Blood and Fur: Chapter One

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Thursday in Darwin High School, through the main doors, down the hall and two left turns later stands a door, “Room 112”. It was a computer class of sorts, taught by a belligerent water buffalo. He also taught the football team, which was part of the reason for his bad temper. No one really knew why a beast like him was teaching a Photoshop class but most were too scared to ask why. Most just kept their heads down and did their work.

Seated against the wall and two rows back in desks that joined to make long tables sat Leo, a small field mouse. Standing 2 ½ inches tall, his fur a light brown. Dressed in blue jeans, a green t-shirt, and a soft black tweed cap on his furry head. Students were still filing into the classroom; it wasn’t a large class but enough to get a nice variety of animals. Then she came in.
Her hands gripped her book bag as she sat pulling out a sketch book and a pencil she brushed her unruly mane and pinned it back glancing to the side as she opened her sketch book her mane falling in braids and curls her eyes glimmered with green through the grey as she shyly smiled grabbing her glasses and waiting for the class to start.

Leo calmly walks over, to say hello causing her to blush, “what is your name?” her voice barely above a whisper  even to his mouse ears, “I’m Leo but most just call me mouse, what are you drawing?” he speaks up so as to be heard clearly.

“I don’t know yet” she answers in a whisper, hiding behind her bangs to hide a heavy blush.
He smiles softly trying to be brave, “well it’s nice to meet you…um what is your name?” he asks in his friendliest voice.
She looks over to him shocked that he cares….”Jade Evergreen” she answers holder her paw out as if to shake hands but quickly realizes the size difference and giggles nervously as she withdraws her hand, embarrassment and a blush washing over her face. He smiles to her to try and help ease her suffering, “It’s okay I get stuff like that a lot” he says with a small nervous laugh in his voice. “So the teacher said we need partners for this class, would you like to work together?” he asks nervously.

“Sure, just know I’m quiet if you haven’t noticed” her face a little red. “I’m not exactly loud myself” he says in an attempt at humor. She giggles softly, “that’s alright, so why did you take this class?” she asked curiously. He blushes lightly, “well I tried gym and it ended badly so I went with Photoshop, computers are safer anyway”

She laughs again “so running ain’t your thing?” she asks smiling, her teeth showing as she brings her paw to her face to cover it while blushing, her reddish mane falling into her eyes covering them “only took this class for an easy A but I suck at computers…” she smiles and blushes lightly, ‘she is really cute’ he thinks to himself, “no, not really a runner. I’m more of a lab rat” he answers her laughing and giggling at his own terrible pun.  “Anyway I can help you if you want, I’m very computer savvy” he says in a bragging tone.

But her attention is focused on his small form as she stares at him ‘why is he being so nice to me?’ she wonders as she leans closer just inches away from his body. Suddenly she snaps back and realizes her proximity to him as she jumps back “sorry” she says with a whisper and stutter as she moves to her desktop and turns on some grunge music to help her relax as she places a head phone in left ear.

Her sudden jump sets him on his ass in surprise at her sudden movement. “It’s okay I zone out all of the time, our assignment is to put a graphic over lay on a picture” he say as he gets to his feet. He notices her accent and grin, his curiosity peaked now “what was that?” he ask as he walks over to her key board

“What was what?” she says praying silently that he would not point out her accent. “Oh nothing” he answered as he sat down next to her key board smiling widely. “Would you like some help with the assignment? I finished mine already” he said, his Irish brogue slipping once or twice as he spoke up so she could clearly hear him.

She blushes and giggles to herself hearing the slip thinking it’s a bad Australian accent. “Yes, god how does any of this have anything to do with business, I thought it would be resumes and taxes and shit” she said puzzling.

He laughs lightly at her comment and begins to walk her through the steps, “I don’t know, but let’s get started, take a pic and right click it and select overlay and pick a pattern” he says as he walks over to her sketchbook “so how long have you been drawing?” he asks curiously looking at the wear and tear on the cover from sharp claws, a nervous chill running up his spine at thought of her huge claws.

“Since before I started school, pen and paper were the only way to get me to shut up” she says, still struggling to find a pattern she liked.

“I am more of a writer myself, by the way try the marble pattern” he says as he takes advantage of her distractedness and lifts the corner of the cover of the large sketchbook to take a peak.
“leaning in to see a denim pattern and wishing she had brought her glasses she see him from corner of her eye and lets out a quiet growl as she snatches the sketchbook away and sets it in her lap curling around it as she continues with assignment hoping he didn’t see anything naughty and cursing herself for leaving it in open to be seen.

