ahhh i see all my dumb questions from the past are haunting me. thanks for putting up with the insanely stupid question 
Dark-Vanessa's avatar
Dark-VanessaProfessional Digital Artist
haha no problem!
dbzcellLover's avatar
dbzcellLoverHobbyist Artist
she looks cute!
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