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(Timestamp: 9:16:33 AM)

Across the lab, Gogo and Honey were talking about something.

"So," Fred said from the comfort of his bean bag chair (tucked in a nook by the minifridge), "you know anythin' about cameras?"

"A little," Wasabi said, cleaning dust from a laser lens.  "Why you askin'?"

"Just sayin', man, maybe we should keep one on Honey and Gogo.  You know--"

Wasabi turned to Fred.  Fred dutifully looked him in the eye.

(Timestamp: 9:16:54)

"Ahem," Wasabi said.

"Yeah?" Fred said.

"Are you going to suggest, in your next sentence, that I make some kind of tiny flying camera to follow Honey and Gogo around just in case they decide to do something... like... involving waving their lady-parts at you?"

Fred twiddled his thumbs forcefully.  No breaking eye contact.  Can't afford it.  Gotta man up, face the musick.  "Nnnnnnpossibly?"

"Fred.  Those two are among your best friends, for one.  Two, I am one hundred percent certain that between the two of them they have enough brain power to figure out if a tiny flying camera is following them and then what to do about it.  I.E., figure out which of us made it, then on behalf of who."

"Well, I mean, I was just kinda..."

Wasabi raised his hand.  "And then, Gogo is going to kill you, with her bare hands, in a way you probably don't want to imagine, because I sure as hell don't, and I will have to testify in court that you wanted to spy on her on the toilet with a tiny flying spy camera, and so God help me they will bury you upside down."  He took a few bracing breaths.

Fred scratched his chin thoughtfully.  "But... why?"

"Because it would be the right thing to do."

"Buryin' me upside down?"

"I... well... I guess it would be, too.  The right thing to do, in the circumstances."

"But what does that prove?  I mean, I sleep on my belly anyway.  That'd be like, saving my corpse some effort once they stick me in the dirt."

"It's... disrespectful, I guess.  That's why they bury criminals upside down."

"Do you have, like, the source on that?  'Cause I'm not sure that's a thing."

"Man, now I don't even know.  It just leaped into my head like a ghost put it there."

"Wait, ghosts put thoughts in people's heads?"

"Stop making me doubt my thought processes, man!"

"Stop citin' things without sources, guy."  Fred threw up his hands.  "It's way too early in the morning for all that.  I mean, what time even is it?"

Wasabi checked his watch.  "9:19.  And change.  Ah, there it goes, 9:20."

"Frig, the campus mailman shoulda been here by now.  Hey, ladies, you seen the mailman?"

"Not yet, Fred!" Honey said, mid-chew.  She blew a small bubble.


(Timestamp: 9:16:33 AM)

"--memory by about 25%.  Or 125% if you prefer!" Honey said.

"Eh, either way's fine."  Gogo set her hoverdisc in the composition checker.  Her newest models were wearing out a little faster than she liked; the trick had to be in the composition of the materials.  "But that's more a your-problem thing than a my-problem thing.  Most of my stuff is reflexes."

"Oh, it would be, wouldn't it?  The faster I can process data, the faster my chemballs get made."

(Timestamp: 9:16:54)

"Oh!" Honey said.  "Would you like to make out?"

Gogo tilted her head.  "Any reason?"

"Well, you have to wait for a readout."

"Eh, sure."  She took Honey by the back of her head and pulled her down into a ferocious, open-mouthed kiss.

(Timestamp: 19:17:12)

Makeout begins.

(Timestamp: 19:18:38)

Pause for breath.

(Timestamp: 19:18:42)

Resumption of making out.

(Timestamp: 19:19:48)

The two pulled away, panting.  The taste of Honey's tongue, with a bit of mint from Honey's toothpaste, filled Gogo's mouth.  Also, her butt was a bit sore.

"Ease up on the Roman hands, okay?" Gogo said.  "My ass is not a life preserver."

"Well, I don't know," Honey said, teasing curiosity in her tone.  "We haven't conclusively proven it."

Gogo rolled her eyes and retrieved her gum from storage.  Or that was the plan, at least, getting it from its home between her lip and incisor.  It was gone.  "Wait..."

"Hey, ladies," Fred shouted, "you seen the mailman?"

"Not yet, Fred!" said Honey, around a mouthful of Gogo's gum.  She blew a small bubble.

"Dang."  Fred sank back into his chair, and Wasabi, who was looking at Fred for some reason, went back to cleaning his emitters.

The bubble popped, sticking on Honey's lips, chin, and the tip of her nose.  She giggled.

Gogo, on tiptoes, licked the bit of gum from Honey's nose, and engulfed her lips in her mouth, sucking and licking softly until her gum was retrieved.

"Goodness," Honey said.  "You're just ravenous, aren't you."

"You don't wanna know how much I spend on gum."  She blew a bubble of her own.  "I gotta save it somewhere."
Wherein I work out my urge to write girls kissing in order to focus on the book.  Also, BH6 was rad!
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