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I post & share DOA Girls & hilarious memes as well I'm on YouTube, where I live stream almost daily.

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Heeeeeelllllllloooooo Everyone, it's that time again to show off a new sexy commission by the fantastic iojknmiojknm featuring the beautiful, stunning, & goddamn sexy, Fleur de Lis in the most jaw-dropping bikini you've ever seen!!! So, it's been a while since I requested a sexy commission from ioj and during that time I had in my mind that I would give buff Adagio a break from doing sexy poses (don't worry, she's being back soon), so I thought it would great to request ioj to keep a masterpiece with Fleur de Lis with a head-turning, heart-stopping, best skimpiest bikini from the Dead or Alive series and this is the result! Oh baby, I can't tell you how much I started to drool rivers, this! She looks 100 times better that what I had in my head, I'm just simply in love with this mistress! ioj thank you so much, you never disappoint me with this kind of beauty & pure sexiness! Everyone, if you need someone to bring your idea made of out sexiness (not nsfw...ish), iojknmiojknm is
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Hey everyone, I'm back with my new commission from the amazing Shadowy-Viper! Quick heads up, before I continue, I do have a commission about Rosaria being working and will be ready around March, so I can't wait to show it to you all, when it is ready. So now to the reason you're all here and that to see Shadowy's talent shine bright as I requested a now Sonic commission. The last time I requested a commission from her, she beautifully capture a perfect image of Sonic & Sir Percival (SATBK Blaze) have a sweet moment together (click here). Maybe I'll request another Sonic & Percival masterpiece someday, but for now I am here to show her new commission featuring another bombshell of Sonic Girl and that is Rouge the Bat! Rouge is my second favorite Sonic Girl of all time, it is a shame (in my opinion) that she is always shipped with Knuckles or Shadow and awhile there is a few Sonouge arts out there, they always get overshadowed (no pun intended), but now I can just sit back &
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Hey everyone, it’s that time again to show off my newest commission brought to you by once again, the lovely Ms. yoshiyoshi700. And what did I request from her this time? Well, if the title wasn’t a hint, it’s a sequel to my 1st ever commission featuring the cute couple of Sonic & Rivet (click here to see it). So, it has been a while, since my 1st commission with Sonic & Rivet being a couple, that I thought it was time to bring them back and watch them be adorable…. With a twist... So, I thought it would be funny, if while my favorite couple were enjoying a walk, a certain pink hedgehog & little gold robot would right behind them and well… Take a look. XD Now before any Amy (or SonAmy) supporters get mad, let me just say that I do love Amy (& a little bit of SonAmy), since the old Sonic X days. I just thought it would be funny to see Amy go full yandere mode like old times, while Rivet’s buddy Kit tries to stop her. Always let’s talking about the fantastic job Yoshi did. I just
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Hiya Commission Open

Thank you so much for the fave! Much appreciated☺️

Thanks for the Watch Comrade!

Thank ye for the watchin! ^>^

you're welcome :)

Thank you so much for the Watch! ^^