Captain Lucy's Voyage

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WARNING: This contains soft vore. if vore offends you, do not read.

A beautiful morning in the Atlantic, waves rose and fell. Seagulls and other birds rode the powerful winds, gliding through the air high above the ship below. It looked to be a small speck from above but it was anything but small.
Below, breaking through the waves and wind was the battleship USS Delaware. It was a massive ship, weighing above fifty thousand tons, 24 inch armor plating covered this be-shemoth from stem to stern. a powerful engine drove the beast forward, waves crashed and broke against her as she steamed ahead. The defenses and power of this ship were only rivaled by her fire power. Four 18 inch triple guns stood on deck as her main armament, supported by ten 12inch guns and then another twenty 5 inch guns. She bristled with weapons, well over one hundred .50 cals lined her decks, ensuring no plane came close. This ship was built to fight.
The crew? Top of the line and Well trained for any situation, their captain gave an order and they jumped, no hesitation, no questions. However the captain was a surprise to anyone new. She walked across the bridge, a large cigar hanging in her mouth as she took a few drags and let the smoke billow from her nostrils. “Captain on the deck!” a deck hand shouted as everyone snapped to attention. “as you were” she said in a surprisingly tense tone. Usually when Captain Lucy speaks her tone is a bit softer.
As she stood on the bridge she noticed the crew seemed tense, ‘and why wouldn’t they be’ she thought to herself. We are heading into uncharted waters; she took another drag from her cigar. No ship has sailed through here before. Who knows what we will find. “Attention, attention. I know everyone is nervous about this trip, don’t be, we are sailing on a fighting city, there is nothing we can’t handle . . . plus you have me” she added smugly with a light laugh. She was trying to set the crew at ease.
A few hours of sailing at 15 knots the ship was deep into the uncharted zone. The crew, still nervous, was on edge, look outs on the tower scanned the horizon for signs of ships or land. Down below decks the crew made the ship ready, the captain called the crew to standby, just in case. The captain now on her second cigar of the day was on deck polishing one of the 18 inch barrels of the forward battery. A sudden shout over the intercom made her swing around to the nearest speaker. “Land! Fifteen degrees of the port side!” the lookout yelled. Lucy quickly got to a scout station and peered through the high powered binoculars, there it was an island. Nothing more than a speck on the horizon but it was there.
“Bridge, fifteen degree to port, I want flank speed NOW!” she commanded. “Aye captain” the voice replied. ‘Yes a new island to explore, I can’t wait’ she was so excited she could hardly stand it.
At flank speed the lumbering ship shifted to a sleek wave breaker. Managing a speed of 21 knots they arrived a mile of shore of the island, “drop aft anchor, make the ready the ship” orders and replies echoed across the ship. Meanwhile on the bridge Lucy was talking with her officers. . . .It wasn’t going well.
okay captain we need to go over our next moves and figure out what we are going to do for the next leg of our journey” said the officer of the day but Lucy wasn’t listening, she was bored of being cooped up on board. “we also need to catch up on our paper work, I would hate to come into port behind and have to rush it before being granted shore leave” said another officer. Ughhhhh she had had enough, enough boredom, no more paper work, “ill be back in a bit she said in a bubbly voice as she walked out of the room, closing the hatch behind her and headed for the forward command and control.
“Petty officer Johnson, bring the number two battery to two-seven-zero and give me a soft landing” said loading herself into the first barrel, “aye captain” he said, firing in 3, 2, 1, FIRE!
Flying through the air she noticed a big problem, the aim was off, she was going to land short and slam into the coral breakers in the water. Fortunately Lucy wasn’t the only one to notice. A water drake was swimming and hunting in the corals when she looked up to see the inbounding for the coral, the great water drake lifted her head from the sea and opened her massive jaw to catch the falling girl. The girl hit with more force then the drake was ready for and was forced to swallow the tasty little human. Lucy wiggled and struggled trying to find out what happened, she slid into the drakes stomach, it was dark, she lit her cigar and used it to light the small room she was in, she let out a light giggle as she saw the stomach wall in front of her. I guess Ms. Dragon was hungry she giggled out while poking and prodding at the wall, a light purr resonated around her.
The water drake spoke softly, “what were you doing in falling from the sky like that little human?” she asked in curiosity. “Oh I like to travel my cannon but my gunner isn’t the best of shots, think you can take me back to my ship pwease? She asked sweetly. “sure thing sweety but do you mind giving me a belly run while I swim? It’s a long swim to your ship” she asked with a softer tone almost on the level of being shy. Lucy giggled lightly taking a drag from her cigar and began to rub her hands around on the walls, soon the familiar sound of the drakes purr surrounded her. The water drake smiled and swam towards the ship with her precious cargo deep inside.
After about half a cigar and a lot of belly rubbing they reached the ship “lucy was still rubbing and smoking when the stomach around her began to shrink and contract around her forcing her into the drakes throat, slowly she was regurgitated into the drake mouth and spat upon the ground. Lucy landed in a large puddle of saliva with a squishing sound. As the water drake did so a lot of smoke was forced out, this made lucy giggle and laugh hard. She quickly got up and a turned to face the water drake, her deep blue scales and bright green eyes met and she leaned down and nuzzled the girl as Lucy hugged her muzzle.
The crew looked on in disbelief, “leave it to our captain, even swallowed by a sea monster won’t slow her down, even be friended the thing’ noticing the smoke billowing from the drakes muzzle’ “and to smoke cigars apparently?”
With that lasting hug the water drake gave her a playful lick and swam off, “okay men, weigh anchor, resume our heading” to the next island she thought to herself
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Is it wrong that the ships description gave me a bigger boner than the vore?