“I’m sorry jade I was curious and couldn’t help myself” he says at the sound of her growl, her growl resonates through his small body and makes him very nervous. “I didn’t see anything if that helps” he says apologetically as he moves over to see how she is doing on her assignment.
“I’m lost and it’s okay, I just don’t show people I don’t know, a lot of the drawings are personal” she says as a deep blush sets in on her furry face as she thinks of her overreaction to the curious mouse.

His nervous feeling dissipates as a soft understanding smile appears ‘I would never let anyone read my stories’ he thinks to himself. “it’s okay jade and here let me help you” he says as he walks over to the mouse she holds in her paw, he places his small hands on her paw and guides her hand to the options tab and where it says over lay patterns, “like this jade” he says trying be a little braver.

She glances at him and makes a funny face, not realizing it reflects off the computer screen as she sticks her tongue out pointing it at his small furry form. ‘Well at least he is sweet, he’s trying so hard to help me” she thought to herself.

“What are you doing?” he asks up to her seeing her tongue sticking out at him as he tries not to laugh at her silly face.

Her silly face vanishes “what??”She notices he could see her the whole time as another nervous blush greets her face. “uhhhhhhh, I’m sorry I am a little childish, bad habits die hard, I do that to my cub of a brother when he tries to help me with computer stuff” a nervous laugh whispering in her voice from embarrassment of being caught.

“it’s okay” a small laugh in his voice “two can play this game jade” he says as he steps on the Ctr key then the Z key, undoing the work he did for her as he looks up to her laughing and sticks his tongue out at her smiling.

“Okay I got ya, I’ll do it myself” she says in a miffed tone but quickly forgets what she is doing. She pulls phone out and quickly snaps a photo of him and uploads it to Photoshop, cutting and pasting a top hat and handlebar mustache onto his photo. “your move rodent!” she says in a half intimidating half giggling voice as she pushes him to his desktop “you have started a photo war” she says playfully.

He blushes lightly at the warm touch of her paw on his fur as she slid him over, but he quickly snapped out of it and got devious grin on his face. “Bring it on lion but I practically teach this class” as he snaps quick photo of her and turns her fur a most dreadful shade of pink and stripped. “Top that!” he said.

“Hey I am red, you don’t mix red and pink” she says in offense to her new color, she quickly snaps a new photo of him and makes him baby aged mouse, enhancing his chubby cheeks as she shows him laughing at her work.

He lets out small growl and takes new photo of her from side and uploads it, he adds large fangs and sharp claws and a hungry look on her face making her look most savage, “there, that is you by lunch time” he says giggling to himself.

She laughs to herself thinking ‘guess he doesn’t realize how little I eat but the sweater doesn’t help’ as she looks down to the oversized mass of warmth. “Well well” she says as she pulls up the previous photo and adds emo pink hair, some black thickliner and huge black leather grunge boots. “Awe you look so 90s punk” she says as she laughs at his embarrassment.

He pulls up her photo and enhances her ass making it huge, “and that’s you after lunch” he says laughing and blushing at his joke. “Jade we can do this all day, I call for truce negotiations” he says trying to control his laughter.

“denied, it’s on now my furry little rodent” she says, the photo of her ass making her cheeks a deep crimson red with embarrassment but suddenly the lunch bell rings, she glances over and leans down close to him, “to be continued” she whispers softly, a warm smile on her face, hoping her teasing was all taken in good fun.

The small rodent blushed at her soft voice as his heart melted at the sight of her smile.  She stands up and heads for the door as he heads to his seat and gets out a packed lunch.
After a few minutes jade returned, walking through the door to retrieve her sketchbook muttering to herself, “why do I forget everything?” but she paused seeing Leo sitting on his desk eating his lunch, “hey you aren’t supposed to eat in here” she said teasingly making him smile nervously, “come on, you can eat with me” she said with a warm smile.

“I’d like that… I mean if it’s not a bother, I usually stay out of cafeteria. It’s dangerous for guys like me” he stutters as he packs his lunch up, “I don’t eat in there either, I may be among kings of the jungle but out there its every man for himself and I don’t like meat so I am sorta a black sheep of the pride” she said as she held out her hand, “need a ride? I’m a runner and I know just the spot” she said sweetly.

He smiled and climbed onto her hand, her warm fur felt amazing on his fur as she lifted him to her mane and told him to hold onto a few braids. “Yea I am not really into meat either” he said shyly as he gripped her mane tightly.

