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Slaanesh Wallpaper

By Kridily
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:phew: Finally... The fourth and final of my Warhammer 40k Chaos Gods wallpaper series. Fullsized image is 1024x768. Slaanesh, the youngest of the four Chaos Gods, is the god of pleasure and excess. A sensuous, hermaphroditic deity, Slaanesh is said to be able to choose which whether he will appear as a God or a Goddess. The symbol of Slaanesh is shown in the center surrounded by echos of itself due to Slaaneshi marines' unique sonic weaponry. The Keeper of Secrets, the Slaanesh greater demon (bottom right,) is described as being repulsively beautiful.

A look at the background without any of that bothersome foreground in the way can be found here.


The tentacle mass in the upper right was made using these brushes by Shad0w-GFX

Once again, despite the Creative Commons license, the Keeper of Secrets is the model design of, and remains the property of Games Workshop Ltd. ^_^
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Sidalicious Digital Artist
Awesome. I've always loved Slaanesh. Strangely, I only started to like Slaanesh ever since I hit puberty...

Any chance of getting a 1200x800 version?
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I'll try and remember to look into it in the next day or two. I've been real busy lately ^_^; Thanks for the :+fav:!
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Is that background... bewbs???
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yeah: repulsively beautiful bewbs. In the artist's comments there is a link to just the background picture without the bothersome foreground to more easily see.