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Viktoria, The Heavy


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Viktoria, The Heavy


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All the World is Holy: Day 1

 The morning sun rose behind the Spire.  It captured the light in its crystal veins, and glowed with a warmth that seemed divine.  There was no better place in all Newland for the House of Names.  The campus built around the Spire stirred, still drowsy but for the students who in their infinite wisdom thought that sunrise classes were a good idea and for the academics for whom sleep was a chore imposed by the limits of the flesh.  The skies were clear, the ground cloaked in a spring-morning mist soon to melt away. Trochanter Bygone-Glory and Lady Marlyl Glorygaunt could see the morning campus through the enormous windows in Shell's room (an

NaNoWriMo '09

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Osaka and the Yellow Sign, P.3

Within the Occult Underground, there are three accounts of how the world will end.  One is that man will destroy himself in an orgy of violence, leaving the world a cinder hanging in the void.  Another is that the Great Old Ones will rise to sweep man from the earth.  The last is that the last human ascends to the Invisible Clergy and start a chain reaction that remakes the world. Lately there is a fourth, oft-mocked, oft-feared prediction: that the end of the world will happen when the circle of girls who defeated the King in Yellow decide they're bored and go forth and stomp all existence to become un-bored. There's no telling, of cours


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To Conquer the Land 6

 "Today," said Frannie, addressing her crew and three prisoners aboard the Japanese folks' boat, "is the first day of our war against Japan." "Yee haw," said Sally. The others were understandably dumbfounded. "What did she say?" said Takumi. "She... she said she's going to conquer Japan," said Nanami. "No flipping way!" he said.  "She's insane!" "Did he just say I'm insane?" said Frannie. "Yes, my husband said that you were insane," said Nanami in careful English. "But of course he would.  It has been," she said, launching into full speech-delivering mode, "far too long since the world has had one truly worthy conquerer.  Hitl

To Conquer the Land

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