“Yea messy stuff it is” she says as she makes sure he is secure “okay hang tight” she says as she saunters out and heads for a soda machine and gets a drink. She then breaks into a run as she walks out the door and races for an empty pavilion and stops at a bench in the middle and sets him down on the table as she sits down and pulls out her sketchbook, opening it to a drawing of a bunny.
He stands up dizzy from the ride as he tries to steady himself, “whoa you really are a runner” he says as he pulls out his lunch offering her half

She laughs lightly and refuses, “I’m not much of a cheese fan” she says with a small laugh. “Not cheese, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches you silly lion” he says giggling and ignoring the mouse stereo type comment just made. “Besides I have two and it is rude not to share” he says as he puts the sandwich in her paw.

“Alright I guess something that small can’t make my butt any bigger” she said with a giggle as she tosses the small morsel into her mouth. Too small to chew she tilts her head back and swallows it.
He blushes bright red at her comment and pulls his hat over his face to hide his embarrassment. She laughs as she speaks, “Shy one aint ya?” her accent heavy and loud which makes him jump a little. “Oh sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you, I get kind of intense” she added with a small shy laugh.
He puts his hat back on as his blush fades a little, “pretty girls make me a little nervous and I am a mouse so everything is intense to me” he chuckles as he finishes his sandwich, “and you didn’t scare me, you startled me, it takes a lot to scare me” he said bravely.

“Really?” she said, her voice teasing as she picked her large sharp teeth with a large claw, eyeing his small form to make her point.

He swallows nervously and scoots back a little, “well maybe not a lot…” he says as his words trail off, his paws shaking slightly. He looks away trying not to show his obvious anxiety at the sight of her large teeth.
She laughs, bright and bubbly as she picks him up and nuzzles him “I won’t hurt you” she says happily.
He blushes deeply from her affections and tries to nuzzle her back as best he can “to be honest last time a girl invited me to eat lunch with her….I was the lunch” he said in embarrassment then went on to explain his heroic escape, distracting her long enough to wiggle free of her grasp before her wet maw could snap shut on him.

“That sounds like a nightmare” she said in a gasp, “why would she do that?” she asked still in awe.
“She was a vixen and I am a mouse, just how nature works so I usually stay away from predators. Honestly, only reason I have survived this long is due to my cunning and fast thinking” he says shyly feeling a little uneasy “it happens…” his voice trails off.

“I’m sorry sweetness, I would defend you but I’m shunned by most, again, black sheep of the pride” she says looking at her paws, shame in her eyes.

Trying to be brave he walks over to her and puts a hand in her large paw, “it’s okay, they are all mean anyway” he says blushing lightly “and if you haven’t noticed, almost everyone is afraid you will eat them, you’re top of the food chain which begs the question…why is someone from the top of the food chain even talking to a morsel like me?” he asks curiously.

She pauses then speaks, “I’m not top of the food chain lion, come with me” she says as she puts him in her mane as she runs for the cafeteria, “see the football team over there? They are all bigger and meaner predators. If I was top of food chain I would have a mini skirt and pompom hanging on one of their arms but that is not me, I’m artsy and nerdy, see the art group is afraid of me because I’m a big bad meat eater”

“Oh I see, so you can’t belong with either group” he says holding onto her braids “I’m sorry jade….but at least you don’t have to live in fear every day. I get scary letters almost every day from girls saying I look good enough to eat” shame washing over his small body.

“Well then don’t look deish” she says laughing “but really I get that” but he notices her body language change as she hunkers back as one of the jocks notices her. “Shit you may wanna hide, he won’t just write a note”

Up walks a large liger as Leo hides deeper in her mane.
“Can we please get out of here?” he whispers to jade nervously.
He stalks forward with an almost perfect smile. Grimacing she mutters under her breath “get your claws out girl” as she starts to walk away. He catches up and pushes her to the wall growling “hey pretty” but she pushes him aside, her claws at the ready “get lost mike!” she warns but he follows closely, his persistent hitting on her and advances enraging her. With one sudden movement she turns around and smacks his face, her claws meeting his fur and digging past into his skin, blood seeping through his fur. She runs for the door, any door as Leo slips loose and grabs onto a braid of fur and holds on for dear life. They make it outside all alone, she turns to check on Leo to make sure he is okay. “See, predators have their problems too.” She said with a laugh. “But did you see his face?” she asked laughing.

“Yea….I get…it now” he said between deep breaths, his small paws still shaking. “Yea those claws of yours messed him up” he said with a chuckle.

“I’ll pay for that later I’m sure” she says with a nervous chuckle.
written by Lillith-thia and krieger11 

A collaboration story by me and Lillith lol 
together we came up with a truely realistic diolog,
i have no idea how long this story is going to be but we are already on chapter 6 and 7 so i am estimating alot of chapters, add me and lillith to your watch to keep up with the story :)
read and leave a comment below to tell us what you think XD
© 2015 - 2021 krieger11
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