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little add on

Nice little story, Could of used a little more conflict, Other deagons roaming the skys to find a fresh mate?, Spike "Draking up" like secret of my excess & battling for his ladys honor?,  Still you need to use the right words to carry the feelings and be less discriptive,:raritydespair::moustache::facehoof: Spike looked over the line of mountain peaks , His only clue to where she might be was a group of circling dragons. Could she be there?   The closer he got to the swarm he could see a lone White Dragoness defending her perch, A cave just big enough to take shelter from the advances of all those wild uncouth Drakes.  The fear he had was

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Quarantine Shrink - Day 6 UPDATE

I don’t even know how to write this. So much has happened. It’s embarrassing. But also...liberating? Kate finally came. I admit, my jaw must have dropped when she strode into the room. I swear I could feel the floor shake with each foot fall as the giantess entered my room. I’m not even as high as hips now. I wrenched my head up to look into her gigantic face as she knelt down before me. I could feel a chill going down my spine...I knew I was small, that the house of gigantic, but it wasn’t until this huge woman knelt before me...still taller...that the situation of my height truly dawned upon me. I think she could tell I was nervous, so she suggested that we measure and then work on cooking something. I didn’t want to measure, but I must have snapped at her because she looked a little surprised and maybe a little hurt. She had brought me more clothing, but they didn’t fit. They were all too small or too big. I was getting irritated and told her to stop bringing things that didn’t


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