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Sketch Commissions open for the next 2 days. That means I'm taking requests for the next two days and will close them temporarily on Monday. Please submit a note and sorry, this will be pay pal only. More info:

Sketch Commissions by krhart
  • Listening to: Gazpacho - Demon
  • Reading: Robert Henri - The Art Spirit
  • Watching: Louie
  • Playing: Shadow of the Colossus
  • Drinking: Milk Tea
Sketch Commissions open for the next 2 days. That means I'm taking requests for the next two days and will close them temporarily on Monday.  More info:

Sketch Commissions by krhart
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It's been quite a long time since I've posted here and wowwww, it feels really good to be back within this community. dA has done so much for my art and development over the years spread across several accounts (shadowlotus2, gatling, now permanently krhart). I know some people coming back are refugees from CGHub and that really isn't the case for me. I've sort of been missing in action from most communities over the last 2 years with the unenjoyable exception of facebook and even that was begrudgingly.  So why was I gone?

Well, I spent the last 2 years sort of transitioning and changing a bit. I worked for Disney Interactive for a while and left that position a week ago for another opportunity. While I love studio work, I feel like one day I would really like to get back into freelancing, but that takes work to develop and maintain after you sort of disappear for a while. I look at people like Loish and Jullie Dillon with super admiration XD Bad move personally, but I needed some time to discover what I wanted and allow some things to fall into whatever place they wanted to in my personal life. Life takes over and things happen. I've met a lot of awesome people because of moving to San Francisco and I don't think I regret the decision at all. But, I also don't think it will be a home for me for a very long time. Its just something you feel.  Maybe Oregon, maybe Canada, maybe East Coast.  I should have this figured out by now, but I haven't. I still feel like a child in that regard. I sort of feel like an immature transient sometimes, still a child at heart for roaming and not being permanent.  I just know I'll be heading off again unless something unexpected happens that keeps me here. This industry is harsh and fickle and I while I have a tough and aggressive exterior for progressing and leadership, I'm actually too soft for it. Its a hard act to keep up.

I would like to work with a smaller set of artists one day. That is sort of a dream. To be able to have this tight nit group of people who can have as a creative family.  I don't know what would need to be done to get there, but maybe its an idea. Its harder as you become adults and everyone is off to get married and have children, but it would be a work life instead of a private one.

Book [unannounced project]
I am just starting on a personal project that will probably take me a few months to get together enough works to feel confident if people would be interested. I will be posting works involving it very soon and hope to get community feedback and maybe support if you guys think it will be worth pursuing! 

dA Notes
I had to clear my notes. As I've probably missed a lot of people, maybe messed up on a few things, and I may have lost contact. Please reach out to me if I missed something important. I'm incredibly sorry I had to do that. Its not very nice or professional but I'm simply overwhelmed by trying to get back in touch with people.

I have to be careful about what I say or post in most places because I don't want it to look like I hate my job or that I have divided loyalties. Quite the contrary! I love working with teams on mobile titles and have learned a great deal about production, design, writing, and different art techniques I can put into my own work. 

However, the best fulfillment from work was when I was doing private commissions and smaller jobs. I love that. It feels intimate, and I love being able to work one on one with people to make their characters and worlds come alive.  I'm trying to do that with my own worlds, but time isn't very friendly lately. It is life. Personally, I think having a partner would ease some of the stress, but that is another story for another time and not very appropriate for this journal!

In the near future I will probably be opening up smaller commissions at first. Like sketches, busts, portraits. That sort of thing. But I have to wait until May after I settle into new work and relocate.  I will post a price and example list very soon when I do the major gallery overhaul.

I am currently not taking requests. Sorry.

Contact Me
twitter | tumblr | instagram
I'm still not very good with social and communities, but I'm trying to get better. Help me out by keeping in contact with me there. 
For all the lovely bday wishes. You guys are all right.
Seriously. This place (deviantArt) is the hide out where I can post opinions without real scrutiny.  I love experiencing the nastier side of this art business sometimes. It peels my eyelids back and fixes them with wire hangers. Kind of refreshing actually. It adds some perspective to my personal work.

I fight off the desires to wander to the next destination.

If you're going to the Brom/Iain McCaig workshop in Washington, I'll be there. Lets get nasty together. I'm ready.
This past weekend yielded some seriously exciting things to present for you guys in the near future. Just as one major transition happens, another seems to be right around the corner. The sketchbooks continue to be filled as fast as I can purchase them. Which honestly hasn't happened in quite a long time.  Now I only just need to work on exposure again but its so easy for days to pass by, weeks, and then forget exercising one muscle for the sake of another. Balance is important but easy to forget.

I also got the chance to meet Brandon Sanderson and later, a few people who wanted to discuss some of the fan pieces that I produced a while back.  It has given me some desire to find the additional time to revisit the book again and produce maybe a few more pieces as a show of gratitude. This isn't to say I haven't ignored those who have stopped by or sent notes to show appreciation for them at all either.

Also, for those who have been patient with me as I get back to them, I really appreciate it. I honestly have everyone on my mind throughout freelance or full time work.  Some may suffer more than others and for that I apologize and hope to make it up in the future.

While I can have my ups and downs, the downs are far, far fewer than they used to be. Even with a setback or something to chip away at an edge or two, keeping myself moving forward helps.
I feel so out of touch lately. I've been hiding myself in sketchbooks to get back to normal.

;___; - Starting in 20 minutes. May switch over to mic after an hour or so if chat gets busy.

