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Pre-Polaris Punchout Profile by KriegsaffeNo9 Pre-Polaris Punchout Profile :iconkriegsaffeno9:KriegsaffeNo9 1 2 Titaniasic by KriegsaffeNo9 Titaniasic :iconkriegsaffeno9:KriegsaffeNo9 0 0
A Depiction of Madness by KriegsaffeNo9 A Depiction of Madness :iconkriegsaffeno9:KriegsaffeNo9 0 4
HAA Preview: Model Man
An electric light scoured the darkness.  The--the subject--flinched, trying to shield its eyes with the stump of a severed limb.  It slouched toward a corner, trying to hide from the approaching light.
"Aesh's ashes, what a wretch," said the bearer of the light.  "I mean, I've read the reports, but this is just..."  A dozen questions tried to ask themselves at once.  He settled on one: "How long has it been down here?"
"Down here?  About a month," said the man at his side.  "In custody?  Roughly a year, almost to the day."  He was smiling.
"How is it still alive?  Have you kept her engine cool?  Should I even ask if you've looked at it while she's been here?  I trust you haven't actually tried to open it..."  He crept closer to the subject.  He dimmed the light on his shoulder mount to allow for a better look.
Some time ago it had been a person, a
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The Original MD Opening
It was the kind of hot night that bred violence like bacteria in spoiled meat.  Two moons peered at the city below, prying for something to keep them entertained.  Surely something would burn tonight.  It was an inevitability.
And so it was.  A pity that it was premeditated; the moons had their blood, but not the satisfaction of knowing the summer brought it about.  It was merely a police action.
When the blue moon was near its peak, First of the Forgotten took her place.  Two years of investigation had, at last, led her here, the vacant parking lot of a long-abandoned fill station on a back street between a strip mall and a row of warehouses for said strip mall, part of an ill-advised experiment in shipping fresh ingredients by land..  It was the perfect hiding place.  Motor cars were a fad that outstayed their welcome, and many stations, especially out-of-the-way stations like this, simply lay rusting and
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ATWIH:LH: Bits and Pieces 1
Genocide Glory's last meal was milk tea and toast, eaten quietly in a former dining car shoved off the rails and rolled to a stop next to one, in the company of five men and women miserably ending a long night of work or beginning a long day.  The food did little to abate her human hunger, which was to her spider hunger a thimble of water against the ocean..  Her nervousness was compounded by the poor quality of her sleep; she and her companions had slept outside of town last night in a little nest dug by Lea.  The others had slept in their true forms, at home in the earth, while Glory was stuck in her human form, which was unaccustomed to burial.  Her hands shook as she raised the cup to her lips.
Knocking over three towns was easy.  Easy once it got going, anyway.  The first part, the really terrifying part, was taking out the police or militia before they could get to their flame weapons.  A little fire she could
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A Certain Fated Duel
I was in the farplane meditating when a call came in that a guy with aspergers was attacking Virginia. I said "he won't get away with this" and I went to Virginia. There was a sign that said VIRGINIA IS FOR VIRGINS. I laughed, because I thought it was funny. I set my theme song to "Deadly Premonition title screen theme" and I went looking for the bastard so I could send him to hell.
I found a garbage dump, but I used my spirit to find out that it was really a house. I went inside, but first I had to get ready. I had an Abrams 20 assault rifle for my offhand and a minigun for my on. I had a Brute plasma rifle on my back just in case, plus I have Tetsume for when things go real bad.
I went inside to fight the guy with aspergers but I found a snorlax first. I captured it, then I found the guy upstairs. He was an ugly motherfucker. He had the scent of Chaos and Axe body spray, which I hated because the scientists at the lab used to test it on me. That got me angr
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Drowning Doom OC sketch by KriegsaffeNo9 Drowning Doom OC sketch :iconkriegsaffeno9:KriegsaffeNo9 2 3 Impressionistic MSPA MSPaint by KriegsaffeNo9 Impressionistic MSPA MSPaint :iconkriegsaffeno9:KriegsaffeNo9 0 0
Idea Orphanage: MOOD
A sugary first person apocalypse.
