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Time Zi-O! by SuperSentaiHedgehog
Type Speed! Go-On Drive! by SuperSentaiHedgehog
Shinken Gaim! Kazuraba Kouta! by SuperSentaiHedgehog
Kamen Rider Zi-O by Mr-BlueArt
Kamen Rider
Kamen Rider Build Rabbit Rabbit Form Pencil Color by aimanyazam
Kamen Rider Zi-O / BuildArmor by Zyuoh-Eagle
Kamen Rider Shinobi Fan Logo by TheGlassEmperor
Kamen Rider Abyss Deck by SuperHeroTimeFan
Super Sentai
The Fanged Brave by WaitoChan
Lupin Yellow by WaitoChan
Super Sentai girls - Tsukasa and Umika by Genie92
01 - RyuusouRed by Duhast80
Metal Heroes
Kaitlin Star by Chen-Chan
What if Tyler Steele is previous VR Trooper by Chen-Chan
JB Reese by Chen-Chan
VR Master and VR Re-Master by Chen-Chan
Other Toku Heroes
Diana the Air Mystic Knight by Chen-Chan
Mystic Knights-Robert by Chen-Chan
It's Morphin Time, Pterodactyl! by Bhrunno
It's Morphin Time, Dragonzord! by Bhrunno
Comics and Literature
Orewa Tenkuuji Takeru by WaitoChan
Fc and OC
Kamen Rider Li-ion / Hansei Armor by Zyuoh-Eagle
Kamen Rider Shippu by imperialdramonDRMode
Kamen Rider Taki Futurering Grease Blizzard by imperialdramonDRMode
Kamen Rider Taki Future Ring Rock by imperialdramonDRMode
Super Sentai and Power Rangers - Boi and Trini by Genie92
Super Sentai and Power Rangers - Mei and Kimberly by Genie92
Valentines day: Kabuto and Akari by Israel42
Mettaton, Kamen rider Brave Level 3 Version 2.0 by Mr-BlueArt
Kamen Rider heisei generations ENG Subs by WaitoChan
Kamen Rider Drive Surprise Future ENG and ESP SUBS by WaitoChan
Gaim Gaiden 2 Duke and Knuckle English Subs by WaitoChan
Dekaranger: 10 YEARS AFTER ENGLISH SUBS by WaitoChan
KR Build Insert Songs Best Song Collection by WaitoChan
Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger Brave Theme Song  BGM by WaitoChan
Uchu Sentai Kyuranger Sound Star 3 by WaitoChan
Uchu Sentai Kyuranger Sound Star 2 by WaitoChan

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Kamen Rider ZI-O Flash Belt .267 by CometComics Kamen Rider ZI-O Flash Belt .267 :iconcometcomics:CometComics 946 1,218
Sentai Crowd-source PT 3.5: Team B Themes (Voting)
Hello everyone,
During the past week - all of you have been leaving suggestions for Team B of the crowd-sourced Super Sentai project. A majority of the themes were brand new suggestions and a few that were originally suggested for Team A.
I asked for themes that would not only go together with the Construction theme when it is time for the teams to work with each other but also rival each other when the teams argue about things such as whose the better team, differences in goals etc. And some suggestions were really good and some that I wouldn't have thought of if I were making these teams alone.
So, once again, thank you to everyone who has left suggestions during Part 3 of the crowd-source. It was really fun reading through them and discovering themes I wouldn't have thought of or use for my own Sentai teams.
I've compiled a list of themes that were suggested along with the explanations that were given (only small snippets from each explanat
:iconvolt-gokai:Volt-Gokai 0 11
RIP flash yellow by wahyuprot RIP flash yellow :iconwahyuprot:wahyuprot 50 25 Showa Riders by mohammadyazid Showa Riders :iconmohammadyazid:mohammadyazid 56 11 CHANGEMAN 2 by jdavidlee1979 CHANGEMAN 2 :iconjdavidlee1979:jdavidlee1979 11 2 Spectreman by ArtBennyRGrau Spectreman :iconartbennyrgrau:ArtBennyRGrau 22 14 Esquadro Relmpago Changeman by jeanluccas Esquadro Relmpago Changeman :iconjeanluccas:jeanluccas 4 1 For Kamenriderhanzo by EliteGalaxy For Kamenriderhanzo :iconelitegalaxy:EliteGalaxy 1 8
Sentai Crowd-source PT. 3: Team A Themes
Hello everyone, before we begin the next part of the crowd-source - I'd like to announce the winner of the previous part.
And the winner is:
9 VS 9 - this is going to be a very interesting Sentai.
Thank you to those who voted and apologises to those who voted for the other options that didn't win.
And without further ado - let's begin Part 3 - the Team Themes.
As we are now three parts into the crowd-source - it's time to decide the themes for our Sentai teams. 
Now, I know this should have been the first part of the project - but I thought that deciding what type of team our team will be (Versus Team) and the number of members in each team (9 VS 9) first would make choosing themes a little bit easier as we then could do themes that would have been somewhat impossible with a traditional team.
Themes will give us an idea for the individual Ranger motifs, team symbols, potential colours, suit designs and potential powers for individual Rangers (and
:iconvolt-gokai:Volt-Gokai 0 41
Samurai Sentai Shinkenger by RoydGriffin Samurai Sentai Shinkenger :iconroydgriffin:RoydGriffin 8 1 [CM] Chaldea Costume Party by The-Sinnerz [CM] Chaldea Costume Party :iconthe-sinnerz:The-Sinnerz 211 22
Super Sentai Crowd-source Part 1: Team Type
(I know I said that this journal would have been uploaded late Friday - but I was doing some other stuff that I forgot to upload it ^^;).
Welcome to the very first part of the Sentai crowd-source which is Team Type.
"What is team type and what does it mean?"
Team Type means what sort of team our Sentai will be. I got the idea for team type due to the most recent official Sentai series "Lupinranger VS Patranger" - the series has two teams battling against each other and I thought this would be an interesting concept to use for a crowd-sourced team if it was voted on and how interesting the project will become if the versus team is used.
Before we vote on the final type for our team - let me give you a quick explanation about traditional and versus teams.
Traditional Team:
"Traditional Team" is the standard model used for Sentai and often has one team in the series. A traditional team usually has 5 members (sometimes 3 and 9 - exc
:iconvolt-gokai:Volt-Gokai 0 7
Super Sentai Crowd-source Checklist
Hello everyone - it is time to begin the crowd-sourced Super Sentai team - in which - by the end of this project, we'll have a fully competed Sentai team.
Everyone is welcomed to join in with the project - you do not need to be watching me to participate. However, do feel free to make a status post or journal about the project so more users are aware of it (however - please do not spam individual users or groups).
IMPORTANT: This part of the project will only be focusing on the basics of the team (such as team name and theme) and the Core Rangers. The Extra Rangers and the Transformation Device will have their own parts with different checklists and steps that do not "belong" in this part. Anything submitted regarding Extra Rangers and the Transformation Device will be ignored until it is time to do those steps of the project.
Below are the Checklist Points for the different stages and steps of the project. Each step will have it's own journal outlining
:iconvolt-gokai:Volt-Gokai 1 8
GORANGER by bob-santiago GORANGER :iconbob-santiago:bob-santiago 1 0 Gaijin Red by HoodedHorsy Gaijin Red :iconhoodedhorsy:HoodedHorsy 16 14 Gaijin Pink by HoodedHorsy Gaijin Pink :iconhoodedhorsy:HoodedHorsy 11 10



Welcome to Kamen Rider & Sentai Club, a group dedicated to Kamen Rider and Super Sentai.

This group will post deviations related to Kamen Rider and Super Sentai, and share any news about the series.

We will publish music and movies download links (music), you request them.

Join requests are automatically accepted.
Only accept art related to Kamen Rider, Super Sentai and other tokusatsu, not to any other series.


- Featured: only for kamen rider and super sentai.

- Kamen Rider: all kamen rider related artwork content.

- Super Sentai: all sentai related artworks.

- Metal heroes: gavan, metalder, jaspion, etc.

- Other Toku Heroes: Ultraman, Garo, Power Rangers, etc.

- Comics and Literature

- FC and OC: your fan characters or original characters (toku related).

- Crossovers: only toku.

- Movies: all the movies you request.

- Music: all the music you request.

- Not art thieves.

- No hating.

- Not sexual content.

- Only art created by you is allowed.

- No hate art.

- All artwork must be related to tokusatsu.

- All artwork must be your own, we do not accept screen caps, photomanips, memes or art made with bases (regardless if they're traced bases where permission has/has not been granted to use the original artwork or original bases or templates.)

- No crossovers involving media unrelated to tokusatsu.

- We accept written work as well, however only fan fiction and original fiction is allowed to be submitted to the galleries.

If you're confused about where to submit stuff or want rule clarification, feel free to contact the admin staff:



Hello guys, a new group is born, this is 100% dedicated to super sentai, you can join here:
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