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Inkblot 05

The 5th in the inkblot series. I went with a little bit of a different direction with this one, using some birds (dead ones, haha) along with the grunge, skulls and ornate.

Designed at 8x12, 300dpi, ready for print.
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I can see allot of things in this piece but still i dont know what it should be or what i think it should be...
Its fantastic!
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Thanks! That is what I wanted from these, people to see different things. (thanks for the fav!)
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you really are exploring different ideas -- like the result in this one -- you see something and then you don't -- interesting -- later days (what do you see?)
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thanks man!
Yea, this was fun, to try a different direction. I want to do more, just need to have the time (and ideas on what to use. haha).
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i saw on you blog -- you using a black spray paint for the munny -- maybe try to create an inkblot and maybe place it on the munny -- also -- maybe its time to try different colours -- later days
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Ive been thinking of playing with other colors. I do have some acrylic left over, so the inkblot thing isn't a bad idea :) thanks man!
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i like your inkblot set, but this is my favorite, i think because of the feathers, reminds me of that one eagles cd cover. so what was your process with this? did you first take a photo of the feathers and add to them on computer or what? very nice.
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seems you're not the only one that likes this the most, as it's getting the most response of the 5 so far. It's all done digitally in PS, using stock of skulls (and birds in this one). Thanks for the fav too!
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rock your face off!
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i love the font you used. but the whole picture is well done. reminds me of "the mothman prophecies"..
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thanks. and thanks for the fav :)
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I'm *really* liking the whole inkblot series, but this one's definitely my fav...I love how it feels like it's blooming. And dead birds = excellent!
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Yes, dead birds FTW! hahahaha
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I love this series. :) It's so cool because it's just black and white.
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thanks jake!
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I really like this
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glad you dig it. thanks for the fav :)
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