The Sweet Silk Confectioner's Company in Satan's Fist, New Desiree is the finest maker of sweets in all the world.  On one dreadful day, head chocolatier Cacao Caramel creates the Samsara Sweets, a batch of chocolates so magnificent a host of angels arrive to claim it for themselves!  As the world is too sinful to enjoy such a taste of heaven, Heaven leaves behind a strike force to destroy the Silky Sweet Confectioner's Company to prevent another batch from being made..  Enter "Probably Crazy" Jane Stalvern, Lace Marine extraordinaire!  She's ready to face the minions of Heaven with the latest in candy-tech weaponry and reclaim the magnificent Samsara Sweets.
JANE STALVERN--An unhinged, violent, and likely psychotic woman who is thankfully able to channel her destructive impulses through destruction.  As a Lace Marine, she is equipped with a powered dress that grants her superhuman
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Pariah vs. Superfreak
One in five thousand infected by the zombie plague do not simply succumb to the disease.  Some flag in the human genome, riding quietly with sleeping introns, awakens at the corrupting touch of the disease--a superhuman talent.
Many sleepers die, devoured by zombies or killed by friends before they can "turn."  Many turn into "superfreaks"--zombies with superhuman powers, able to tear through mundane defenses.  And the last handful, those bitten who are left intact long enough to develop their powers, become pariahs.
They are tragic creatures by nature.  They are the last child of a family fed to undead mouths; they are left to die among the hungry dead; they are lone runners who could not muster the final bravery to end themselves.  Their powers are deadly and great, but the men and women attached are only human, humans who have been running for months from implacable undead foes.  They are still hot, their fluids infectious,
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TADTA 4: Drinkomparison by KriegsaffeNo9 TADTA 4: Drinkomparison :iconkriegsaffeno9:KriegsaffeNo9 0 0 TADTA 3: Don't Drink or Drive by KriegsaffeNo9 TADTA 3: Don't Drink or Drive :iconkriegsaffeno9:KriegsaffeNo9 0 0 TADTA 2: The Windswept Look by KriegsaffeNo9 TADTA 2: The Windswept Look :iconkriegsaffeno9:KriegsaffeNo9 0 0 TADTA 1: Rosie in a Skirt by KriegsaffeNo9 TADTA 1: Rosie in a Skirt :iconkriegsaffeno9:KriegsaffeNo9 0 0
Formatting Test
What I thought I'd do is I'd pretend I'd be one of those deaf-mutes.
Haruhi Suzumiya [250]
Unintentional God (Source: Divine, Permission: Power Theme) [5].
Body 3d
Coordination 3d
Sense 2d
Mind 3d
Charm 1d
Command 5d
Base Will 14
Willpower 14
Skills: Ordinary High Schooler? 2d [10], Acquaintence of the Odd 2d [10], Attractive 3d, Brawl 2d, Performance (musician) 3d, Stability 2d
Naive Reality Warper (A, A, D, U, U, U+1, U, U+6) 2hd [116]
Attacks: Uselessly flashy martial arts that actually work.  Extras: Augment +4. (6/die)
Attacks: Unpleasantly painful coincidence.  Extras: Non-Lethal +1, Subtle +1.  Flaws: Delayed effect -2.  (2/die)
Defends: Friends, interesting people, and herself have the oddest luck keeping safe.  Extras: Interference +3, Radius +4.  (9/die)
Useful: Locate someone interesting.  Extras: Booster +1.  Range.  (3/die)
Useful: She's read somebody do it in a book,
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Nightshade Honey preview
The burn of sun-heated asphalt against his cheek faded.  The pain, which had filled his body like a hive of ants gnawing great holes inside him, slipped away as if he had only vividly imagined it.  Soon even the migraine left his head, which filled instead with thought.  Where am I? Joshua thought.  He was in town, in the city not a moment ago.  Now, though his eyes were closed, he knew he was somewhere else.  For one, the asphalt burn on his cheek was now the tickle of damp grass.  Fragrant grass, the sell reminding him of cloves.  He was lying facedown in a field of grass.  Or at least a patch of it.  The muggy early morning heat was gone, replaced with a stiff, chill fog he could feel flowing over him like water.
His eyes were closed.  He decided to keep them that way a little longer.  Opening them would just make things worse.  He had to get things in or
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Bionic Girl WIP by KriegsaffeNo9 Bionic Girl WIP :iconkriegsaffeno9:KriegsaffeNo9 1 0
The Iron Queen
History: In the mists of the ancient past, Persephone once ruled over her underworld as the Iron Queen.  When the stories changed and she became the wife of Hades, she took the change with stoic grace.  Now that the rest of her pantheon has been pared down and slain, she has resumed control over what is left of the Greco-Roman afterworld.
