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A Chance Meeting

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Alone in the Woods: Chapter One

WARNING: this contains playful soft vore, if vore offends you then do not read. Those of you that like vore, please enjoy :) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “Ahhh…” I yawned as I stretched in my bed, this sun was just coming up over the ridge across the valley. The birds had just started their morning songs to announce the arrival of a fresh new day. I am 15years of age; I live alone in a small cabin on a ridge overlooking a watery valley. I was an orphan until I ran away. I made my way here and have lived here ever since; the woods are full of game and the waters are alive with fish.

Alone in the Woods

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Backs to the wall my love Shields to protect her, swords to defend her My armor is hers, To fall on the edge of a sword? To save her life? No pain is felt, life was good with her but she must survive this battle, The end comes to soon as my vision fails And her face fades… love


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