2+ hour stream tonight over at … at or around 11pm EST

I'll be painting an anime-realism Game of Thrones portrait by request. No mic this time but I'll watch the chat for questions/tomfoolery, so bring your own tunes if you don't like what I have.

Sorry if this is too late for some folks. Ill try to do some earlier ones over the weekend. … something small I'm working on as a break. Drop by if you'd like.  Still doing quite a bit of catching up with people, drop by for.  Goof off, ask questions, etc etc.
Hey guys, just letting you know I'm officially back around as of this morning. Its been tough, but lets get going again.

Also, so is the study/WIP blog!
I'm now officially relocated to the Bay Area in California. That was insaaaaane! Relocation was so very stressful, most of it didn't even have to be but that is work bureaucracy for you.   Man this place is sweet. Once I move into my place I will have a bunch of responses for some of you. I hope you don't kill me.  I really sorry if you're still waiting on things. It isn't my usual but this is an unusual circumstance for me.

Again, once I'm settled and have regular hours again, expect some new goodies. I'm excited and filed with a lot of inspiration to get cranking on a few things.

If you're in the area and want to grab a beer, tea, coffee, food, anything. Play a game, or just hang out, shout me a hollar. I'm friendly folk. Note me!

Hey guys,

No updates for a while huh? Thanks for being patient with me as I settle and get relocated. I will have a good update for everyone soon.  Its frustrating.
I'm waiting on a replacement part... actually several parts and one for my main work tablet. So, expect a delay for a few more days. Until then, I will continue to drive through a mirror factory full of black cats and ladders like a 15 year old girl driving mommy's Lexus.  

Why don't mental hospitals have drive thru windows?
Thank youuuu! :iconpearlphoenix:  for the subscription.  Go show her some love. She is a bad ass.
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Edit: Whaww thanks guys, keep em coming!  Thing is, I'll be going through these as I work today. So, in a way, you'll be motivating me as I get back on track with a few things. Ill respond sporadically and also to the previous journal comments. I haven't forgotten, I'm just in piled-up work land.

I'm in need of exploring some new tunes. I don't care what genre it is. Hip hop, game OSTs, opera, symphonic, prog, soul, jazz, country.  Send me a song or two that is right up your alley. Something that might say something about you, your art or your state of mind.  Indulge.

Preferably a you tube link would be nice, but not necessary. I can dig around on Spotify if need be.
t;dr: I'm free and I might be going crazy from it.

I'm realizing I don't really update this journal about personal stuff anymore, only commission related things. I usually become so wrapped up in other people's lives instead of my own but that has had a bit of an abrupt cut off over the last month. That and I'm not overly share-y about this stuff anyway. So, looks like it will be solo mode for me and its hard in various ways. How do I go about this without spilling too many beans and being dramatic about it? I gotta say I'm over analytical at times and love me some written words and so I often get befuddled on tangents on top of tangents. I'll let down some barriers for a change. (see what I mean?)

I've never been more relieved to have been discarded from multiple people's lives in my life.  Whew. There, I said it. I spent so much time dedicating myself to relationships and making those work that its taken everything out of me and left me a bit hollow and negligent of my own life. Became complacent, lost quite a bit of my usual edge and ambition. Fuck it, how about ALL of it. And I can only blame myself. So, how do you also bring yourself to actually  thank the people who've mistreated you? "Geez, you've saved my life, thanks for being a complete ass?"  Sometimes you get so comfortable in routine you don't realize personal relationships have long been over and are just slowly poisoning the water.  So, now almost every personal connection in my current location has run its course and I've got a bit of wanderlust. A lot of it actually. The thought of anything long term scares me and now I've become a bit selfish with the time I'm willing to dish out.  

Got a nice gig in San Francisco that I'm on contract with, but I'm debating whether or not this will be a thing I make a move for. Honestly, I'm not sure. Its a smaller step before something a bit more what I'd like.  I have to figure this out by January 1st unless I get an extension. Either way, I've got it set in my mind to spend a year, either relocating and settling in, or spending some time traveling while still doing some work commitments.  I've stripped myself of possessions and obligations and now I'm just about ready to not have a real home for a while. Maybe just some small comfortable temporary ones with good company if they'll have me. Who knows.

So art stuff, yeah. That thing we all meet up here for?  I have no idea. My ideas are all crowded near the exits and only a few are able to trickle out. Most of them get trampled to death.  I'm trying to get back on track with getting some out, but honestly with everything else going on, its hard to just narrow down this focus into something I can produce personal work with. We shall see.  I need to get back to my pencils. I miss graphite, and I miss studies. Digital sometimes eats at the edges of my drive. I want to trash my computer and pull out all cords in a dramatic fashion while flipping tables without pants on.  Not exactly, but the image looks appealing in my head.

Anyhow, that's about it for now. Surface scratching I guess. So um, how have you guys been? Heh. ^^;
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Any recommendations for getting some nice prints made? No dA prints, I mean somewhere outside of here. Thanks!

Notes are also coming guys. I've made my current work and commissions the main priority, but my schedule is a day or two from being cleared.  

As for commissions, I am closing them for the time being for a week or so. I will reopen a slot or two in the future per week. Nothing more as I take a bit more time to focus on a personal project.

Wanna hit me up on MSN or skype?  I'm around from time to time!
Skype: krh_arts
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Hey guys, I'm already aware of the art theft guy with the cheap cologne.  Don't send any more notes on this please.
It is very much appreciated that you followed me here. Thanks guys. And the note senders, you're some sweet-hearted mofos thats for sure. :heart: