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Edit: Woah, a DD? Holy shit snacks. Thanks guys and gals! And I wanted to clarify below before I get some repeat questions. I do indeed like Disney and its movies. I really do! I just had other avenues of interest that paved my artistic path when I was a kid. :heart:

Not the biggest fan of Disney, but I am a fan of evil and confident HBICs. I don't think I'll be doing a running theme of villains, this just came out of a sketch idea and I said why not.

Painter X, and a little more PS this time. I don't know how long since I put this down for a while and poked at it here and there.

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With Flotsam and Jetsam! :D
Lolli-Holli's avatar
You made her look so terrifying yet beautiful in a way I can't describe! Ursula has always been one of my favorites, so kudos to you and this masterpiece!
lovelyjuliexo's avatar
Not really sure why the eel is wearing a monocle, but...if I was Ariel I would've turned around like, "NOPE-" 
krhart's avatar
Hahaha, yeah.  And I'm not really sure why I decided to give him a monocle. XD
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Ursula looks creepy as Hell...almost demonic. But why is one of her eels wearing a monocle?
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Haha its been a few years. My design choices were sillier back then. Sooo... Im not sure? 
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Wow! Balloon Boy's Coming for that booty(batteries) 
Awesome work :heart:
McGillustrator's avatar
I think you definitely captured a an aura of creepiness that you accentuated masterfully with the use of light sources. I'm also extremely impressed with how you used the shape and motion of her hair to mimic the forms of Flotsam and Jetsam, who are obviously waiting for people to laugh at their bad jokes. Well done all around!
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wow she looks creepy, i like it :D (Big Grin) 
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this is soooo wicked!
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Awesome work on realistic  Ursula. I really love the shading, details, designs and what you did with her eels.
Ask-Wigglytuff's avatar
"Oh, those poor unfortunate souls...~ "

(i couldn't help it. URSULA IS BEST VILLAIN.)
onshu's avatar
I feel Ursula doesn't get enough credit. Plus, there's just so much backstory to explore! Your version is so fierce. Great use of shadows and light. Floatsam and Jetsam are terrifying and realistic, as is Ursula--overall much improved on.
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Beau travail !</font></font>
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OHMY °° Amazing !!
CupboardDweller's avatar
Absolutly gorgeous! :)
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I like the way you drew her!
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