Current Standing: Persephone and her lover/slave Aphrodite are the last remaining Greco-Roman gods.  Rather than contest for dominance of the ruined Earth, Persephone took her realm to the Dreamlands.  The two have been living alone in an obscure corner of the Dreamlands in quiet, if not precisely in peace.  Persephone, however, has grown tired of the slow crawl toward death, and has recently decided to return to the waking world in order to bring the will of the Iron Queen upon her divine rivals.
Personality: Persephone is appropriately royal in pr
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The New and Bloody Dream
The Past
There has always been war among the gods.  At first it was merely rivalry, a contest to find the most worshipers.  As the human population grew, so too did the power of gods, and slowly their fondness for power became a desire, then an addiction.
Some hundred or so years ago the great struggle between gods reached a breaking point, and as the first colossal blows traded across the Earth, the planet was torn asunder.  Now its fragments hang suspended in the void, adrift on the ether, suspended in a sea of void interrupted by pockets of sea and boiling magma.  The gods war yet, with the fate of the torn Earth and the remnants of mankind as the stakes.
The Present
A tiny number of humans remain, around a billion or so from the height of nearly seven at the height of prominence.  With such a loss in numbers, the power of the gods has fallen an equal amount; until a semblance of peace and prosperity is restored, no god
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C 'n J ??
January Jones: Female, Jamaican descent.  5' 6" tall.  She has curly hair about shoulder length, big friendly eyes, a round button nose, full lips, and a rounded, friendly face.  She's black, and her skin, eyes, and hair are different shades of brown: her eyes are the darkest, nearly solid black.  Her skin is lighter, but still dark brown.  Her hair is lightest brown.  She should look friendly but not too young.  She has a healthy, not-especially-endowed build.  Most typically, she wears a white t-shirt, denim jacket, and blue jeans with running shoes.
Clio Ushi Katzenjammer: Female, mixed descent.  5' 1" tall.  She has very short, unkempt black hair, dark eyes, and olive skin--Gypsy style.  She's got some hips, but otherwise she has a very boyish build, tomboy in the extreme.  She is incredibly lazy, and has poor posture save when she's fighting, when s
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The Alchemic Jewel
The Alchemic Jewel is the setting for Clio and January's stories.  It is the sister-universe to the Spirit Jewel, home to the Nameless Woman and the Night Lands; January is the universal sister of the Nameless Woman, and by coincidence Clio is the universal sister of her lost lover, although Clio and Jan would be mortified to find that out (Jan more than Clio).
To put it in Wild Talents terms, the Alchemic Jewel is Red 3, Gold 3, Blue 4, and Black 4.
Red 4: Alchemy, the Big Weird Thing in the Alchemic Jewel, has had a significant impact on ancient history, with the Dark Ages (for example) quickly segueing into the Saturnine Ages, where alchemical overlords ruled the known world.  While alchemical impacts grow less and less pronounced as science catches up to its weird brother, it's still a significant presence throughout history, and its affects on society are subtle but powerful.  In the current time, alchemy alone is unlikely
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Bossman J Character Sheet
Name: Jonas Jonas Jonas
Sex: Male
Age: Late thirties, early forties
Alignment: Neutral Good
Current Occupation: Ascension Inquiries
Current Residence: Pound's Field, State Undisclosed
Weaknesses: Ponderous, constantly slightly drunk or medicated, overly trusting
Innate Powers: Inability to be surprised or horrified
Stability Hyperskill 2wd [16]
Inability to be Surprised 2hd (DRU) [42]
Extras: Hardened 5 [30]
Flaws: Attached to Stability Hyperskill -1/2/4
Physical Description:
Jonas Jonas Jonas--Bossman J to his friends--is a short, round man with unkempt brown hair and a robust beard, rapidly alternating between jittery and calm.  He resembles to no small degree that one famed virtuoso, although Jonas is a great deal less kempt and wears a suit instead of a tuxedo.  He is also never without alcohol of some sort, usually fortified, and drinks in quick swigs to calm his nerves.
Non-Physical Description:
Jonas Jonas Jonas comes from a strange family background. 
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Band of Dudefolk by KriegsaffeNo9 Band of Dudefolk :iconkriegsaffeno9:KriegsaffeNo9 1 2


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